The Hour of our Need is Arrived


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■ The Crisis in South Africa reaches the US Border

—The first ever White South African farmer and his family have asked for asylum at the US border with Mexico. After waiting in a Mexican holding facility for three weeks, they met with US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and spent three days in the custody of that agency. Over that period they had extensive interviews, including a “Credible Fear Test”, which they apparently passed. Their daughter, a minor, was questioned for two hours without the presence of her parents. They have been paroled into the custody of friends in the US without having to wear ankle bracelets for tracking. Based on what Customs & Border Patrol learnt in the process, the family has been allowed to at least APPLY for asylum. There is a long road ahead for them, but they have done it all the correct way as far as the United States authorities are concerned. They did not jump a fence. They were not handled by “Coyotes”. They did not clash with ICE in any way. They simply presented themselves properly to Customs and Border Patrol and asked for asylum from those who threaten their existence.

The attorney helping them (below) has made a video and provides some background. Listen to her for a description of what happened to this family in South Africa.

While I, Harry Booyens, have not personally heard of such cases as theirs in South Africa (yet), their claims as to the events that transpired in South Africa sound entirely credible in the current climate in that country. I am in no position to confirm their specific claims. However, I defer to a body of people better placed to assess the veracity of their story, namely, Customs and Border Patrol, who should be able to sniff out liars, cheats, and chancers by now.

I do not know the identity of the family and I would under no circumstances divulge it if I knew. The reason is simple. The moment their name is known, the Communist controlled ANC government in South Africa, along with their staunch allies, the BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post, will start to assail the character of the family and that Government will serve a demarche on the US Ambassador to South Africa demanding any possible asylum be withdrawn. Again, without me getting into the specifics of a case, the ANC Government did that in Canada and the Canadian Conservative Party, of all organizations, rolled over, suing its own Refugee Board to reverse a decision. As you well know, white people in North America only have to hear the word “racist” in a sentence somewhere on the horizon, before they will drop their guns, throw away their shoes, and run for their very lives in the four wind directions, no matter what the truth or reality or the nature of the party uttering that word. As to the formal media, always remember Lenin was a newspaperman and the first issue in December 1900 of his newspaper, Iskra (below), had an article on South Africa’s white Afrikaner people.

■ The World was Warned

When my book AmaBhulu was published in February 2014, I warned that South Africa was 5 years away from its racial crisis point. I also warned that the United States would unavoidably be dragged into it. My prediction was disturbingly accurate. The above family arrived in Mexico on 15 January 2019 and saw CBP in February 2019, almost exactly five years after publication of the book. The new South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, first made his announcements about Expropriation without Compensation (EWC) of the Property of white people (Legalized theft of the property of Whites) at roughly the four year mark in early 2018. Seven months later, in November 2018, the South African Parliament approved moving forward with EWC.

The ordinary hard-working and award-winning white commercial farmers in South Africa, such as Abraham C. van Wyk and his wife Lizelle (below), are the equivalent of the Kansas corn-farmers of the United States. Men like Abraham and his ancestors before him, working this soil since the 1850s, figured out the all-important dryland farming science in a countryside where indigenous Black people never farmed in history because they never knew how.

Ramaphosa is, of course, the protégé and “favored child” of Mandela, who has since been revealed to have been a central member of the Politburo of the South African Communist Party (SACP) all along. You can see:

(1) the media dodging around the issue HERE in 2012 when Mandela was still alive,

(2) Award winning post-apartheid author Rian Malan addressing it objectively based on the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT of Mandela’s autobiography HERE in 2014, soon after his death, and you can see

(3) the South African Communist Party admitting his membership HERE, the moment he was dead in December 2013 (See the fifth paragraph in that link).

■ One of the Oldest Communist Parties on earth

The SACP is one of the very oldest Communist Parties on earth, originally founded largely on expatriates from the Baltic States, particularly Lithuania, and on expatriate Welsh coal miners. The founding organizations of the party were, according to A. Davidson et al (South Africa and the Communist International, Vol.1, p. 69 (2003)):

• The International Socialist League of South Africa;
• the Poalei-Zion (linked to the international Marxist Jewish organization of the same name);
• the Jewish Socialist Party of the Cape;
• the Marxian Club (from Durban);
• the Communist Party of the Cape;
and individuals from the Labour Party of South Africa.

