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Ramaphosa, Malema and Mieliepap

Mieliepap, maize/corn porridge, is the staple food of Black people in Southern Africa. See, for example, the image below of mieliepap being made in Botswana using a well-known South African brand of corn flour. The British call it maize meal. The ordinary South Africans call it “mieliemeal”. Southern Africa literally SURVIVES on South African mieliemeal; YES I MEAN THAT. The white farmers are world experts at wresting corn for mieliemeal from even the most marginal agricultural land. To get some idea of the modern commercial maize farmer in South Africa, consider THIS article. If the reader thinks that some or other well-meaning but clueless uneducated Black subsistence farmer can do what this man does, then he needs serious psychological counselling and he probably needs a working battery for his calculator.

Expropriation of Land without Compensation

Since late 2017, the world has been treated to articles about the Expropriation of Land without Compensation in South Africa. By this it is to be understood that only the property of white people is targeted. The ruling African National Congress (ANC), a group that was listed by Ronald Reagan as a Terrorist Group, now rules in the country under Mandela’s banner. Their anthem contained the words, “We have resolved to kill the Whites“, but no one in the northern hemisphere wanted to believe it. Their media still won’t; they simply can’t; they’re mentally stuck. So they ignore it and hope it will just go away. It won’t, thanks to Malema below.

A splinter group on the left hand socialist side of the ANC, the so-called Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), is led by the ex-ANC Youth League leader, Julius Malema. It is now the third biggest party in parliament. It now abuses that status to make noise and generally grandstand.

Cyril Ramaphosa (below) took the presidency from the corrupt and incompetent Jacob Zuma in what amounts to a soft coup in which the entire process was controlled  by the ANC. The nation had no say. This is how, in his bid for the presidency, Cyril Ramaphosa of the ANC ended up promising Expropriation of White Property without Compensation.

Who is the Bigger Bogeyman?

Given that Ramaphosa must fight an election in 2019, the sixth since the end of White rule, he now needs to shore up his support. In American terms, this is a competition for who can be the bigger Bogeyman to white people, the dangerous and competent Venda, Cyril Ramaphosa, or the overtly racist hate-spewing Pedi, Julius Malema (below).

We have seen one conservative group (Afriforum) publish a list of targeted farm names smuggled out of the ANC. Even as this list was being denied by the ANC, the governing party was  trying to grab a farm by the name of  Akkerland Boerderye (E: “Acreland Farms”). It is largely a hunting lodge of some 3,200 Hectares near the hot spring of Tshipise, behind the Soutpansberg Mountain range. This is formally situated in the real tropics. It is true dry tropical bush country, as the images on its Facebook page show. Clearly this has nothing to do with grain harvests or food production. As fate would have it, the farm is very close to the old Venda homeland of Cyril Ramaphosa, a Venda by birth. The government was then accused of trying to grab the farm to make a deal with the Red Chinese on coal. The farmer is fighting back in court. It needs to be recorded that the farmer in question legitimately bought the farm. This is not a case of invade, conquer and steal.

So, who is the bigger bogeyman: the ANC, the EFF, the Mining Companies, or the Red Chinese who are slowly taking over South Africa while Black politicians line their pockets with pay-offs?

The Basics are getting Lost

Somewhere in all this sturm und drang, the basics are getting lost. Unlike any of his Black predecessors, including Mandela, Ramaphosa is actually competent. The question is, is he evil? I know some very clever people who use their intelligence for evil purposes. Until late last year, I simply thought Ramaphosa’s greatest evil was the Black Economic Empowerment Act, for which he is the poster boy. I originally thought his advent might be good news for the country. So far, however, he has uttered the greatest threats against the White people of South Africa of any of the five Black presidents so far. And the world finally took notice of the proposed open theft.

Back in South Africa, farmers started driving around with signs on their trucks reading, “No Boer, No Pap” (No Farmer, No Porridge)

So, I thought I’d write an open letter to the president of South Africa, asking him a few direct questions.

Open Letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa

Mr. President,

— The bread and porridge that form the staple of the nation are prepared by food manufacturers from grain held in silos. Here is an example of a company running a series of those. If Black farmers are going to make a success of feeding the nation as you seem to suggest, then I would expect them to have some grain silos in the original Black Homelands where they have lived for hundreds of years. I have been scouring the silo lists of all the grain companies and have thus far not found a single silo in any original homeland. You can look up all the silos in the country and see for yourself. The information is HERE.

Are you perhaps suggesting that your Black Urban population is going to become commercial high-efficiency corn and wheat farmers and that to this end you wish to take farms away from present high-efficiency farmers because they happen to be white? Thinking people can see the problem here. The World Food Programme of the United Nations may have something to say about the willful destruction of the world food supply system.

Mr. President,

— If Black farmers are going to make a success of feeding the nation as you seem to suggest, then I would expect them to have in the original Black Homelands [where they have been farmers] major tracts of land formally listed by LAW as Agricultural land, just as the desert western Karoo is listed formally as “Agricultural Land”. That would prove they know what they are doing by virtue of recognition as such by your government. The ANC has been in charge for a quarter of a century, which is quite as long as the territorial/Homeland aspects of the Apartheid laws were in effect. How is it that no part of the original Black Homelands has been categorised as “Agricultural”? To this end, I show the map below (click on map to enlarge).

