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— Lana Marks, whose nomination I addressed on 21 November 2018, around ten months ago, was finally approved as the United States Ambassador to South Africa yesterday, 26 September 2019. I have no idea why this should have taken so long. Perhaps the House of Representatives is too busy trying to assail the US president, and the Senate too busy defending, to actually do any real work. Perhaps Americans should think on these things. If the US Democrats had spent as much time on the USSR as it has spent on attacking President Trump over the past three years, that Communist Empire may well have fallen in the 1970s, so to speak.

This means we now have (1) a USA Ambassador in Pretoria, and (2) a  National Security Advisor in Washington who can both speak Afrikaans. Marks can speak isiXhosa, so she knows darn well that “Bulala amaBhulu” means “Kill the Whites”. She cannot pretend not to. Both have actual experience of South Africa, which is more than can be said for any of their predecessors.

Most of the world thinks that all is perfect in South Africa, because the anguish of non-Black folks is being buried, at least in part by themselves. I know it is not in the character of the folks, but the time has come to “Scream your bloody heads off“. It is time to be in the street in front of the US Embassy in Pretoria with placards and much shouting and screaming. Unfortunately, that is what gets US attention. Just talking sensibly will not work.

This is the moment in which FW de Klerk can do the one thing that might redeem him in the eyes of his own people. He could meet with both these individuals and tell them that the entire New South Africa experiment was a terrible disaster. He can ask for their help in fixing the disgusting mess he precipitated on the lives of those who put their faith in him back in 1990. That is the least he could do before he sheds this mortal coil. He could follow that up by handing his Nobel Prize back to Norwegian King Harald V in the presence of the World Media. If he does not act, he will go to his grave marinated in the undying hatred of his own people and his name will live in infamy. But, I’m not holding my breath.

Non-black South Africans desperately need a leader of character at this time.

— Harry Booyens