The Lithuanian influence has remained to this day (See for example Ronnie Kasrils, the white man singing “Kill the Whites” in that video, and trained to the level of brigadier in Odessa by the Soviet Army).

In 1927, James Laguma became the first Black South African Communist to visit the Comintern in the Soviet Union. On his very next visit, he took with him Josiah Gumede, the president of the African National Congress (ANC), which is now the government in South Africa. South Africa, while having a parliament, is de facto governed outside parliament by the “Tri-partite Alliance” of the ANC, the Communist Party, and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU-read “Black unions”). The Communist Party does not contest elections, it just festers in the middle of the ANC, providing its Brains Trust. Due to the massive majority of the ANC in parliament, they make all their decisions outside parliament and simply take them to parliament for rubber-stamping.

■ This will become your problem, Dear America.

There is no real Democracy in South Africa, but its utterly irrelevant parliament (see above) makes excellent YouTube entertainment. Of course a few deluded whites cling to its benches in the rather naive belief that they are doing something useful beyond filling YouTube channels with the joke of the day. It is time they walked out of that place to discredit it. Their presence makes them complicit in its excesses. I do not understand why they feel welcome in Parliament if the people they represent no longer feel welcome in South Africa. This scene should tell the reader everything.

When one adds to the above the claim that none of the land obtained by the government from white farmers has been transferred by title to black farmers since 2009, then it becomes quite clear that what the world is looking at is straight-out nationalization of property. That government already owns a massive portion of the country. In this respect, a black South African farmer recently sued the ANC government for the title to his land. Furthermore, Black non-profit organizations are admitting that 90% of land given to Black people is going to wrack and ruin. How is this place going to feed 50 million people given the marginal nature of its major grain-growing areas? What will happen when Abraham van Wyk above gives up and leaves or is driven off his farm?

This will become YOUR PROBLEM, dear America. You are warned.

■ The truth cannot be hidden anymore

When a locally focused US news medium, such as Tri-State Livestock News , based out of Belle Fourche in South Dakota, reports with specifics on the horror in South Africa, then we have all moved past the point where folks can claim ignorance because they did not see it on CNN or CBS. And matters have already moved far beyond the point of the report in this link. I’ve never been to Belle Fourche, but I have been through nearby Spearfish. I can tell you the South Dakota folks can tell right from wrong and have a handshake that means something.

■ a window on the future of the United States

South Africa has been the Canary in the Coal Mine of the West for a long time. In the 20th century, it was to Africa what the USA was to the wider world. Just as people tried to get into the USA by any means, just so Black people braved man-eating lions to get into apartheid South Africa while their own governments attacked South Africa night and day. You were told the whites were racist pigs and that South African Black people could fundamentally do no wrong, even when Mandela’s men bombed the apartment complex where my mother lived in the early 1980s killing white women and children (below).

This was done to the “sound of violins played” by the formal US media, then the only source of news. In the 1980s, while South Africa was run by Western people, Robert Mugabe to the North remained well-behaved. The moment those Civilized men lost control of their country under Western pressure, Mugabe showed his true colors. But the West lost interest, and ran at the first mention of the word “racist”. The “Biblical Pontius Pilate”, in the form of Britain, looked on in silence, having washed its hands, frozen in terror at the possibility of being called “racist”.

Mugabe’s world has now arrived in South Africa. The world can now see what happens under such an onslaught to those who know how to efficiently and effectively run advanced economies, sophisticated industries, advanced financial institutions, high-tech establishments, and complex networked infrastructure, such as water and electricity supplies and communications, not to mention sewage systems. The country’s water infrastructure is collapsing, electricity blackouts (below) roll like Biblical Egyptian Plagues over the country, Crime is completely out of hand, raw sewage is spilling into the Vaal River, and white people live all day in fear of their lives. And all this happens to the never-ending violin music from the Mainstream Media, still patting themselves on the back for having lied apartheid out of existence some 29 years ago. They can’t get suitably over themselves to see the truth right now. Perhaps a CNN reporter has to have the dead and broken body of a tortured white farmer draped over his shoulders to notice…and then I still doubt that they would report. They’ll say he “fell”. As the Communist professor once told me to my face,

You should just die.

■ Can a Black skin save one from this Blight?

