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Waiting for Mao

—A rational person is not always sure whether to laugh in amusement, cry in dismay, or scream in horror when dealing with events in South Africa. After a while, one just becomes numb. No outrage is ever too great in that tortured country. They keep trying to up the ante in that domain. After all, it is the place where an elected representative wanted a national research laboratory to find out what is the cause of the lightning. One is not even sure where to begin to comment on that.

Somehow, it was not the litany of idiocies besetting the place that drew my attention, nor the business failures of the national air carrier or electricity utility, the rampant corruption of the government, the extreme excesses of those in power, or the overall general failure of the place as a country under the sway of an ANC “government”, listed as Terrorist Organization by the Reagan Administration. Instead, it was the trinket farm called the Long March to Freedom that I could not dispel from my mind. They’re supersized trinkets, but trinkets nonetheless, and I see no freedom at the end of the so-called “march”.

One wonders why the government thought it intelligent to spread a collection of contrived figures from “Black Liberation History” at Sterkfontein, the world famous site west of Pretoria that keeps producing prehistoric hominid bones. Then again, I always thought of Fidel Castro as an “early hominid”. Yes, of course he is there in the “parade” of characters (see above); how else? He’s walking right in front  behind Mandela, who is just out of view in this temporary display in Cape Town. I’m just waiting for Chairman Mao.  If their criterion is—as it appears to be—individuals who orchestrated the killing of white people, then we should rationally expect to see Stalin and Hitler there. Err…that is, unless the mass murderers have to be black to qualify.

The following photos are © National Heritage Monument / National Heritage Non-Profit Company.

Harry the Beachcomber

Before anyone on the Left mouths off ignorantly about the above, they should note that the earliest character represented is my own Ancestral Khoi uncle, Autshumao (left), who has somehow grown an extra “t” before the “o” on the trinket farm. He was better known as Herry die Strandloper (Harry the Beachcomber). He was the uncle of my direct ancestor Krotoa, who became interpreter for Commander Jan van Riebeeck. His small Goringhaikona clan had no cattle and they lived from what they could gather off the rocks, hence their name, Beachcombers. They neither grew anything, nor fished anything. They just hung around.

So, let’s be honest here: My ancestral uncle was NOT an upstanding example of the Khoi people of the day. There were several more impressive representatives of the Khoi around. He was just the first to meet European visitors. Mostly, he was just a nuisance, not only to the Dutch but also to his fellow Khoi. I suspect he is there because he killed a young Dutch cattleherd.

Imagine my surprise upon reading on the website of the trinket farm that the Goringhaikona were now somehow elevated to having been “a KhoiKhoi people of the Table Bay region who had abandoned grazing in favour of trade.”

Wow! That is in the same spirit as saying the Apache under Geronimo were in the lead metal trade in the American Southwest. If I were to report the truth on what his people did to get tobacco and oven soot from the sailors, there would be a lot of red faces around and I’d be called Politically Incorrect and insensitive. Heaven forbid! Then again, I’m talking about my own ancestral uncle and others without those particular credentials should rather stay silent.

I should also point out that Johann Moolman, who created the particular figure, could not have done extensive homework on the Khoi people, otherwise he would have realized that the hair is completely too dense for the person to be Khoi. The mustache is another extremely unlikely oddity. It is also not clear whether the sculptor added the dried sheep entrails that the Khoi typically wore as adornment.


Naturally, they have Shaka (left), bloodthirsty founder-King of the amaZulu. Rather than expound on him, I refer the reader to my earlier exposé on the Mfecane, Twenty years of Hell on Earth, which is laid directly at his door. Read it and shudder to the core of your soul. He, as a single individual, will destroy your faith in Mankind. I have a lot of respect for the amaZulu people, one of the most cohesive, organized, and honorable nations on earth, famous for their warrior culture; but their founder was an utter monster.

Why he is here is a little unclear. To my knowledge he was not responsible for the killing of any White folks. So what “freedom” exactly did he create? The amaHlubi and amaNgwane may have something to say about that.

And then there is Mzilikazi

He is treated in the same article about the Mfecane. It is a little difficult to understand what he is doing in the parade at all. Oh wait, he killed a few White people; that makes him “hero” to these creatures. The fact that he wiped out many thousands of Black people with his bloodthirsty massacres, burning them alive, seems not to matter. He turned entire nations into cannibals. He took his people to Zimbabwe in the end.

I’m really struggling to understand in what conceivable way he is a hero in the supposed “March to Freedom”. I also do not know why sculptor Mike Mawdsley has him wearing a bandolier. His people never used guns in South Africa; they used Zulu style spears. He might just as well be shown  flying a A-10  Warthog.

What on earth are the organizers thinking? Between Shaka and Mzilikazi, they denuded Central South Africa of people and completely wiped out several nations. They chased the Ba’Tswana into today’s Botswana, the Ba’Sotho into the Drakensberg Mountains and the Ba’Pedi to the Soutpansberg Mountains. Then again, the truth has never stopped people like this. Why should it? The international media indulges them on every outrage, just as they indulge every lie about President Donald Trump and protect the perpetrators of the lie.

Who’s missing?

I wonder if they are going to show Chief Matiwane, who was killed by Dingane, Shaka’s despotic half-brother who personally shipped Shaka to the Hereafter. If they don’t, Matiwane’s amaNgwane people in the interior of Natal may get a little restless. After all, he did fight the British in 1828 in one skirmish. And then there is Mpangazitha of the amaHlubi, who was killed in battle by Matiwane at the southwestern end of Lesotho. And then there is Sebetwane, David Livingstone’s friend and a Sotho chief who was actually a slave trader, as Livingstone eventually discovered. YES, you heard that right.  Oh wait, Mpangazitha did not kill any whites; how silly can I be. So he likely does not qualify. Sebetwane at least fought the half-Khoi people at Dithakong near Kuruman. So, he may very well make the list, even though he ended up in Zambia with his people, who were renamed the Makalolo.

And… where on earth is King Ngqika of the amaRharhabe? His sons Sandile and Maqoma are there. Has he been left out because he and the white people fought together as allies against the other amaXhosa in the first two frontier wars? See(?)… when people do stuff like this, one has to ask pointed questions.

The website DOES say that they have only 100 of 400 figures completed. So let us wait and see. This could get more interesting as they twist themselves into ever more of a propaganda pretzel.

The Long March to Hell

Is the message clear yet, or do I need to carry on? After all, they do say the “march to freedom” took “350 years”, obviously referring to the arrival of white people in 1652. So it is brazenly anti-white, containing only those white individuals who consigned their own to hell and sped them on their way there. That would include various white Communists, such as Joe Slovo, Ruth First and Bram Fischer. Folks have those creatures in the United States and Europe as well. You know them; … of course you do. If you don’t, then check your universities and media. You’ll find them in the woodwork.

For a REAL March to Freedom, see THIS. The trinket farm is in fact a monument to the Long March to Hell, a stationary bronze account of how one turns an advanced country with one of the major economies of the world, an Ally in WWI, WW2 and Korea, into an African Basket Case and International Ground Zero for Farm Murders in just 25 years. After all, it is the place to study to understand How The West Ends.

—Harry Booyens