About the Author

WordpressAvatarI’m a PhD Physicist who was born and raised in South Africa. I left the country in 2000 as a graying man with a bloodline in Africa dating from at least the founding of the country in the year 1652. I remain deeply concerned for the ordinary people of that beautiful country, many of who live in a state of permanent terror.

As a student of hard science, my strengths are facts, evidence, research, data, and analysis. I do my best to use these to make a difference in my own small way. I find it the only workable antidote to some 60 years of horrifically slanted Western Media reporting on the subject of South Africa; reporting so one-sided, that it has left millions of ordinary decent people in North America with a completely warped concept of that country.

I live among the bears, deer, and towering cedars on the slopes of the snow-peaked mountains outside Vancouver, Canada, with my family, Maaitjie the cat, and my 1965 Hank Marvin Fender Strat.

Harry Booyens