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I was born in a crossfire hurricane…

These are the opening words of the lyrics of the iconic 1968 Rolling Stones tune Jumping Jack Flash (Front man Mick Jagger above). Those not familiar with it—and I am sure there must be few in the forgotten corners of the planet—will recognise it by clicking on THIS link. I have personally played it on-stage more times than I care to confess.

I never knew that I was playing the likely future theme song of the investigation into President Trump’s collusion with Russia in cheating Hillary Clinton out of her Ordained Victory… errr… oops…sorry… I meant to say the Report on the Investigation Into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. I beg forgiveness from all Americans, because anyone forced to watch CNN at an airport over the past well-nigh 30 months would have thought the former was the true title of the investigation.

Enter “James Bond”

Most people seem to think it started with the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor in 2017, but, in fact, this really bad B-movie spy story started in 2016, long before the election and as the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s server conduct came to a close. It started with an FBI investigation named Crossfire Hurricane.

I think the FBI top bunch had in mind something more like the James Bond theme, but, in their urge to exonerate Hillary Clinton and implicate the future president, they seemed to forget that Trump might win. In the end, when they failed, they put into effect Plan B, which was to destroy the presidency of the newly elected Donald Trump. For this they had to have a Special Prosecutor. And the rest is now history.

But, wait, the James Bond theme tune may yet be relevant, because it turns out Hillary’s team paid for a salacious report, composed of complete rubbish, and put together by…. wait for it…. a British ex-spy with Russian contacts. He was Christopher Steele (below).

I guess I’m giving away my age with THIS theme tune. This has yet to be investigated for criminal conduct. It seemed much more important to the US Justice Department and FBI to investigate the properly elected President.

Well, after two years of putting North America through hell, during which time CNN turned themselves into the “Bile & Vomit Channel”, being thoroughly incapable of disguising even the hate in their faces, we have the answer:


But this is where it becomes important to read once more the actual title of the Mueller investigation: Report on the Investigation Into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. So, it was not supposed to be an investigation into whether Donald Trump is a Russian spy, as CNN would have us believe. But they were not alone. MSNBC also harped on this, and the fired Deputy-Chief of the FBI mouthed off incessantly on the subject. But, by then, he had already discredited himself as a witness, as explained by none other than Mueller.

So, where are we today?

The investigation has run its course, it has expired, and it has delivered nothing of note, except to show up various Democrat politicians as repeat liars. As to CNN, there is little that needs to be said. All intelligent people I know have deserted that channel. President Trump stands vindicated. Mueller could not find evidence sufficient to accuse the president of obstruction of justice, let alone indict him. He has left some breadcrumbs for the Democrats to keep sidetracking themselves with. The whole thing has been a thinly disguised effort to discredit the Trump presidency against the backdrop of his opponent securing resources from Russia for her campaign. Guess where the REAL collusion is. The Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, can certainly attempt to use the report to try to impeach Pres. Trump based on information insufficient to charge him with obstruction, but the Republicans who control Senate will not back that effort. Impeachment is not a legal process; it is a political process. I believe all Republicans are hoping the Democrats will try, because it will distract them and most certainly will cost them the next election. It backfired on the Republicans when they tried it with Clinton. It will backfire on the Democrats.

What do the Stones tell us about this?

So what is the state of the fictitious person who was born in the crossfire hurricane? Well, we can ask lead singer of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger:

I was drowned, I was washed up and left for dead.
I fell down to my feet and I saw they bled

How immensely appropriate! Indeed, the collusion investigation is dead. To the extent that this investigation still has any feet, they are certainly bleeding.

Who is Charlie?

Of course, I’m wondering whether ex-FBI chief James Comey styles himself in the role of frontman Mick Jagger, working up the crowd of 1,500,000 people on Copacabana Beach in the opening link. Comey has tried to work up 150 million people. But the most important question is, who is in the role of Charlie Watts, the drummer. He is the one providing the background beat of the group; the one who sets the timing – the man WHO CONTROLLED this entire edifice of lies and collusion deception. Attorney-General  William Barr now has to find “Charlie”.

Only crumbs remain

The Democratic Party people appear to be on their hands and knees scurrying around like cockroaches when the lights go on, looking for breadcrumbs from the report that will allow them to delude themselves further. Indeed the lyrics of the song say:

I frowned at the crumbs of a crust of bread.

What they really should worry about, is the first line of the last verse:

I was crowned with a spike right through my head.

Do I need to remind the reader that it was not I who decided to launch an investigation into a US presidential candidate using already discredited Russian information and call it Crossfire Hurricane.  I just comment on this stuff because (1) I know the song ; (2) I know that Communist places love putting the word “Democratic” in their name to pretend to be something they are not; and (3) President Trump is the first international leader that has realised that something is wrong in South Africa. So, he gets my support.

As to the US Democrats, after this, they should never ever again attempt to lecture me on Democracy, because they clearly cannot handle it. Perhaps they should rename themselves. Oh wait, daddy never taught them how to lose like a man.

Anyway, I never really was a Stones fan.

— Harry Booyens