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—Today, I was interviewed for the seventh time by Erin Ryan and Bill Cundiff of WeThePeopleRadio.com. I provided an update on the Land Expropriation matter in South Africa, covered the Drop Dead Important Historical Facts about the country, and then presented my thesis on the subject of “The Beast that stalks all of us in the West“. The complete interview may be accessed HERE.

South Africa’s problems arrived at Cape Town around 1800 on the back of Johannes Theodorus van der Kemp and the London Missionary Society. This bunch was little more than a bevy of liars, called out pretty much as such by British judges around 1815, at the time of the infamous Black Circuit Court. Any good they may have done in respect of missionary work was wholly undone by their political activities both in South Africa and in London, particularly the latter. This author traces pretty much all that went wrong in South Africa to the 19th century activities of this organisation.

I follow their progress and influence through the history of South Africa and show how the US now faces the same kind of forces today. By 1835, the London Missionary Society was allied with the Liberal Media against the ordinary people of the country, who were the “Deplorables” of that time, to steal a term coined by Hillary Clinton.

Today the United States faces a Left as an incarnation of the London Missionary Society aided by the Left Liberal media; the same alliance whose efforts eventually destroyed South Africa.

This author prays that the disgraceful events around the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US  Supreme Court has finally shown Americans just exactly how vile this Left/Media cabal really is. Given how it has obfuscated and abused the truth about President Trump, about his election campaign, and about Judge Kavanaugh in America, imagine what they could do to a voiceless nation stuck at the far end of Africa.

And that is exactly what they have been doing all my life.

— Harry Booyens