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About Marx and Marxists

— I had some hope several months ago when Lana Marx was finally formally installed in her job as US Ambassador to South Africa. Since then, unfortunately, she has done her level best to ingratiate herself with the ex-terrorist ruling party in South Africa, Nelson Mandela’s Marxist African National Congress. This would be the same government that attacks white people day in and day out based on their skin colour. It has been threatening to simply take the property of white people without compensation. In fact, South Africa’s current president, Cyril Ramaphosa, got his job by promising the ANC kingmaker, Ace Magashule, that he would steal the property of white people.

Just yesterday, Bernie Sanders, the leading contender for the role as Democrat Party nominee for President of the USA, equated himself to that very Nelson Mandela who created this situation. Perhaps Americans who happen to have a white skin colour should take note and carefully contemplate their future…. just saying.

Pompeo Speaks

Into this picture, yesterday, stepped Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State of the United States. Just to be clear here, as Head of the US State Department, Mike Pompeo is Marx’s boss. In an address in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, he stated, …

Centralised planning hasn’t worked – look at the failed socialist experiments of years past in Zimbabwe, in Tanzania and right here in Ethiopia. Even now, as we stand here today, South Africa is debating an amendment to permit the expropriation of private property without compensation. That would be disastrous for that economy and most importantly for the South African people.

“Socialist schemes haven’t economically liberated this continent’s poorest people. But we all – everyone in this room – know the right way forward. Basic strong rule of law, respect for property rights, regulation that encourages investment. You need to get the basic laws right so that investors can come and invest their capital

“Who knew, and when did they know it”

Folks in South Africa have drawn up a petition to have Marx removed as ambassador for her ill-considered kow-towing to these Marxists. She has been a phenomenal disappointment to thinking people in South Africa. This is particularly true after President Trump announced around two years ago that Mike Pompeo would investigate what is happening in South Africa.

Pompeo may want to consider cleaning out that entire embassy contingent and replacing them with people who implement President Trump’s policies. Surely the “Impeachment Debacle” has shown thinking people just exactly how ingrained Anti-Trump individuals have become in the State Department and they have attempted to undermine the President.

Surely it can be understood that, if an entire embassy staff just sat there and shut up for decades while the horror in South Africa developed, then they are part of the problem. I hold them at least in part accountable for the deaths of South African farmers on their watch.

It is time to ask the infamous American question,

Who knew, and when did they know it.

— Harry Booyens