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— On 29 April 2017 I wrote the following words on this Blog:

Today they will tear down Robert E. Lee
– perhaps tomorrow Thomas Jefferson,
– next week Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington,
– and then every statue of anyone who looks Caucasian,
… just as in South Africa.
Welcome to “America must Fall”.

Some American folks remembered this, and in the last few weeks I have twice been interviewed on the subject.

This past Tuesday, 18 August 2020, Alex Newman of The New American interviewed me on the subject of the parallels between South Africa and the United States and how the present unrest in the United States was imported from South Africa.

Alex actually lived in South Africa for a while and is a wonderful supporter of the efforts of South Africans to find justice and hope in this world. The interview was planned to be just fifteen minutes, but somehow got a life of its own and grew to about fifty.

The full interview is now available online HERE.

I shall be posting another that took place five weeks ago.

— Harry Booyens