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— Stuart Agnew is a Member of the European Parliament for the Eastern Counties (of England) constituency. More particularly, he is a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), the party formerly led by the very vocal Nigel Farage, who spearheaded Britain’s agreed exit from the European Union.

He visited South Africa in the last few days, along with a European Parliament colleague, Danilo Lancini of the Lega Party in Italy. The Lega party is rapidly gaining support in the ruling coalition government. The two-man delegation met in South Africa with Advocate Anton Alberts of the Freedom Front Plus. Alberts commented that both visitors were visibly shocked at the circumstances in South Africa:

The disbelief on their faces is something that I will never forget. Even though Europe and Britain are under immense political and social pressure, they did not think that things could get this bad in a country like South Africa.

The delegation undertook to take these matters up with the EU Parliament. Mr Lancini also committed to take up the subject of the outrages in South Africa  specifically with the Italian government.

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It is heartening to see Europeans standing up and getting counted. Thus far, not a single North American Congressman has so much as uttered a word on the subject of South Africa. Of course President Trump has spoken on the subject, but he was met with a torrent of derision in the United States. Perhaps the situation is separating the men from the boys? Americans should take note. A few honourable Europeans and Brits are taking a stand, while the American politicians, except for President Trump and John Sullivan, his Deputy Secretary of State, are nowhere to be found.

Why the silence boys? You were quick to vote en masse to overturn president Reagan’s veto of comprhensive sanctions against South Africa in the late eighties.  How about you do the right thing for a change and pressure the voilently racist ANC regime in South Africa? What was that about sauce and geese and ganders again….? Need I remind you that the old National Party government did not preach the killing of Black people from a stage; but the present Black parliamentarians do exactly that regarding Whites?

Mr. Agnew has gone so far as to publicise the South African situation on his political website.

We have here a man separated from the boys, think you not?

— Harry Booyens