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Yesterday I treated the subject of the previous post (South Africa: Situation Critical) on WeThePeopleRadio with Erin Ryan & Bill Cundiff.

On this show I added bits of text from books by the early Missionaries to the interior of South Africa. More particularly, I provided the words of rev. Eugène Casalis, missionary to the ba’Sotho king Moshesh. He described the scenes of skeleton covered plains in what is now the Free State Province of South Africa. He described the same absence of people in 1831 that struck the Voortrekkers of 1836. So, where exactly is this country that the white people supposedly stole?

I also made use of the description of devastation in the wake of the Mantatee Host as provided by Rev. Samuel Broadbent, the first missionary to the ba’Rolong people. He described the very real cannibalism he saw with his own eyes near Makwassie in the Southwestern Transvaal in 1823.

The radio show is rather intense, but it is high time we got intense.

The complete recording of the show is HERE.

Note:  Samuel Broadbent was a missionary of the Wesleyan (Methodist) Church, which did a very good job in South Africa in the 1800s. My objections are reserved uniquely for the London Missionary Society cabal.

— Harry Booyens