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— On 27 February 2019 I did an interview with Sarah Westall on the subject of what is going on in South Africa. We were let down somewhat by the vagaries of Skype, which always seems to cough and splutter just when a clear transmission is imperative; this despite my high technology equipment.

The interview comes in two parts and was posted yesterday:

Sarah’s webpage on the subject is HERE.

For those who would like to have later history addressed, I’d be entirely happy to continue the discussion. We really only got as far as 1814. I personally believe one of the basic problems in South Africa to be that many people seem to think the history of the country starts in 1948. By the middle of 1990 most of the discriminatory laws on the ground had been repealed.  In fact, the period from 1948 to 1990 is no more than about 11% of the history of the country since the Dutch arrived. I submit it is important to understand the other 89% of that history and I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss this…. warts and all.

But here’s the thing, and there is no way to get around it:

  • It took 320 years to build the country;
  • It took 18 years for the international community to grind it into the ground ;
  • It took three years of subsequent political mayhem; and then
  • it took the ANC government just 25 years to destroy the results of 320 years’ worth of hard work handed to them on a silver platter.

Along the way we had a stupid and insensitive White government. But it was competent. Now the place has a stupid and insensitive Black government, and it is incompetent.

The thing is, I do not remember White National Party leaders dancing on stage singing “Shoot to kill! Kiss/ll the Black, the Ba’Ntu! P-r-r-r-r pow! pow!“.  In fact, I have no evidence that they could dance at all. I do not remember the National Party accusing Black nations of stealing the land of others, even though they DID EXACTLY THAT. I do not remember the National Party accusing Black South Africans of enslaving other South Africans, though the SA Black people DID DO EXACTLY THAT. Yet White South Africans have to hear this “land theft” stuff from a national president whose own people arrived in South Africa at the same time as the Dutch. — go figure!!

So, sure! Let’s talk about it!

— Harry Booyens