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On Saturday 5 February 2022 Ottawa, the capital of a country called “Canada”, was invaded and taken over by the actual Real Canadians themselves while the whole world watched in amazement. The usually soft-spoken, nice and almost ritually conformist Canadians have finally woken up to what is being done to them. And it took a convoy of “blue-collar cut-the-crap here” truckers to lead the effort.

All this followed on a week of convoys and town “Occupations” that the government has desperately tried to label with the “fringe” and “racist” slurs they usually use to describe normal, solid, decent, objective, reasonable, hard-working people. In the process, the Prime Minister, the son of the departed Castro-friend, Pierre Trudeau, went into hiding!!

Taking the stage among the speakers on the podium in Ottawa was a South African immigrant emergency room doctor, a lady whose full name I am still trying to determine. I believe her first name is Rochelle, as best I can tell. The audience listened carefully as one swung a South African flag (look again above, in front of the tower– apologies for the lousy image quality).

Announcing, “I am a Boer from South Africa” (LINK) and referring to “The Vierkleur“, it took this lady doctor to articulate exactly what it is that I have been feeling in my heart all week. She explained what I could not: why the ordinary Canadians lining the highways in minus 30°C temperatures  to cheer on the Truckers and wave their Canadian flags had caused me to break out in tears.  I cannot begin to tell you how long it has been since I last felt proud to be a citizen of a country.

It also explains to the uninitiated why it is that Canadians love their ex-South African doctors with their characteristic non-nonsense style, straight talk, and vividly obvious competence. In this respect, she stated in different words what thinking folks had logically concluded about The Great Pandemic in early December 2021. And that is that Omicron heralded the end of that pandemic. Folks could have listened to Angelique Coetzee, the chairman of the South African Medical Association in late November 2021 and they could have found out for themselves that earlier pandemics had ended with the advent of a more rapidly spreading but less deadly variant that could survive without killing its host, namely HUMANS. In the case of Omicron it has been known for a while that it also bolsters immunity against earlier deadly variants.

The North American Media and the UK Government had elected to dismiss Our Lady Angelique’s reports. But, that UK Government did a stark about-face some days ago. Denmark followed suit more comprehensively a few days later. See more about Denmark HERE, from Dr John Campbell. Other nations have followed, but Canada’s imperious little political kabouter (E: gnome), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, expects Canadians to follow his destructive diktats. Canadians have had quite enough of suspect measures that mess up their lives, and Trudeau has now been moved to “an undisclosed location” where he can attend to his famous hairdo and… err… “straighten his badly ruffled tailfeathers” in safety before he utters his next stupidity. What a truly “inspiring”… errr…. man (end sarcasm). He got it into his head to call the Truckers “fringe” and “racists”. You can see their response in their numbers, their flags, their posters, and their MEMES.

I can say more about all this in later posts, but, for now, I thought I should share this morsel of interesting and inspiring news.

P.S. Watch as the folks on horseback arrive. Remember the temperatures! How can a decent human not be inspired by all this? Who would have thought that Canada, of all possible countries, would lead the world in this. My American friends are positively giddy at the sight of all this. I can’t help but giggle mischievously at the Trump flag in the middle.

P.S. 2: Watching the formal media in Canada try to spin all this and coming apart themselves in this process is quite hilarious. They are visibly rattled, as well they should be. Perhaps they have lost their footing now that their lord and intellectual Führer, Jeff Zucker, chief of CNN is gone.

P.S. 3: The Ottawa Police Chief is correct: Hear him speak 3 days ago. Perhaps the lady speaking at the end should come out of hiding in her basement to see the sheer size of the crowd and get a free hug from a burly trucker with a beard. The army has been contacted and has responded that Policing is not their business and they have no intention of getting into it any time soon. There is pretty much zero connect between the formal media and what is actually happening. They come up with comments like “trash being strewn”. In reality, there is no trash, because the truckers have cleaning crews! The media is trying everything, and has come up empty-handed.

The only successes AGAINST the truckers thus far is the turning around of a chuckwagon with fuel and the freezing of their GoFundMe account, which stood at more than $10M!! Hordes of YouTubers are advertising the alternative funding systems. But help and support is streaming in on a scale that no one ever anticipated.

All this is some of the most inspiring television I have seen in years, and none of it — ZERO— is coming from the formal media, which seems to be struck with a mix of rather pathetic apoplexy, dismay, helplessness and, of course, their congenital lying. Personally, I’m waiting for “The Russians did it“….. oh wait! They’ve already done it. Here’s Canada’s national broadcaster: LINK. OK! OK! OK! Maybe I’ll hold out for “Apartheid did it!

If only there were some truck drivers left in South Africa with Western Values.

—Harry Booyens