A few weeks ago a Black landowner in South Africa discovered that his farm had been invaded by what he took to be squatters. When he went to investigate, someone had put up a corrugated iron shack from which that person was selling portions of the man’s land at around $45 a piece. They chased away the owner, but on another approach he was offered a 20 by 20 yard piece of his own land for free. A friend of his, in a stroke of ironic genius, suggested he seek the help of Afriforum, the White Afrikaner Civil Rights organization. Afriforum took the case, got a court order, and then, to physically remove the invading squatters, they secured the help of a private security operation called the Red Ants. The Police had refused to do anything. The Black landowner, Dr. Motodi Maserumule (below), was lucky. The father in the family of white asylum seekers claims he was assaulted by the Police when he went to ask their help. I am inclined to believe him, based on several other documented events of that nature.

■ A Race to the Bottom

What we are witnessing, is a country, once civilized, where the basic Rule of Law is breaking down, because the basic Civilization underpinning it is collapsing. The Police are themselves the source of a considerable portion of the crime in the country. This is the culture created by Mandela’s Party, the ANC. I confidently predict that these ANC creatures will eventually die at the hand of their own. This is a race to the bottom. The question is, which will happen first, (1) destruction of the country and Southern Africa with it, or (2) destruction of the support base of the ANC? And who will survive it all? It is purely a matter of time before someone “loses it”, and resorts to violence. The fuse is lit and burning…and if that “bomb”goes off, it is going to take at least six independent countries, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mocambique, with it and severely affect a whole lot more.

■ Obama’s America on Steroids – Petri Dish of all Woes

South Africa is essentially Barack Obama’s America on steroids. After all, he, Obama (below), was very open about how inspired he was by South Africa. He even appointed Mandela’s ghostwriter to his administration. The country is like a giant Petri dish in which the woes afflicting the Western World are nurtured and can grow and metastasize rapidly. Those woes may therefore be studied in detail, like a bug under a microscope. It will show you what happens when civilized men lose control of their country. Rather than wait for a Socialist government in the United States, which will steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from you and kill your culture and future, and defraud you of your heritage, you can spend $1500 now and go and see NON-Tourist South Africa.

Spend a week on a farm with a family there, or with someone in a small town in the east of the country. It is bound to cure you of all your delusions. It will, in particular, cure you of any Liberal White Guilt psychosis that seems to afflict the USA to such a degree that it sometimes cannot think straight enough to save its own life.

I was recently told by an American host that I was originally perceived as possibly alarmist, but that I am now seen as a sage. My predictions were correct, not because I am clairvoyant or brilliantly intelligent, but because I come from South Africa, where vicious reality is IN YOUR FACE, morning, noon and night. One does not need much intelligence or clairvoyance to know what’s going to happen.

■ My Basic Faith in Americans

All my life I have had unshakable faith in the basic good judgment of Americans and the pre-amble to the Declaration of Independence. I have been criticized for that, but where else can one find 330 million people devoted to hard work and progress with a fundamental ability to tell wrong from right? All they need, is a good dose of reality to shake the delusions out of their woodwork, and that costs around $1500. Go take a look at the Second America, being South Africa, and then change the direction of your country. The alternative is that you just sit there and do nothing until what happened to us happens to you. Your future is yours to grab with both hands. And in the process, I beg you spare a thought for and stretch out a hand to your nearest cousins on Earth, the South Africans, who share your history. To quote from the introductory paragraph of an address on 6 June 1966 in Cape Town, South Africa, by none other than the late Bobby Kennedy (below):

“I come here this evening because of my deep interest and affection for

a land settled by the Dutch in the mid-seventeenth century,

then taken over by the British,

and at last independent; […]

a land which defined itself on a hostile frontier;

a land which has tamed rich natural resources through the energetic application of modern technology […]

I refer, of course, to the United States of America.”

He used those words knowing they applied verbatim to both countries. After all, the boss of the famous Admiral Nelson called South Africa “The Second America”, and my own 100% South African wife’s ancestor was the first American immigrant to South Africa in 1666. Unfortunately, Kennedy went on to draw other utterly misplaced and incriminating parallels that did not apply; someone had got the homework wrong on the rest.

