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—I have been pleading at every opportunity that I could find that the US needs to apply sanctions to individuals who promote Racial Murder and Race-based Land Theft in South Africa. This would be in keeping with what they have done with Iran and Russia, where targeted sanctions are applied and are visibly hurting. Failing that, the country would have to split, west from east to keep a genocide and willful economic destruction of White people from happening.

In earlier posts I have pointed out that President Trump knows South Africa is a dangerous mess. Yesterday he finally reacted to the outrage in South Africa. I’m pretty sure this is based on the statements by the Cato Institute and reporting by Tucker Carlson on FOXNEWS, who had the guts to report the truth in a country where the truth has little chance anymore. Some weeks ago the Afriforum chaps also managed to meet National Security Advisor, John Bolton.

Yesterday, President Trump finally tweeted,

Of course, the tweet has unleashed a firestorm of response, including from some clueless young White kids in South Africa whose mothers did not slap them hard enough when they were younger. As usual, it is mostly clueless ranting based on abjectly false history. This is so typical of the people who clog the digital highway of the world just because they have an opposing thumb and a cellphone that daddy bought for them in a moment of weakness.

And the US Mainstream Media?

And the US Mainstream media? They are so out of touch with reality, and spend so much time denying the truth, that their obligatory little vacuous and clueless dolly has to ask a suitable “reporter”, “What is the president talking about?“…..

Really!? Seriously!? My dear girlie, what rock are you living under? Oops, I forgot. I do so apologise! You have been too busy trashing your president to check up on actual news in the world. I guess I’m supposed to forgive you. Well, I don’t. It is time you folks actually did your jobs.

Dear Mr. President

I should like to ask that you send a fact finding mission to South Africa and make sure they meet with the actual farmers’ organizations in that country.

  • Do not trust a word the ANC says, they were trained by the Soviet Union and London how to lie.
  • Do not trust a word that CNN says. They are strangers to the truth.
  • Please make sure you have an ambassador there that knows Texas & Midwest farmers.

You are in charge of Foreign Policy, not CNN or the Democrats or the FBI. I have every faith that a man like Mike Pompeo has the basic acumen to make the right decision if he has the right facts. Make sure he has them.

Your jaw will hit the ground when you learn how bad things really are.

— Harry Booyens