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—Today I publish the next chapter in my Who stole the Land? series. Chapter 6: The World of the Black People before the Mfecane:1816 provides the lay of the land and the distribution of the Black peoplpes of South Africa in the 1816-1822 period. The Mfecane, the Great Crushing, started in the Natal region in 1816 at the hand of the amaZulu and spilled over the Drakensberg Mountain range onto the Plains of the interior in 1822. The Mfecane itself will be the next chapter. It is after that Mfecane that the White Christian Trekkers moved into the interior. So this picture is important to understand when anyone wants to debate the matter of LAND in South Africa.

This new Chapter 6 tells the reader exactly who is who during the ensuing mayhem. The ba’Tlokwa of Chapter 6 become the dreaded Mantatee Host of Chapter 7. The amaHlubi of Northern Natal in Chapter 6 become the amaFengu (the Beggar People) of Chapter 7. Peoples who lived in a part of the country that looks like Florida in the USA, end up in places that look like Wyomng. The well laid out peoples of Chapter 6 are scrambled, in some cases to near the equator, in chapter 7. It is therefore important for the reader to understand the layout of the map in Chapter 6 before the future history of South Africa can be understood and appreciated.  Chapter 7 will introduce the reader to a period of wanton murderous bloodletting, the likes of which the world had never seen before, nor since. It will be a reduction of the state of Mankind as at no other time in human history. All this is built into the psyche of South Africans of all colours, and the rest of the innocent world apparently has no clue.

It is high time they did.

It is this kind of thing that advisors to President Trump should understand. It is this kind of thing that the Western Media needs to understand before baying for the blood of Christian farmers just because they are white. It is this kind of thing that people like the moPedi* Julius Malema needs to understand before they sing, “Kill the farmer”. It is this kind of thing his audience needs to understand when he tells them to kill farmers as in the video below (click on the image).

*: moPedi -a single person of Pedi descent.

I need to ask my Black friends from South Africa to forgive me if I have left out their specific people in this chapter. There are so very many, and they all suffered, but I had to make a choice as to who I focus on in order to tell the general history. Many isiZulu speaking peoples and Tswana peoples will be scattered to the wind  in Chapter 7, but in Chapter 6 I could put only a limited number of them on the map, otherwise it would have obscured the map and utterly confused non-South Africans. The bloodsoaked scope of the utter hell and misery unleashed in Chapter 7 is so great that it is difficult to capture it on paper. It is a travesty that there is not a single movie anywhere that addresses it.

—Harry Booyens