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—In the 48 hours between Tuesday and Thursday of this past week, there were no fewer than five attacks on white farmers and their families in South Africa. At the same time, the leader of the third largest party in parliament, the ex-leader of the ANC Youth League/“Hitler Jugend” – Julius Malema, singsKill the Boer; kill the Farmer” and works up his party faithful against white people.

Expropriation of property Without Compensation

Tuesday this week the ruling Soviet-trained ANC government-controlled National Assembly (above) approved a final report by a Select Committee proposing the Expropriation of property Without Compensation (EWC : outright Theft via Democracy). “When the blood flows it will be on your hands,” Member of Parliament Anton Alberts said in the direction of the ANC benches.

That Committee was chaired by Jeremy Cronin, the leading and most visible Communist in the country, and its hearings were a complete farce. It is important to note that the change to the constitution refers to PROPERTY and not to just LAND. Even former President Thabo Mbeki has called the plan RACIST.

• To implement this EWC, the original constitution agreed by Nelson Mandela would have to be changed.

• In particular, Section 25 of that Constitution dealing with property rights would need to be changed, as it protects property rights of individuals as is the case in the USA.

• That Constitution and that section in particular formed the basis of the end of White rule in South Africa. It was a key element of the 1994 deal.

• 27 April 2019 will be exactly 25 years after the election that brought Mandela to power.

• About a year ago the ANC announced that it was ready to implement THE SECOND PHASE Of its REVOLUTION. This here now is it.

The Reasoning of the ANC Government

The reason the ANC gives for implementing EWC, is that

• white people are supposedly not selling their farms fast enough to the government; and that

• white farmers supposedly own a disproportionate fraction of the land. 80-90% is often quoted; also by BBC and CNN.


• the government is also not giving the farms that HAVE been acquired to aspirant Black farmers.

• Last Friday, a rare Black commercial farmer sued the government for NOT transferring title to him for a farm he acquired via the EXISTING “willing buyer-willing seller” scheme16 YEARS AGO.

• I have it on the authority of a senior Agricultural Union Manager that the government has not transferred title to any Black farmers on expropriated land since 2009.

The government promotes, or at the very least condones and supports, the concept that

• white people are supposed “Invaders” and that they supposedly “Stole” the land;

• they “Should give it back” to its “rightful owners” who are in their view “Black South Africans”; and that

• “LAND” is the overwhelmingly big issue of the Nation

The Reality

There are four thruths involved here:

                    1. The truth about Land Ownership:

• White farmers own exactly 21.8% of the land in South Africa, calculated using THE GOVERNMENT’s OWN REPORT and the CIA’s stated surface area of South Africa.

• The vast majority of the white owned land is in the low yield semi-desert west of the country (below) – much like Southern Nevada or Southern Arizona.

• The Government owns all the well-watered old Black Homelands except Kwa-Zulu, which was put in trust for the Zulu people by the old White Gvt. in 1994 to get them into the election. Ironic, eh?

• Whites may not own farms in those Apartheid Era Black Homelands.

• One cannot raise a mortgage from a Bank against land owned by the government; keeping title from Black people therefore condemns them to failure in developing that land.

                   2. The truth about Arable Land:

• It is the white farmers who have developed the dry land farming country in the east since at least 1852 and turned it into the greatest cornfields of Africa.

• The Black peoples, in those areas where they did control land, never developed it. They just practiced subsistence farming.

• In evidence: there is not a single grain silo in any of the old Black Homelands where black farmers did not hold title. That pretty much says it all.

                   3.  The truth about expropriation:

• The estates that WERE transferred mostly decayed to nothing and lie useless and unproductive (e.g. the Lipton Tea case, etc);

• The ANC itself confessed 6 years ago that nine tenths of formerly white farms given to black communities had gone dormant; moreover

• Repeated surveys show that when Black communities are given the option of financial reward or the land as part of existing expropriation deals, they prefer the money.

                  4.  The truthful reasons behind EWC:

• The expropriation case judges themselves complain that Black lawyers are getting rich off the state by hanging up expropriation cases.

• EWC will get the Black Government Racist Black votes and will save them having to pay for the land they want to take from Whites.

• It has nothing to do with giving Black people land; it has everything to do with visibly “sticking it to” White people.

• The farm attacks are used to scare the farmers off their land and to reduce the price they will charge for their farms.

• The threat of EWC destroys land value (who wants to buy what can be simply taken by a government) and therefore crashes the financial estates of the farmers.

• As the treasurer of the Limpopo Black Farmers Union stated several years ago already, the government is “concerned to put people on the land instead of putting farmers in agriculture” (see page 9 of that report).

Despite these four major points, the international formal media fawns on the SA government, perpetuates the lie about the land and the history, and strengthens the hand of the farm attackers, who, as a result, feel they have the tacit support of the government and the nodding consent of the world in killing white farmers.

The Deeper Plan:

• On 16 December 1971, the leader of the ANC (Oliver Tambo) stated, “The White enemy in South Africa can and must be defeated” (Sechaba, Vol.6, No.2 ( Feb. 1972). They meant it. Why would BBC and CNN be denying it now? These people, who called me as an 18 year old school kid an “enemy” because of my skin color, are now the government.

• They targeted farmers before: Page 19 of the 1986 CIA Special National Intelligence Estimate with the above cover states: “Most ANC bombings since late last year have been directed against civilian rather than government targets. A recent ANC statement specifically noted that white farmers and urban white males were considered by the ANC as part of the government’s “Security forces” and were valid targets for ANC operations”. My suggestion to any American reader is READ THAT HEAVILY REDACTED DOCUMENT.

Why exactly is anyone surprised at what is now happening?

Pres. Trump SHOULD be concerned

Nevertheless, the simple truth IS getting out, and it is starting to worry CNN. See Minute 1.39 in THIS interview of CNN with president Ramaphosa (above) where David McKenzie mentions it. Ramaphosa talks about a “tiny minority view”. He is correct: that tiny minority is the 10% that all white people together make up of the population. And those are the people whose property he aims to take. Remember, this is the man who negotiated the old government out of power. I put it to you:

• Ramaphosa is a very competent and very dangerous man.

• He would run rings around most American politicians.

• As leader of a Party listed as a Terrorist Organization by Pres. Ronald Reagan, he commands an economy of $767 Billion USD per annum with revenues of $92 Billion per annum

• His biggest trading partner is China

• South Africa is the world’s largest producer of chrome, manganese, platinum, and vanadium and the second largest producer of palladium and zirconium.

Every American’s automobile has some South Africa inside it.

President Trump has every reason to be concerned about South Africa. It is time for him to fire up the key Western Countries to put a stop to this outrage.

It is also time that the Canadian Government developed a conscience on the subject. For a country that prides itself on its occupation of moral high ground, it is disgracefully quiet… It backed the ANC to the hilt. Now what?…… eh?

— Harry Booyens