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— Stuart Agnew (far left above) is a man of his word. I recently reported on the visit by a two-man European Parliament delegation to South Africa. Agnew, a British EU Parliament Member, was one of the two members of that delegation. He has now delivered his report to the European Parliament as promised. The details may be read HERE.

Any reasonable person will realise by now that a Racist Communist farm nationalisation process is taking place in South Africa, and that only farms owned by white people are targeted. But there are three factors that the Formal Media insists on warping, and they are (1) the scope of land ownership; (2) the rate of murder of White Farmers; and (3) the nature of the attacks. The Media will have the reader believe that White Farmers own around 80% of the land and that farm murders are insignificant and dwarfed by murders of Black people by Black people. They simply do not report the actual attacks, dutifully and sheepishly staying silent on the scope of the horror.

One does one’s best to explain the realities, but it seems most people on Earth are mathematically challenged, particularly when they do not WANT to hear the truth. So, it is with overwhelming gratitude that I note Mr. Agnew’s very direct statement of the facts on these three matters.

Who owns the land?

Firstly, on land ownership Mr. Agnew states:

 In reality, the State owns 22% of all land and a further 24% is owned by trusts. There are 4,000 unallocated farms on the Government’s books awaiting distribution.

What he does not mention is that those trusts include for example the Ingonyama Trust by which King Goodwill Zwelethini of the amaZulu holds the land of the Zulu people, where White farmers may not farm. They also may not farm in the Transkei where the land is similarly collectively held for the isiXhosa-speaking people of Mandela.

The Rate of murder of White Farmers

Mr. Agnew then goes on to address the matter of the actual rate of farm murders. The typical behaviour of the ANC government, and therefore the near-sycophantic media such as BBC and CNN, is to report that far more Black people are murdered than White Farmers. Well, finally we have here an Englishman who has managed to see through the “eyewash” the government and media are spraying on his face. He states openly that this BBC/CNN kind of “spin” (my words) is “disingenuous”:

We were based in Pretoria and drove out to venues east of the city to meet politicians, police stations, farmers union leaders, farm watch organisers, race relations organisations, private investigators and, of course, survivors of farm attacks. To put the problem in perspective, the murder rate in most countries is under five people per 100,000 of the population, in South Africa as a whole it is ten per 100,000 and for White farmers it is 132 per 100,000.

Further down the article, he states:

Police numbers are inadequate due to budget constraints and they themselves get killed in urban gang conflicts to the tune of 50 per 100,000 per year.

So, in order to get these numbers straight,

  • Out of every 100,000 South Africans, ten are killed every year.
  • Out of every 100,000 Policemen, around 50 are killed every year.
  • Out of every 100,000 White Farmers, 132 are killed every year.

The Nature of the Farm Attacks.

Mr. Agnew then makes the nature of the horror very clear when he describes the actual farm attacks:

The third category ‘racial terrorism and genocide’ involves gratuitous sadism prior to assassination. Terrorists will break into a property and wait for the arrival of a White person(s). Tortures include burning after being doused in fuel, emersion of limbs in scalding water, being ‘ironed’ with a hot electric iron,being drilled through hands and feet with an electric drill, conventional rapes and rapes using broom handles or broken bottles. A baby was microwaved.

I can add that they have also drowned children in boiling water and, more recently, covered the victims’ heads in cloth and then poured boiling water over the cloth. I do not even know where to list cases in which victims had 151 stab wounds. It has become a competition for who can be most savage and brutal. It is Open Season on White Farmers in South Africa.

I think every farmer and decent human being in South Africa owes Stuart Agnew a huge debt of gratitude for having the depth of character to report the dead simple truth that has been outlawed by the Formal Media, such as CNN and the BBC.

To my American readers I would say, you have just seen how your media could get away with lying  over and over and over for two years about President Trump, a man who you have on your TV almost every single day and whose career you have followed for years. IMAGINE how they can lie about a small nation of largely Protestant Caucasian Christians being wiped out 8,000 miles away from your front door. They have lied to you FOR DECADES about South Africa. You need to start taking them to task on that subject, because those people being killed are your closest cousins on Earth.

— Harry Booyens