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— Alex Newman is an American freelance journalist who is best known for his articles in the New American. He is one of the dismally few Americans who have a working grasp of the realities of South Africa. He has warned for decades about the ANC. Like myself, he sees in the events in South Africa a dire warning for the United States and the entire West. The kind of forces that brought about the collapse of Western Civilization in South Africa are at work in North America and Europe. I have written quite a bit about that, and it is the thesis of my book AmaBhulu.

Newman has published in the past week a new extended video on the subject of South Africa that I believe the whole world needs to see. THIS LINK will take the reader to the video. It addresses essentially the same issue. He quite correctly refers to the Afrikaner as the American’s Closest Cousin on Earth. The parallels are quite uncanny.

As a proven friend of South Africa and a man I have dealt with quite bit, he should be taken seriously. We’ve done joint interviews and have spoken at the same conferences. He is a man to reckon with and to count on. It should be mentioned that it is Alex who contacted me, seeking help for refugee South Africans. His heart is solidly in the right place.

Of course he and I differ on some points, particularly as regards US politics and the characters who populate it, but that is a healthy difference of views between mature people — something that is no longer possible in South Africa.

I think we all know a good man when we meet him, and Alex is every inch that man.

—Harry Booyens