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These were the words of Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, while driving Comprehensive Sanctions against South Africa through the United States Congress in 1986. Those sanctions forced White Christian South Africans to submit to Black African Rule, submerging them into a Rwanda-like state. He was obviously swayed by what he saw and heard in the media, a media that has since been revealed for what it is.

Enter President Reagan

President Reagan knew better, and vetoed the Sanctions Bill, because he had access to the CIA reports confirming that Nelson Mandela’s ANC was targeting civilians. I actually have a 1986 CIA report on the situation. I know exactly what it says. Pat Buchanan also resisted, but Senator Lugar (below) persisted with the help of the Media. The consequences today of his 1986 policy are also shown in the graphic.

Farm Attacks : Driving whites off the Land

Since Mandela took office in South Africa, several thousand white farmers have been murderd, often tortured to death. The graphic shows some of the victims and an informal memorial to those who did not survive. The formal media refuses to report on this. After all, surely they could not have been wrong, could they? Yes, they were and they always reported only one side of the story! And now they have to either bury the news and the truth or confess. They have decided to bury it and play deaf, dumb and blind. But Americans now know what they have with them.

Expropriation of Property Without Compensation

No, this is not what Americans know as Eminent Domain; this is Theft and Nationalization of land to which white farmers hold formal title. In fact, most have done so for many generations. In the United States, the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment assures that a property holder will be compensated if land is required by the state under Eminent Domain. In South Africa there is an article in the Constitution that grants roughly the same rights. It reads:

 Property may be expropriated only in terms of law of general application—

(a) for a public purpose or in the public interest; and
(b) subject to compensation, the amount of which and the time and manner of payment of which have either been agreed to by those affected or decided or approved by a court.

However, this week, on 15 November 2018, the South African Commission on Land Expropriation, launched and led by a senior Communist associated with Mandela’s ruling ANC Party, returned a report in favor of Land Expropriation WITHOUT COMPENSATION (read “from white owners, particularly farmers”). This is the equivalent of Scrapping Just Compensation in the United States Constitution.  It was a few months short of a quarter century after White South Africans accepted Black African Rule and lost all say in their own country and future.

Democracy is become Tyranny.

The process will now find its way through parliament where the ANC and its little brother, the black racist extremist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will get the requisite number of votes to change the much lauded South African Constitution accordingly. The leader of the EFF, Julius Malema, is shown below. Click on the image to see a video of him showing what he wants done to white people. He is now to Senator Lugar, what Mugabe was to Jimmy Carter. At least Carter realised he made a mistake, but 40,000 were dead before he saw the light.

We have been Here Before

This is how Civilization ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper, its defenders denounced by all who freeload on that Civilization and take it for granted. It is not the first time the Afrikaner has been here as a people. In 1899, a text was written by the Secretary of State of the Old South African Republic (Transvaal Boer Republic), as that country’s tiny farmers’ militia faced war with the mightiest power on earth, Great Britain. It would end in Concentration Camps, more than 26,000 women and children dead in those camps, and two innocent democratic republics of farming folks burnt to the ground and all farm stock killed because the farmers would not stop fighting for their independence from Britain. It was also the first nail in the coffin of the British Empire, which visibly lost its morality in the process. I quote from the text:

If the reading public believe a hundredth part of the enormities which have been laid at the door of our people and Government, they must be irresistibly forced to the conclusion that this Republic is a den of thieves and a sink of iniquity, a people, in fact, the very existence of which is a blot upon humanity, and a nuisance to mankind…In this awful turning point in the history of South Africa, on the eve of the conflict which threatens to exterminate our people, it behooves us to speak the truth in what may be, perchance, our last message to the world.

F.W. Reitz
Secretary of State for the South African Republic (Transvaal)
From his book “A Century of Wrong” (1899)

Sounds familiar, does it not? Two years after he wrote these words, on 20 November 1901, the New York Times would claim that the Afrikaner women could play tennis all day if they liked in the concentration camps. Click on that link and see for yourself. In fact, they were dying by the thousands….. but no report from the NYT on that.

What reality looked like at the time

I never thought the NYT would find itself in the same camp as Holocaust Deniers. Here is the actual reality (below): Elizabeth van Zyl in the Bloemfontein Concentration Camp in 1901, the photo taken by a British woman who actually had a soul and came to help: Emily Hobhouse. Our nation erected a Women’s Memorial with a central sculpture that she sketched and we named the town Hobhouse after her. After the war, South Africans collected money for her for a house in England. She died in 1926, and her ashes were brought to South Africa and interred at the Monument.

Where else in the world is there an example of this form of national Christian gratitude to a member of the enemy? That’s who we are. But today, a quarter century after getting rid of Apartheid, our closest international cousins renounce us. As a Danish professor told me to my face in 1980, “You should just die!” Apparently, nothing has changed since then.

What is the United States’ Position?

The White Christians have lost all hope for a future under the U.S.S.R trained ANC in charge of South Africa. White South Africans helped the United States unquestioningly in two World Wars; my own father-in-law flew ground cover in his Spitfire Mk.9 for American soldiers fighting their way up the spine of Italy in WWII; my own uncle rode motor-bike dispatch in the same war in Italy; our pilots died along with their American comrades in Korea, flying P-51s and F-86 Sabres (below) as part of US fighter wings; we went into Angola to help the USA in 1975 at its specific request, as shown in AmaBhulu, facing the might of the U.S.S.R and its surrogates.

Now is our Moment of Need as a people and we beg Americans to show their true character and stand up for us. South Africans trust that President Trump will now assume a clear position on the matter and clarify the position of the United States with respect to the monstrous ANC and EFF and their tyranny.

My Question

What will now follow is the direct handiwork of the 99th US Congress in 1986 and Bill Clinton, who had the watch over matters from 1992 to 1996. Clinton became infatuated with the ANC’s Mandela, just as Jimmy Carter had with Robert Mugabe, some 14 years earlier. We all know how Mugabe turned out, while Mandela was revealed on the night of his death to have been a Communist Party Politburo Member. The 99th US Congress had a Senate in which the Republicans had a majority, yet it voted 78 to 21 to overturn President Reagan’s veto against Comprehensive Sanctions against South Africa. That was what eventually forced white South Africans into National Suicide under Mandela’s ANC. And the Republican Senator who is responsible for that veto was Republican Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) who said,

We are against tyranny, and tyranny is in South Africa.

Senator Lugar eventually lost his Senate seat, but he is still alive and 86 years old. He is a contemporary of my mother, whose apartment building was bombed by Mandela’s terrorists a few months BEFORE he, Lugar, made his decisions. Innocent white women and children were killed.

I should like to ask him,

Senator, were you not against tyranny, Sir? Tell us, Senator, why are you not objecting now? In 1986 you decided without having all the facts; now you have them. And you can see the consequences of your actions. What is your decision, Sir? You still have time to fix what you have done. You do NOT have to be in the Senate to stand up and get counted, Sir.

— Harry Booyens