About AmaBhulu

As a reluctant author, I have felt forced to create AmaBhulu in response to the savagery and abuse besetting South Africa in the 21st century. If the Western media had exhibited professional balance in the matter of that tortured country, there would have been less need for this work. However, almost 60 years of slanted reporting has created a desperate need for the broader South African story, properly substantiated by evidence.

Creating this work consumed seven years and took me to the smallest of villages in Europe and out of the way places in South Africa. As I followed the bread crumbs of information on the trail of history, it turned into a journey of discovery in several domains. Perhaps I even discovered my true self.

To those in North America, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, I give you AmaBhulu, the story of your disowned kin deserted to the forces of savagery in Africa; sentenced to death on the altar of the guilty conscience of Europe and North America in the matters of Colonialism and Slavery.

To those in South Africa, it is the story of who you are.

Harry Booyens