■ The Hour of Our Need is arrived

Ever since 1914 we have reported for duty in the Hour of Need of the West. We were There. In WWI, when the Allies needed help, my South African family was there. We flew the airplanes and did the dying. My wife’s family lost members during  the Battle of the Somme in the Battle of Delville Wood. Jan Smuts, an Afrikaner kid like myself helped Britain and insisted on the creation of the world’s first independent Air Force, the Royal Air Force.

In WWII, when the Allies needed help, we were there. My father-in-law (left) flew his Spitfire to protect the US Ground Troops in Italy. He was shot down twice for his pains. My youngest great-uncle was a dispatch rider in Italy, after helping to defeat Rommel. An Afrikaner kid like myself, by the name of Sailor Malan, was one of Britain’s most famous air aces in the Battle of Britain. Scale models of Malan are still on the market today! It was even formally suggested that the Afrikaner Jan Smuts should take the place of Winston Churchill as British Prime Minister if the latter were to die during WWII.

When the call went out for help with the terrible Warsaw Airlift, we were there. We did the dying, flying US-built B-24 Liberator heavy bombers (below) out of Italy. Two South African squadrons served on those missions, but a number of the British Royal Air Force squadrons were also manned by South Africans who ended up simply being called “British”. They were “kids” with my background. And they flew into hell at 500 feet off the ground. 248 of them did not return. More can be read HERE. The Poles erected a memorial to them.

When the US asked for help in Korea, our veteran WWII pilots were there and flew as part of the US Air Force contingent, first in P-51 Mustangs and later in F-86 Sabres (below). Policy Order No.13 of the 18th USAF Fighter-Bomber Wing required that the first few bars of the South African anthem be played before the US anthem was played; this “In Memory of our Gallant South African Comrades”.

Thirty-four South African Flying Cheetahs gave their lives alongside their American buddies, mostly in P51 Mustangs. These were men just like my father-in-law above. With this background, I make the following appeal to all decent and honourable Americans, and those in the Rest of the West who have a sense of honour:

Now the Hour of Our Need is arrived and we beg you hear the Cry of our People.

― Harry Booyens


Interview on “Connecting the Dots”


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— On 26 February 2019 Alex Newman (left), freelance writer for, among others, the New American Magazine, joined me (right) on the “Connecting the Dots” show of Dan Happel (centre). The full two hour session may be heard HERE. Dan’s title for the show was “What Next? Now that the lunatics are running the asylum“, referring to the United States House of Representatives after last year’s Mid-term election and the advent in US Congress of a slew of Extreme Left Wing people. I refuse to call them “Liberals” anymore – they are simply not worthy of the term. Some are more reminiscent of Stalin than any form of Liberalism. And even the Russians moved his statue to the Fallen Monuments Park. Some of these new folks are so young that Obama was president when they got their brains. They’ve already taken to speaking utter drivel and demonstrating their inability at maths and resentment of truth and reality, which seems to come with being a Leftist these days. The old Communists could do Maths; I suspect they just refused to believe the answer. It would seem the American version of the same has serious trouble with calculators.

Bet you if one asks them who the Cold War was against, they’d say “Donald Trump”.

Forgive my sense of humour, but I’m going to hold onto it.

— Harry Booyens

US Genocide Prevention in South Africa?


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US Congress does something Useful

—The United States Congress has passed the Elie Wiesel Genocide Prevention Act. While I tend not to get excited about Acts passed by a body as utterly ineffectual and regularly misled as the US Congress, this Act does pique my interest. The Act is named for Holocaust survivor and 1986 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Elie Wiesel (above). It states that the policy of the United States shall be to– (author’s emphases)

(1) regard the prevention of atrocities as in its national interest;

(2) work with partners and allies, including to build their capacity, and enhance the capacity of the United States, to identify, prevent, and respond to the causes of atrocities, including insecurity, mass displacement, violent conflict, and other conditions that may lead to such atrocities; and

(3) pursue a United States Government-wide strategy to identify, prevent, and respond to the risk of atrocities by–

(A) strengthening the diplomatic, risk analysis and monitoring, strategic planning, early warning, and response capacities of the Government;

(B) improving the use of foreign assistance to respond early, effectively, and urgently in order to address the causes of atrocities;

(C) strengthening diplomatic response and the effective use of foreign assistance to support appropriate transitional justice measures, including criminal accountability, for past atrocities;

(D) supporting and strengthening local civil society, including human rights defenders and others working to help prevent and respond to atrocities;

(E) promoting financial transparency and enhancing anti-corruption initiatives as part of addressing causes of conditions that may lead to atrocities; and

(F) employing a variety of unilateral, bilateral, and multilateral means to prevent and respond to atrocities by–

(i) placing a high priority on timely, preventive diplomatic efforts; and
(ii) exercising leadership in promoting international efforts to prevent atrocities.

