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Jason Bartlett is a proper young Christian South African with a big goal. He is walking from Austin, Texas, the capital of the Lone Star State, to Washington DC. He is doing this in the hope that President Trump will grant him an audience. At between 1,500 and 1,600 miles, that is pretty much halfway across the United States.

I should mention that he comes from a part of South Africa that looks so much like Western and Southwestern Texas that it makes one’s heart ache. He would know all about doing steak on mesquite and on its more flavorful South African equivalent, sweet thorn. And yes, the Germans imported mesquite into Namibia and it spread into the West of South Africa.

Like myself, Jason is desperately concerned for his people in South Africa, disgusted at what the ANC has turned his country into, and dismayed at the fact that folks in South Africa are just simply sitting there, apparently paralyzed with fear.

No Leadership

The awful truth is that there is at present no leader of civilized men in South Africa. Those who do have the ability will not lead. Those who would lead have no ability. There certainly is no one worth a mention in parliament; they are part of the problem, not part of the solution. So far, most determination and leadership has been shown by musicians, which I wrote about before. It would seem from afar that fear is paralyzing people.

The Death of Civilization

Non-South Africans need to understand that South Africa is run by groups who, in the past, burnt to death those who disagreed with them. It has become a country where one gets sentenced to three years in jail for using the equivalent of the N-word. It is a country where politicians now have their opponents murdered. It is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ and Bernie Sanders’ dream: the supposed Rainbow Nation. Dare I point out that the rainbow hath no color white?

The present mess was predictable, as will be clear from my book on the subject, AmaBhulu. Political party leaders like Julius Malema now dance on stage singing “Kill the farmers”…. (and you do not need to translate anything to see what he is doing in that clip). You are witnessing the death of civilization. To Americans I say, “They are destroying your closest cousins on Earth”.

Some still Care

The lack of action in South Africa puts a massive burden on the few outside the country who care, and Jason, it would seem, is one of them. I trust he will reach DC and I trust President Trump will exhibit the depth of character to hear the young man or at least receive his message.

Helping Jason

My appeal to Christian Americans is to help and support the young man. If folks operating Conservative Talk Radio could give him air time it would be wonderful. If churches along the way could take note, it would help so much.

Of course, President Trump could always actually DO WHAT HE PROMISED on 22 August 2018, which is to investigate the phenomenon of Farm Murders and the Government Theft of White-owned property in South Africa, as promoted by SA president Cyril Ramaphosa. The US Left went hysterical at the time of the President’s tweet, as did the ANC government of South Africa. That should tell decent Americans absolutely everything they need to know. It was a 100% sure sign that the President had hit the right button.

Mooi Loop (Go thee well), Jason.

—Harry Booyens