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I had another interview (click the image) with Erin Ryan and Bill Cundiff of WeThePeopleRadio today. The subject was the above title. By chance it was exceptionally well-timed, because the ANCs list of targeted farms for expropriation apparently slipped out this morning and has been published by Afriforum; unfortunately only in Afrikaans, which does not help me fight for Afrikaners over here in North America.

I personally believe the bell is ringing next to the graveyard in South Africa. Even the most die-hard ANC apologists among self-loathing White and opportunistic Coloured and Indian people must by now being crawling under their beds. I do not have to tell the Khoi and the San people descendants what the Blacks did to them. I do not need to tell the Indians of Durban what WILL happen to them. Do I really need to remind them that they are isolated at the mercy of the Zulu? Do I have to tell them how an Indian ANC supporter told me,

Harry, I was not white enough for the previous government, and I’m clearly not Black enough for this one?

Their fathers will remember 1949 when Indian folks were driven over a cliff to their deaths at Cato Manor by the upset Zulu hordes. If they do not, I’ll help them remember; Time Magazine reported on it under the banner “Bulala!”– Kill!!! (Time Magazine, Monday 24 January 1949).

How ironic is it that the farm attacks do not involve much stealing from farmers, but are all about killing farmers. How interesting that the ANC is all about stealing from the farmers without the burden of having to kill them. How are those for two perfectly complementary policies with, as most believe, one source?

The whole interview may be heard HERE.

I suggest folks open the following LINK to follow what I discuss in the last half of the show.

I shall be following up this interview in the next few days with a more formal written post covering the subject of territory and secession

Folks can listen to www.WeThePeopleRadio.us at 2pm Pacific Standard Time every Sunday. I am invited now and then to talk about South Africa.

Harry Booyens