The Act requires the President of the United States to provide the Committee on Foreign Affairs (and two other committees) with regular reports regarding current efforts to prevent and respond to atrocities, a global assessment of ongoing atrocities,  countries and regions at risk of atrocities, including a description of specific risk factors, at-risk groups, and likely scenarios in which atrocities would occur.

The Rule of Construction of the Act states that nothing in the Act shall be construed as authorizing the use of military force.

Dear President Trump

Sir, may I suggest you immediately set your Central Intelligence Agency to work on reporting on (1) the massive Institutionalised Corruption in South Africa, (2) the associated State Capture, and the (3) terrible Threat of Genocide to the white people in that country due to the perpetrators of the aforementioned corruption and state capture blaming them and setting upon those 4.5 Million White people the 45 Million Black people of the country. I should also like to point out that the ANC government’s efforts at legalizing the stealing of the property of White people is calculated to induce violence against the White minority. In this respect, see point (E) of the Act above.


The Mfecane: Twenty years of Hell on Earth


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—Today I make available the next chapter in my series titled Who stole the Land? This latest Chapter may be read HERE. I believe it is of paramount importance for all South Africans, and those elsewhere with a sense of justice, to make themselves familiar with the events in this chapter. I say this, because this history completely demolishes the very foundation of the ANC government’s efforts to destroy the Brown and White people of the country.

It is dedicated to the most terrible twenty years in the History of Southern Africa outside the Cape Colony. It all started with the accession of Shaka to the throne of the rather insignificant Zulu nation, one of many in the constellation of Nguni people along the east coast of what is now South Africa. The consequences would be one of the most horrific periods in the history of Mankind anywhere on Earth. One has to be devoid of a heart not to have sympathy for the people affected by this horror.

It has taken a long time to put together for two reasons:

Firstly, it required considerable research and digging to find all the texts. Along with that, I have done my very best to find online accessible versions of the texts I quote in evidence. There is no use to me suggesting to an Internet audience that I have the evidence, if I cannot put it in front of their eyes. I rely on British and French missionaries for almost all the first hand evidence. Neither were well-disposed toward the White population of the region.

Secondly, there is a growing effort, supported by the present government of South Africa, to pretend the events in this chapter never even happened. The truth does not sit well with its agenda. I felt it only correct to put the hard, horrible, inhuman evidence directly where people capable of independent thought can see it for themselves.

The overall result of the events in this chapter was the effective depopulation of much of the interior of  the present South Africa north of the Orange River by 1836. Only the furthest northeastern Black people in the country were relatively unaffected by the events. The effects of the Mfecane were felt almost to the equator and defined the populations of what are now the independent countries of Botswana and Lesotho.

The parallels between the histories of USA and South Africa are quite striking. However, this chapter will hopefully make it clear to Americans why South Africa’s history differs profoundly from theirs when it comes to the matter of relations between Whites and Blacks. It also provides historic background to the comments made by President Trump regarding farm killings in South Africa.

— Harry Booyens

Child of the Covenant


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As a child it used to drive me nuts. My birthday was a perpetual Sunday and all the bioscopes (movie houses) were closed. There was no TV or Internet back then in 1950s  and 1960s South Africa.

The Nightmare Background

I was a little older when I started learning the meaning of all this. In truth, it was only while writing the book AmaBhulu some years ago that the true terror and scope of the challenge that gave rise to the Covenant became clear to me. It was only then that the significance of being a Geloftebaba, a Child of the Covenant, struck me.

On 9 December 1838, some 400 men of the old Afrikaner Voortekkers (Eng: those trekkers who lead the way) first made a Covenant with God that, if He should give them Victory over the treacherous Zulu king Dingane, they would erect a Church in his name and forevermore treat the day of the victory as a Sunday.

