Why the United States?


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—I have been asked why I am so intently focused on the United States and Americans in my efforts at seeking a solution in South Africa. The answer is simple:

1. The United States is the only country in the world of 2018 that can and might cause the ANC government of South Africa enough political and economic pain to change its direction and to stop its low-level genocide campaign against people based on skin color.

OK, so they helped put the ANC in power, but they might well take exception at what the ANC is now. In 1994 they could perhaps have pleaded ignorance about the ANC. Now they cannot, because the cat is out of the bag about Mandela. He WAS a member of the Communist central committee in South Africa. The Communist Party of SA said so the day he died.

2. Right now, the United States has a president in Mr. Donald Trump with the guts to do the right thing and his fractious Congress is not in control of foreign policy; he is.

OK, so that Congress will scream blue murder if he tries to save the lives of white people in South Africa and the left will go shopping for a judge to stop his efforts. Either way, it will highlight the problem in South Africa. If the events in SA could get the spotlight that the “DACA kids” are getting in the USA, it would help tremendously.

3. I also believe that, given our joint bloodline, our extraordinarily similar histories, our respective dealings with the British, our similar experience with the Dutch, and our cultural histories as frontier nations on the outer edges of Western Civilization, the Afrikaner is the “Post Office Issue” American’s closest cousin, down to the guns, Bibles, John Deere tractors, and cut-the-crap attitude….. including “Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!”.

OK, so we speak English a little differently. So what? Below is a scene from Villiers in the northern Free State Prairie in South Africa, not the US Prairie. It’s the same John Deere used by the same farmers in both countries. Both are doing corn, but the ones in South Africa are being attacked and murdered because they are white. The ones in the US do not know their cousins are the subject of genocide plans. It is time to let them know.

4. I fundamentally trust in the basic value system of the ordinary American.

OK, so perhaps the comment is true that, “One can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else”, but it means that if we hang in there long enough, they will eventually settle on the proper decent humane response. They are just fundamentally more humane than any other powerful nation “out there”, no matter what the Europeans try to tell you. Fundamentally they have the appropriate combination of heart and guts.

— Harry Booyens


We’ll just steal your Land Quietly


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— It would appear that the ANC today beat a hasty retreat in the face of rising worldwide outrage at its plans to steal the legally owned land of white people (read “farmers”). For once, the reaction was quite strong and Cyril “Mr BEE” Ramaphosa scrambled back furiously from the position that got him the presidency, namely his proposed  legalised theft of the property of white people based on their race. How deep was that ditch, Cyril?

The plan was to amend the Constitution to allow this theft. It would appear there is now a new plan in the making, following a few weeks of violence as various groups tried to snatch land (Hermanus above) in exactly the way Ramaphosa had said it would not happen. Methinks Lil’ Cyril has discovered what happens when the genie is let out of the bottle. I’m also sure his rich Globalist friends told him that they did not fancy being legally stolen from. They might just engineer an economic disaster to dethrone him. One way would be to collapse the nation’s currency, the Rand.


Enter the Communists

So a committee was formed under the leadership of Jeremy Cronin, until recently the white First Deputy Secretary of  the Communist Party, who is also a member of the National Executive Committee of the ANC (How else, for crying out loud?). The Communist Party does not contest elections. They just automatically get roles in the Government. Neat deal, eh? It’s a bit like Barack still has his creatures embedded in the US Government. This creature was jailed for his Communist Party activities from 1976-1983.

If one reads his Wikipedia write-up, one would swear he was a socialist angel with no sins. Oh…. he’s a poet. Surely that means he’s a “nice guy”….like a Berkeley professor? He was trained at University of Cape Town. He is also Deputy Minister of Public Works. One struggles to believe these creatures can still exist in 2018 after the 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall; a little bit like Bernie Sanders in the USA, except that this one is actually the “Real Communist Deal”. The South African Communist Party describes him as “The Most Public Face of the Communist Party“.


To the Liberal American Reader

Now that the last link to the Communist Party website is open, see who that is in the banner of three faces at the top of the page?….. the one on the far right?

Yes..you’re seeing straight….it IS Mandela.

Oopsy! Now, next time we hated South Africans tell you something for 40 years, LISTEN and LEARN! We actually know our stuff and we’re not so sure you do, because your media has lied to you for decades upon decades and you forgot to ask questions. We, on the other hand, always knew he was a communist. Bill Clinton thought he was the Fourteenth Apostle, but then Slick Willie thought a lot of things. He thought Bin Laden was not much of problem either, if you see what I mean.

Just in case you think, like me, that the picture is a seriously unclear one, you can read the party’s full statement on Mandela’s death HERE on their official website. I quote part:

At his arrest in August 1962, Nelson Mandela was not only a member of the then underground South African Communist Party, but was also a member of our Party’s Central Committee. To us as South African communists, Cde Mandela shall forever symbolise the monumental contribution of the SACP in our liberation struggle. The contribution of communists in the struggle to achieve the South African freedom has very few parallels in the history of our country. After his release from prison in 1990, Cde Madiba became a great and close friend of the communists till his last days.