The following map shows the old Homelands.

I am sure you can see the near exact correspondence in that every old Homeland is excluded from the map of agricultural land. The same is true of the various game reserves like Kruger National Park in the northeast and the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park in the northwest. Are you suggesting that the Black people of South Africa are wild animals that need to be protected in reserves where they have no obligation to contribute to the country? I would actually like to know, because I would think that is racist, don’t you think? The law pertaining to this WAS formulated in 1970 by the old “apartheid government”, or did you not realise that? Meanwhile you want to take away productive farms from people who know what they are doing.

A paper by Annelize Collett of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries makes the situation quite clear. It is also the source of the map above showing official Agricultural Land:

The management of agricultural land is administrated according to the provisions of the Sub-division of Agricultural Land Act, 70 of 1970. The Act not only manages the sub-division of agricultural land, but also evaluates proposed changes to land use for incorporation into existing towns, the registering of share block and sectional title schemes as well as servitudes and the leasing of agricultural land. Within this Act “agricultural land” is defined as land that is located outside the demarcated municipal boundaries prior to 1994. State lands as well as the former homelands are excluded from the provisions of this Act as well as proclaimed protected areas. Therefore large portions of land, irrespective of its agricultural potential, are not regarded as agricultural land.

Mr. President,

— Why is it that you are not giving the massive tracts of land in the former Homelands to aspiring black farmers? You appear to be using the old Apartheid laws to favour Black people by the simple expedient of retaining the “Apartheid homelands” and excluding whites on the basis of skin colour. They, the Khoisan and the Indians have no such guaranteed Homelands. Have you ever heard the English expression, “to have your cake and eat it”? Most particularly, how is it that you pointedly and specifically wish to take away farms from white farmers to give to the rather mysterious and ethereal black farmers who are going to “save the nation” by their “centuries of farming expertise and scientific method”. Perhaps I misunderstand. You have many millions of hectares of perfectly useful land sitting on your books that you can give to people. Why the insistence on TAKING FROM WHITES BASED ON SKIN COLOUR? It rather looks as though you are initiating Ethnic Cleansing.

In case you do not know, I would like to share with you a picture of the Transkei homeland of Nelson Mandela. The place is in large part serenely beautiful, despite the Western Media doing its damnedest in the 1960s-1990s to sketch it as a desert to which “evil” white people had “condemned” nice Black people. Mystically, it is now a serene tourist paradise. In fact, it has some of the highest rainfall and greenest scenery in South Africa.

Mystifyingly, that land is NOT deemed Agricultural Land, but take a look at the picture of the same part of the country below. Even though they have made some progress, this is NOT what commercial agriculture looks like. Ask any real farmer. Why is that land not being properly worked to feed the nation? With all that land just sitting there, why are you insisting on taking the land that white farmers paid for? Is it just because they are white?

Related Questions

If I may, I also have the following related questions:

Mr. President,

— I have considerable respect for your vha’Venda nation. All the vha’Venda I have met have been competent people. They have a longstanding reputation as metalworkers. They are also the single nation in the country least affected by Apartheid or history as a whole. When assailed, they defended their country well. But, most of the calamitous South African history passed them by where they were. They never suffered under the Gaza Empire, or Shaka, or Mzilikatse. You are in quite a unique position in that your people arrived in the northeastern extreme of the country at the same time as the white people arrived at the southwestern extreme. You and I have equal claim on the country….well, I have more because of my Khoi ancestry, but I won’t invoke that in the debate, just to be nice. But, how is it that the first farms that you wish to dispossess Whites of (described above) just so happen to be in the immediate neighbourhood of your protected Venda home territory? Oh, I see the relevant minister says she made a mistake. Hmm. Interesting(!)

Mr. President,

— The amaShangaan people arrived in the Northeast Transvaal around 1860. By the formal recorded testimony of your very own Venda leaders in 1917, the Shangaan arrived AFTER the white men. Will you be taking protected Gazankulu Homeland territory away from them as well? I know your people and the amaShangaan have never seen eye-to-eye. They violently clashed in 2014. The Tsonga are no less unhappy with them, given their prior history as the terrifying amaNdwandwe who formed the destructive Gaza Empire and destroyed the Portuguese in Southern Moçambique. Theirs was a frightful plunder that went up to Tanzania. But they are South Africans now, just like the plundering ba’Tlokwa, better known as the “Mantatee Horde”. In case you did not know, I provide a satellite image of what they have done to their Homeland, which is very well watered and is ideal potential agricultural land, just like the Transkei above. I imagine the local amaTsonga are not happy either, because they share that area.

So, pray tell, are you going to take action against the amaShangaan as well? You DO realise they are Black people, eh? So, are they forgiven for history, but NOT the whites? I could ask the same about the ba’Tlokwa/Mantatee, you know. You do realise that David Livingstone’s father-in-law reported the Mantatee depredations? He was there when the Griqua finally defeated them. Just ask the ba’Tswana and ba’Sotho how they feel about the Mantatee. Are you going to take their land at Witsieshoek? I ask, because they are also Black people. Surely you see the problem? I can go on and on with that list.

Just asking!……. Mr. President.

— Harry Booyens