Prior to this, these men had crossed the largely uninhabited Free State prairie strewn with bleached human skeletons. Then they had clashed with Mzilikazi of the Matabele, who lived far to the northwest, because they had inadvertently ridden into his no-man’s-land. They had defeated him and driven him to what is now Zimbabwe. They had then crossed the Drakensberg and signed a treaty with King Dingane of the Zulu. He had offered them land to the south of his heartland if they would recover his stolen cattle from Sekonyela of what used to be the frightening Mantatee Horde, but who were now again known by their original name, the Ba’Tlokwa. They retrieved the cattle, but after the deal was signed, as they were preparing to leave, the king had set his army upon them and slaughtered the entire Trekker contingent of 100 men. Dingane had them impaled. Then he had sent his army to kill the women and children. It had been a terrible massacre of 400 souls (above) in February 1838.

The Trekkers had survived this, as well as two more pitched engagements. The British contingent from Port Natal (Durban) had also tried to take down Dingane, but were badly beaten and physically driven into the sea at Durban (onto the brig Comet, from which they had to sit and watch helplessly as the Zulu trashed their little settlement).

It was now 10 months later, the Trekkers had studied their enemy, knew his tactics, and had been reinforced with more men. They numbered some 407. They also had a new leader in Andries Pretorius, who had arrived with a tiny little homemade cannon. One hundred Zulus, armed with guns, had joined them [YES!!! – people forget that bit]. Between three and five Englishmen, including Alexander Biggar, had joined them – [YES!!! people forget that bit also]. The battle was eventually to happen on 16 December 1838, my perpetual birthday. But the religious runup to the event started earlier.

The Covenant

It was likely on 9 December 1838 that the Covenant service was first conducted. Sarel Celliers has it as the 7th of December and Jan Bantjes as the 10th. Jan Bantjes clearly describes events of a Sunday. These simple farmers were much more likely to have the day of the week correct than the calendar date. The Sunday in that week was in fact the 9th of December 1838. The official scribe of this force was Jan Bantjes, and it is to him that I turn for his exquisitely detailed description of the event. (John Bird’s, Annals of Natal Vol.1, (1888), p.445):

On Sunday morning, before divine service commenced the, chief commandant called together all those who were to perform that service, and requested them to propose to the congregation “that they should all fervently in spirit and in truth, pray to God for His relief and assistance in their struggle with the enemy: that he wanted to make a vow to God Almighty, if they were all willing, that should the Lord be pleased to grant us the victory, we would raise a house to the memory of His great name wherever it might please Him,” and that they should also supplicate the aid and assistance of God to enable them to fulfil their vow; and that we would note the day of the victory in a book, to make it known even to our latest posterity, in order that it might be celebrated to the honour of God.

He [Sarel Celliers] commenced by singing from Psalm xxxviii, verses 12-16, then delivered a prayer and preached about the twenty four first verses of the Book of Judges; and thereafter delivered the prayer in which the before-mentioned vow to God was made, with a fervent supplication for the Lord’s aid and assistance in the fulfilment thereof. The 12th and 21st verses of the said xxxviii Psalm were again sung, and the service was concluded with singing the cxxxiv Psalm. In the afternoon the congregations assembled again and several appropriate verses were sung. Mr Celliers again made a speech, and delivered prayers solemnly; and in the same manner the evening was also spent.

I next give the floor to Sarel Celliers (below), the man who actually conducted the services, to tell us about it many years later in 1870, when his memory as a 69 year-old man may have been fading a little (John Bird’s, Annals of Natal Vol.1, (1888), pp.244-252):

I took my place on a gun carriage. The 407 men of the force were assembled round me. I made the promise in a simple manner as solemnly as the Lord enabled me to do. As nearly as I can remember, my words were these:

“My brethren and fellow countrymen, at this moment we stand before the holy God of heaven and earth, to make a promise, if He will be with us, and protect us, and deliver the enemy into our hands so that we may triumph over him, that we shall observe the day and the date as an anniversary in each year, and a day of Thanksgiving like the Sabbath, in His honour; and that we shall enjoin our children that they must take part with us in this, for a remembrance even for our posterity; and if anyone sees a difficulty in this, let him retire from the place. For the honour of His name will be joyfully exalted, and to Him the fame and the honour of the victory must be given.”

I said, further, that we must join in prayer to be raised up to the throne of His grace; and so forth. And I raised my hands towards the heavens in the name of us all. Moreover, we confirmed this in our prayers each evening, as well as on the next Sabbath. Every evening, at three places, there was an evening service.