We’ll just do it quietly

And Cronin’s contribution?  He realises that changing the Constitution to legalize the theft will ring bells around the planet Earth. He has stated that the ANC is exploring new ways to allow for the possibility of land expropriation without changing the Constitution. So he muses,

Yes, we need to accommodate what is now an official ANC resolution that there needs to be the possibility of expropriation without compensation, but that possibility does not require changing the Constitution – it can be done via a statute, via [a] legislative process invoking the limitation clause inside of the property clause itself, in referring to the broader limitations in the Bill of Rights,

That translates in regular English to,

we’ll just do it quietly

Now they will apparently select who they might steal from. Guess who that will be.

In case the reader has any confusion as to where Cronin is coming from, his next comment about the EFF, who instigated this whole Land Theft Vote, should make matters entirely clear:

[The] EFF is proposing expropriation of all land without compensation – but what it is rather quiet about is that it would involve expropriating the land and homes of black people

So Cronin wants to be sure to steal only from whites. Do you need that any clearer? Really? Seriously?

By the way, you did know that Black people owned property in South Africa, or did you not? How’s that working percentage-wise in the USA; do Black folks own 12% of US real estate?

Hmmmm, I guess I was not supposed to ask that question, was I? So, explain to me again how it is that Whites in SA must only own land in the same proportion as their population?

Harry Booyens

The New American on the author of AmaBhulu


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— In an article of today’s date in The New American, American contributor Alex Newman extensively quotes the present author in the matter of developments and options in South Africa. The article was precipitated by the announcement of the planned dispossession of white people by the ANC government under the new president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa. A former Secretary-General of the ANC Party, Ramaphosa was effectively Nelson Mandela’s second-in-command and his favorite to succeed him as president. History turned out differently in the intervening years.

Newman (below) has been a steadfast supporter of the basic human rights of Afrikaners and other threatened folks in South Africa

This blog has acknowledged Newman’s efforts on a number of occasions, such as when he reviewed the author’s book  AmaBhulu and also when he referred to it in very positive terms in a late 2017 video interview. He has also covered the views of this author in other articles.

I should like thank him on behalf of all the people of all races in South Africa who are threatened by the brazenly racist rhetoric and actions of the present  ANC government in South Africa.

Thank you, Alex, for being a man with a pen and a conscience; these form a rare combination indeed at the present time.

Harry Booyens

The First Clashes between Black & White


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—The political types forever want to present a picture of Black and White having been permanently at war in South Africa. That is simply not true. As we have seen in the first three Chapters of the series South Africa: Who stole the Land?, it took 130 years from the Dutch settlement of the Cape before the first Frontier war at the Fish River, about 500 miles to the east of Cape town.

They also never tell the innocent reader that, in the first two frontier wars, the strongest amaXhosa King actually solicited the help of the Frontiersmen against (what he saw as) rebellious followers who were invading the white folks’ country. The struggles went back and forth over the coastal Suurveld countryside in the image above near Grahamstown, and in the drier interior in the Achter-Bruyntjeshoogte area around what is now Somerset-East (below).

The politicians also do not tell the reader that the amaXhosa councillors stated to British negotiators in 1819,

When our fathers and the fathers of the amaBhulu first settled the Suurveld, they dwelt together in peace.

That would be the Afrikaner Frontiersmenthe amaBhuluthat the councillors were talking about, complaining about British conduct up to the Fifth Frontier War, being the third such confrontation with the British.

In Chapter 4, (click to access), we recount what happened during the First and Second Frontier Wars. Both of these were between the Settlers and the “spin-off Houses” of the amaXhosa people. The powerful amaRharhabe people and their king sided with the Settlers.

I guess the Media and Politicians did not tell you that, did they? I just thought the reader should know these things in a spirit of openness and honesty.

The complete story of the development of the land issue in South Africa may be read in South Africa: Who stole the Land?

— Harry Booyens

The Line between Black & White


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—In the Third Chapter of my series “South Africa: Who stole the Land?“, we show how the Great Fish River was established as the line between Black and White in South Africa. Click on the map below to enlarge. We provide the evidence from the books and letters of the time.

The Nguni group of nations, spearheaded by the amaXhosa, was expanding down the east coast of the country. The white people were moving east through the drier semi-desert interior between the two mountain ranges. The eastern half of the south coast was well-nigh impassable, with deep crevasses and enormous forests. That coast today sports the world’s highest man-made bungee jump into one of those crevasses.

The Black folks from the east were nearing the limit of the 350mm summer rainfall line, which limits the ideal cattle herding region, being longer grass. They also grew millet and other agricultural items on a subsistence basis and mostly still do in that region, though they have since added corn and other items. Their very existence was predicated on their cattle herds, because they largely lived from milk and milk-derived foodstuffs.

The West Cape had meanwhile established itself as a superb place for fruit and wheat, largely a winter/spring rain crop with greater drought resistance. The climate of the West Cape is Winter Rainfall Mediterranean that arrives on violent Westerly gales. It is almost completely dry in Summer.

One look at the geography of the country immediately reveals how the continuous chains of rugged mountain ranges practically propelled the two drastically different civilizations headlong into each other. They met at the Great Fish River.

In later chapters we discuss the movement of the Ba’Tswana and Ba’Sotho, as well as the Vha’Venda. The country’s latest president is of Venda descent.

For the complete story, see South Africa: Who stole the Land?

— Harry Booyens