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I have now added a trailer for the AmaBhulu YouTube channel.

This channel is devoted to the history and challenges of the AmaBhulu, the White Tribe of Africa. The channel is an adjunct to the book, AmaBhulu and the blog of the same name. Most AmaBhulu have a family history in Africa that is longer than that of most Americans in the United States. They are now brazenly threatened with extinction as Communist Black political party leaders dance on stage, calling for their killing more than 30 years after the end of any apartheid policies. This video is just a quick glimpse into the world of the AmaBhulu, a world that North Americans and Europeans find difficult to contemplate, yet seem to feel comfortable to judge. It is a world at present built on a mountain of anti-White discriminatory laws and regulations. And the International Media that fell over its own feet to condemn the AmaBhulu in the previous century is now only too happy to look away and even stoop to justifying what they previously called an abomination.

To the extent that the ruling ANC in the country is now openly targeting ALL those who are not indigenous Black Ba’Ntu, the interests of such groups will also be covered here. The so-called “Coloured” people of the country were discriminated against during the apartheid era, and now again discriminated against by the Racist Black ANC government. Many dream of an independent Cape of Good Hope, free of the oppressive and exploitive racist shackles of the ANC, an organisation that has willfully maintained the racial groupings of people that characterised the apartheid policies of the previous century.

I have given up all hope for the country that has been known to date as South Africa. It was a British Imperial Colonial Construct that included within the confines of South Africa people who already had their own countries, such as the Ba’Sotho, Ba’Tswana and amaSwazi, yet gave no serious consideration to the dreams of others. The ANC has exacerbated this situation by actively ensuring that the AmaBhulu, in particular, had no own territory in which to have an effective say in their own destiny.

I’d like to see an Independent Non-Racial Secular Democratic State west of a negotiable line wherein the majority demographic is a people with a Western European language, a Free Enterprise Philosophy, a Respect for Property, and a Western Judeo-Christian Value system that respects all Religions. I am convinced that this is the only way forward that has a chance of avoiding bloodshed. I believe it also will provide greater protection for those of Western Convictions who wish to remain east of any such line.

β€” Harry Booyens