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Talking to America

—Today, I was one of two guests of Dan Happel and his producer, Randy “Thumper” Wilson, on Dan’s show, Connecting the Dots. Our other guest, Hendrik, joined us from South Africa via Zoom. The show was pre-recorded yesterday and livestreamed today. The matter of South Africa and some of its bearing on the United States was discussed. The two hour show is now available in full in recorded video form and may be seen HERE.

I shared some of the graphics from my series Who stole the Land and from my book AmaBhulu, along with various more recent video clips.

Dan, Randy and I have all met personally and I can testify that the two American gentleman are of the character of those who fought and won WWII. Such men still do exist today in the United States, despite what TV is telling you. Just as that media is lying to Americans about South Africans,  that media is lying to South Africans about Americans. And these men are listening and taking note of what is happening in South Africa, despite the best efforts of CNN and the like trying to tell them South Africa is a heavenly rainbow nation of great delight and bliss.

ERRATA: Yes, I know, I said “Johannesburg” when I very obviously should have said “Durban” for the bomb map. I also said “1983” when I should have said “1993″ for the St James Church Massacre on 25 July 1993 in Cape Town. What can I say? It is tough keeping one’s dates, numbers, names, etc together under pressure “on the fly”.

Harry Booyens