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— Katie Hopkins has somehow become South Africa’s new Emily Hobhouse.

In 1901, the British Powers that Be would not believe what was happening in the British Army concentration camps in South Africa.  Afrikaner women, children and elderly were herded into these camps after the British Army had dynamited their homes, burnt their crops, and killed all their livestock. In reality, the picture below is what was happening. It shows Elizabeth van Zyl dying from malnourishment because she was put on half-rations due to her father not having surrendered. Of my Booyens relations who entered those camps, 57% died there.

Only when an Englishwoman of some Character and Principle visited the camps and disclosed the horror to the British people was anything done to reduce the death rate in the camps. She was Emily Hobhouse (below). She became an advocate for the human rights of the Afrikaner women and children. A deeply thankful Afrikaner nation eventually interred her remains at the Women’s Memorial in Bloemfontein, South Africa and named a town in that Province after her.

Now, 120 years later, the Afrikaner is in dire need of help again, and again it is the Western World and its vile Media, just as in 1899, that have connived to force on the White Afrikaner the horrors that are happening in South Africa. And again it is a concerned Englishwoman who is standing up and getting counted despite all the forces arrayed against her. I know Katie can be extremely “rough” by the standards that Afrikaners live by, but she is fighting some extremely vile forces that want Afrikaners dead, and one cannot fight an all-consuming fire with pixie dust.

I submit Katie Hopkins has become the Afrikaners’ new Emily Hobhouse.

The image below shows the Women’s memorial in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

I trust Katie understands how thankful this little nation is for her efforts on their behalf. Just watch her describe on a Dutch TV programme the situation of the Afrikaner and the principled stand of the farmers; to her the situation is “Biblical” and one sees her emotion on the subject. I also submit that the Dutch might want to ponder how it is that the “New Emily Hobhouse” is not one of their own ladies. They are, after all, the ancestral nation of the Afrikaners and the originators of the language of the Afrikaners.

Katie is right. Thank you for having a heart, ma’am.

— Harry Booyens