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Robert O’Brien

— On September 18, 2019 President Trump named his new National Security Advisor. Non-Americans may find it interesting to know that this post does NOT require ratification by the US Senate. President Trump can choose whomsoever he pleases. He has chosen Robert O’Brien (above). He is the fourth person in three years to serve in that role under President Trump, being preceded by Gen. Michael Flynn, H.R. McMaster, and, most recently, John Bolton of the famous mustache and vividly hawkish convictions.

O’Brien, an attorney, has made a name for himself as a hostage negotiator, being appointed to the position of Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs by President Trump on May 10, 2018. He has written on US Foreign Policy. He is a man who believes that the world is a better place when America acts from a position of strength. This author would agree.

Fluent in Afrikaans?

His appointment is significant.  Raised a Catholic, O’Brien converted to the Mormon faith and spent time in South Africa in the 1980s. More particularly, he was there during some of the worst violence and saw what the ANC terrorist organization, now the government of South Africa, is capable of. He spent a year at Free State University as a Rotary Foundation Scholar and is reputedly fluent in Afrikaans. This is something for which the intellectually bankrupt Left in the United States will likely pillory him.

ANC Violence while he was in South Africa

On 7 November 1985, while in South Africa at the age of only about 20, he wrote an interesting article from Johannesburg for the Baptist Press, a news service of the Southern Baptist Convention. One assumes this was before his religious conversion. The title of his piece was “Apartheid Protest Breeds Intolerance in Reverse“. In this article, Black South African Baptists are interviewed. One of them describes how he had to watch helplessly as a black girl was burnt to death, the mob knocking her down every time she got up while they threatened to burn alive anyone who tried to help her. Ronald Reagan himself described some of that so-called “necklacing” horror (below), but America would simply not listen at the time. Today Reagan is revered by all as a departed president. It is amazing how the same people would not listen to him about South Africa.


Six weeks later, on 23 December 1985, an operative of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the “military” wing of the ANC, planted a limpet mine in the Shopping Mall under the towering Sanlam Centre in Amazimtoti, Natal (below). White women and children were killed in the attack.  The terrorist killer, Andrew Zondo, later explained in court that he had done it because there were many white people there. One of those “many white people” was this present author’s own mother, who lived in an upstairs apartment in that building.

Having drawn blood, the ANC tried again a few weeks later. This time the mine was discovered before it went off. On this occasion my mother WAS indeed near the bomb and she describes how the Police practically carried her out of the building at high speed, her feet barely touching the ground here and there.

The Attitude of the ANC

I trust it is appropriate to point out to the thinking world—which I would like to believe still has some morality—that the ANC clique in power in that area has renamed the street past the building to Andrew Zondo Road, immortalizing the killer of the innocent. Imagine North Harvey Avenue, the street past the now-demolished Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City (below), being named after bomber Timothy McVeigh. This is exactly what the ANC is doing to white people in South Africa and the organization relishes it. And the ever-left-leaning World Media is silent.

Decent human beings note that the memorial (below) created at what used to be the location of the Alfred P. Murrah building is dedicated to the victims. In South Africa the street is dedicated to the killer. A secondary school has also been named after him. That should tell any person of sound morals exactly what the ANC government of South Africa actually is.

For those who did not know, Umkohonto we Sizwe was created by Nelson Mandela, and one can find in his “auto”-biography the details of how he fought to ensure it was indeed created. That “auto”-biography was actually ghostwritten by Richard Stengel, a later member of President Obama’s Administration. It is truly tiresome to hear thinking people turn Mandela into an “angel of peace.” They apparently have trouble reading, especially when their hero confesses his role in his own book.

There is always Hoping

I would assume, without knowing for a fact, that Mr. O’Brien was still in Johannesburg when these events took place in Amazimtoti and were front-page prime time news. One hopes and prays that some of this has left at least some impression on his memory and that he will not conveniently forget the truth of what he learnt  in South Africa. In fact, the truth has turned out to be amazingly fragile in recent times under the direction of the US Left. In fact, it has become difficult to locate at all.

Then again, there is always hoping.

— Harry Booyens