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On 9 September 2018 I did my first US Radio interview since President Trump’s fateful tweet about Property Expropriation without Compensation in South Africa. It was another two-hour interview with Erin Ryan and Bill Cundiff of WeThePeopleRadio based in Redding, California. It was my sixth with them. The subject was the above.

The interview duly starts with President Trump’s tweet.  The tweet resulted in howls of horror on the Left and from their buddies, the ANC government in South Africa. That government is an organization that was quite correctly branded as a Terrorist Group by the Reagan Administration based on a proper CIA assessment. Somehow, those in the US Congress do not want to be reminded of that. Could it be that they will have to confess that Reagan was right on that subject as well?

This time, I had arranged relevant audio clips so their audience could hear first hand what people like Julius Malema and Black First Land First are doing and saying. The Left of the US Spectrum and Malema are now on the same side. Americans should take note of that. I would also specifically call on every Farmer and every Conservative in the USA to take note of this. As Benjamin Franklin reputedly said,

He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas

The efforts of the host couple are starting to get traction and I have been contacted by their listeners who are rightly outraged at what is happening in South Africa.

The page dedicated to the specific interview is HERE.

The commercial-free audio of the whole show is available HERE.

— Harry Booyens