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— The Great Trek is an epic saga in all of Western History. I have now published Chapter 9 in the series Who Stole the Land? The detailed story of what happened in Natal when the Trekkers got there may be read HERE. In this chapter the reader discovers that there were Brits, ex-slaves, and gun-armed amaCele warriors led by an Englishman INSIDE the laager (wagon circle) at the seminal Battle of Blood River. The reader will also learn about the interesting multi-national force, composed of not just the Trekkers, but at least three and possibly four Black nations, including Mpande’s amaZulu (the majority of the force), who worked together to ultimately defeat Dingane.

There was just not enough space to still include the complaint of the (Mpande) Zulu general, Nonkalaza, about the fact that the Trekkers were not killing all their enemy. The mercy shown by the devoutly Christian Trekkers and their refusal to kill women and children did not sit well in the least with the tough Zulu general.

This is the chapter that explains how my birthday became a permanent Sunday in South Africa. The blow-by-blow account of the Battle of Blood River on 16 December 1838 may be read in AmaBhulu.

Harry Booyens