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—The word “Senekal” will live on in South African culture and history. It is here that the history of Post-Apartheid South Africa finally turned. And the word “Senekal” shall become a Rallying Cry

Senekal is a peaceful little town on the Free State Prairie of South Africa. Nothing is supposed to ever happen in Senekal. One is supposed to hear the corn grow. The montage above captures the feel of the general district; it is a world of of wide vistas, fields of wheat, corn, or sunflower, tractors, combine harvesters, grain silos, and church steeples. This is the Midwest and Prairie of South Africa, a world of John Deere and Massey Ferguson. The local farmers are no-nonsense folks with big hearts, a firm handshake, and a word that counts for something. They are devout Calvinist Christians, typically belonging to the Dutch Reformed Church. Midwestern American Presbyterians would feel quite comfortable with these folks and in that church.

The events of the first two weeks of October 2020 in Senekal would rattle the ANC government of the country, parade its incompetence for the world to see, expose the far left EFF party as the cowardly fraud it is, and lead to an amalgamation of the civilized Western-oriented forces against the Communist-controlled Kleptocracy called “government”. On 6 October 2020 in Senekal, the White people of South Africa would find their collective Voice after 26 years of “staggering wordlessly through the Sinai” from outrage to misery to outrage. And they would be supported by people of all other races.

Read the full length article HERE. It lays out the events and sketches the players and the map on which the events played out, supported by copious video materials.

—Harry Booyens