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The Truth in Plain Sight

—The World can talk; the World can debate; the World can lament. But sometimes the combined might of all the Formal Media of the United States and Britain, the self-appointed “Guardians of the Morality of Man”, cannot succeed in hiding the simple truth, no matter how hard they try. And the COVID-19 virus pandemic is both the agent of Racism and the means of the exposure of that Racism, as we shall duly see below.

COVID-19 Support in the USA

In the United States, various parties with agendas are attempting to paint the measures against the pandemic in racial overtones. As always, folks in the US tend to overreact. It is the one country where regular people are very quick to call one another “Hitler” or “Nazi”. One does not find that in European countries that HAVE IN FACT suffered under Hitler and his Nazis. And so, the reaction of level-headed people OUTSIDE the US is to ignore these overreactions and just wait for sensibility to return, if possible. Basically, the world is patient with the US, and waits for Americans to go have some cold water and calm down to civil discourse. Some have tried to point out that this name-calling devalues the use of the terms. When one has inappropriately called someone “Hitler”, no one listens the next time one uses the epithet. 

So, yes, some individuals in the US, such as Dr. Kathleen Dooling above, Medical Ethics “expert” Harald Schmidt, and Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipschitz are calling for the government’s COVID-19 support to be racially unequally applied. They openly state that they are calling for this as part of a “racial levelling” process in addressing real or perceived social inequity. This has led to some rather extreme proposals that openly smack of Eugenics. Sometimes they try to back it up with data, such as the COVID Racial Data Tracker from the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research. What, in fact, is “Antiracist research”? Just asking. But, when all is said and done, these are just the opinions of race-obsessed people of liberal persuasion and suspect morality.

A Thrill up the Self-Loathing Liberal Leg

There is one place on Earth, however, where it is assumed to be simply obvious that such Racist distinctions ought “righteously” to be made. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you that Hero Country of the Left, the congenitally mismanaged and economically crashing South Africa. This is a country that is better described by the unofficial name, The Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Azania. If the reader does not know where the term “Azania” comes from, read HERE and HERE.

That country would be the “Bastion of Liberal Ideology” that sent a “thrill up the leg” of the man who gave MSNBC’s Chris Matthews a “thrill up the leg”. It is the one place on earth where the entire planet seems to laud Official Institutionalized Racism for the simple reason that it is aimed at White people. And the White liberals of the Northern hemisphere are ever so happy to see white people elsewhere die for their “principles”, as long as they can keep “lapping up their lattes”. Victor Davis Hansen, a man for whom I have the greatest respect, eloquently describes this phenomenon in the context of the United States. I hereby extend his statement internationally, with the ordinary White South African being a prime international example of his “people in the middle”, assailed from all directions.

COVID-19 Support in South Africa

Back in South Africa, completely protected by the international media, it is possible to publish the following kind of racist COVID-19 support scheme. it is not just a liberal opinion; it is an actually implemented support scheme:

COVID-19 Support for Black Owners in Wine Industry

If all works correctly, the link above should produce a translation of an article originally in Afrikaans. The translation has some errors, but the reader will understand the gist of it. Note the obscene definition of “Black*”, as used by the Racist central ANC government of the country:

*Black people, as defined in B-BBEE codes, refers to Africans, Colored people and Indians who are South African citizens“. In other word, pretty much anyone, as long as they are not White, to which end the ANC maintains a database of people’s colour. Right there is your “non-Racist Nirvana”. A “thrill up the leg”, eh?

In this case it is actually the Democratic Alliance-led Government of the Western Cape Province that is perpetrating this evil. If the male reader were to read that Wikipedia summary on B-BBEE and believe its introductory lines, and were to proceed to the shaving mirror the following morning, he can enjoy the entertainment of a view of a witless monkey staring back at him. B-BBEE is nothing less that an institutionalized method of national fraud and theft that has now destroyed the country. A massive portion of the state coffer dumped into that scheme has simply disappeared into the pockets of ANC cronies, and everyone in the country knows that. There is pathetically little to show for it. In some cases up to 90% has been squirrelled away, as in the case of the program to replace asbestos roofs in the Free State Province. That one was handled by the Secretary-General of the ANC itself. Great scheme eh? Announce a big government program, take the taxpayer’s money, grant the tenders to your cronies, and take a kick-back. They’ve stolen the country into economic oblivion in this process.

And, by the way, if the point of the program is to “compensate for land that was dispossessed” (as Wikipedia claims), why is the ANC government working hard to implement a program titled “Expropriation Without Compensation”(EWC) to forcibly take land from white farmers; again, that infernal monkey in the mirror. I guess that makes B-BBEE “Expropriation by Taxation”, also without any benefit.

Social Distancing – White and Black

Why stop at merely stealing white taxpayers money? If you have total power over them and they have no say at all, you can do anything at all, particularly if the World Media applauds everything you do and George Soros is your benefactor. He has been the central figure in what happened in South Africa since the 1980s. In fact, the country’s experience may rightly be referred to as the “First Colour Revolution”, to use a Putin term. Interesting how it all comes together, eh? How ironic!

The following image shows white folks on Clifton Beach at Cape Town trying to follow the COVID-19 Social Distancing rules. They are watched over by armed security forces, complete with rifles:

Some miles to the east is Khayelitsha Beach , where the Black folks congregated. I do not actually have to write anything, as the images speak eloquently for themselves, both taken on the same day: 16 December 2020:

I’m not really sure how to comment on South Africa anymore. It is so absolutely off the scale of reality at this time. Despite this, the Western Media refuses to report. When they do, they preface any article with all manner of obscene justifications. If black people kill 4,000 farmers, they do not report. If one white man loses his cool and kills one black man, they are all over it. When a Black party leader sings “Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer“, they call him a “firebrand” and refuse to criticize him. But, if a white lady loses her cool and uses the South African equivalent of the “N-word” on the Police after they failed to help her properly after a “smash-and-grab”, then she is sentenced to three years in jail. She was the victim, for crying out loud. Her words did not kill anyone; but thousands are dead because of “Kill the Boer”.

Clearly, the COVID-19 problem is being used as just another tool to scam the suffering people of South Africa. And, as with everything else in that country, the treatment is racially unequal in favour of Blacks due purely to the colour of their skin.

— Harry Booyens