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— In a presentation at the David Horowitz Freedom Center Restoration Weekend  in November 2018 in Sherman Oaks, California, the firebrand British Conservative, Katie Hopkins, talked about the threat to the values of the West. I am not as “Far Right” as Katie, but near the end of her presentation she posed a question, “What can we put our faith in?“. And this is when she turned to her experience in South Africa early in 2018. She found her inspiration in the Faith that the Afrikaner Boer (farmer) has in his God and his Land. And it is inspiring to hear her speak with such passion and conviction on the subject. Click on that link and listen!

She did warn in the previous year that she was going to spend time with South African farmers, and she did.

I have to say that I never thought I would live to experience the day that an Englishwoman would find her Faith and inspiration via the ordinary Afrikaner Boer; the men who really created South Africa out of the unforgiving blood-soaked rock of Africa.

That country is now being utterly destroyed by the “former” Listed Terrorist Organization that is now its government. Those farmers live in fear of their and their families’ lives every minute of every day. At the same time, that “government” threatens them every minute of every day. Thousands have been murdered, many of them tortured to death, the most threatened group of people in the most dangerous place supposedly “at peace” on earth.

To Americans I say, perhaps President Trump could similarly take inspiration from these men of Faith who stand so solidly by their convictions on the Outer Wall of Civilization. As Katie rightly says, they are a glimpse into the future of the West. The forces now destroying the White people of South Africa are coming for Europe and North America.

Consider yourselves warned.

— Harry Booyens