The Lord was with us.

As to what I have written, He who knows all things, knows that I have not wittingly written an untruth.

(Signed) S. A. Celliers, Elder

By God’s enduring mercy and grace, 69 years old.

Copy verbatim:

(Signed) W.S. van Rijneveld

The Covenant was presented as follows in the Zuid-Afrikaan newspaper in 1839, back in the Cape Colony:

Here we stand before the holy God of heaven and earth, to make a vow to Him that, if He will protect us and give our enemy into our hand, we shall keep this day and date every year as a day of thanksgiving like a sabbath, and that we shall erect a house to His honour wherever it should please Him, and that we also will tell our children that they should share in that with us in memory for future generations. For the honour of His name will be glorified by giving Him the fame and honour for the victory.

The Battle of the Ncome River : Blood River

The Battle of Blood River, fought from daybreak on 16 December 1838, exactly 180 years ago today, against 10,000-15,000 very brave battle hardened Zulu soldiers using well-tried and very succesful tactics, was an overwhelming victory for the Trekkers; their first against the mighty Zulu Army. That Zulu Army, employing basically the same tactics and assegaais (spears), completely annihilated a vastly larger and vastly better equipped British Army 41 years later in 1879. On 16 December 1838 the 400 men in their wagon circle (memorial below), with their faith in their Covenant, suffered three flesh wounds, while more than 3,000 Zulu soldiers lay dead. The Ncome River ran red with blood – hence its future name: Blood River. The worst wound was that of Trekker leader Andires Pretorius, who was stabbed through the hand while trying to get a Zulu warrior to take a letter to the Zulu King. The Zulu myth of Invincibility lay shattered. That Battle and its outcome has been seen for 180 years as one of the prime examples in World History of Divine Intervention, and that is true not only in South Africa. The dramatic blow-by-blow detail of the battle may be read in the book AmaBhulu.

The Covenant Today

The Afrikaners of South Africa, of all extractions, languages and skin colours again face a terrible challenge. In these troubled times we might well remember the vow our forefathers took. It is also against the background that I place here the link to the music video, Die Gelofte (The Vow – image below). May it inspire a few souls in South Africa and abroad to stand up and do what is right, before it is too late.

Today I become a pensioner in Canada and I might as well grow up and understand the significance of this day…. and it has nothing whatsoever to do with it being my birthday. It has everything to do with my family and people facing Ethnic Cleansing in the country of their great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers. My one great prayer on this day, is that President Trump will intervene and put pressure on the racist ANC Government of South Africa to stop its brazenly racist policies and its daily threats against the White people of that beautiful country.

Along with it, goes the music video of Die Land behoort aan jou (The Land belongs to you), which represents a musical oath by the Afrikaner people of South Africa to the next generation that they shall, as a people, hold onto the land of their forefathers.

 —Harry Booyens

South Africa: Situation Critical on WeThePeopleRadio


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Yesterday I treated the subject of the previous post (South Africa: Situation Critical) on WeThePeopleRadio with Erin Ryan & Bill Cundiff.

On this show I added bits of text from books by the early Missionaries to the interior of South Africa. More particularly, I provided the words of rev. Eugène Casalis, missionary to the ba’Sotho king Moshesh. He described the scenes of skeleton covered plains in what is now the Free State Province of South Africa. He described the same absence of people in 1831 that struck the Voortrekkers of 1836. So, where exactly is this country that the white people supposedly stole?

I also made use of the description of devastation in the wake of the Mantatee Host as provided by Rev. Samuel Broadbent, the first missionary to the ba’Rolong people. He described the very real cannibalism he saw with his own eyes near Makwassie in the Southwestern Transvaal in 1823.

The radio show is rather intense, but it is high time we got intense.

The complete recording of the show is HERE.

Note:  Samuel Broadbent was a missionary of the Wesleyan (Methodist) Church, which did a very good job in South Africa in the 1800s. My objections are reserved uniquely for the London Missionary Society cabal.

— Harry Booyens

South Africa : Situation Critical


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—In the 48 hours between Tuesday and Thursday of this past week, there were no fewer than five attacks on white farmers and their families in South Africa. At the same time, the leader of the third largest party in parliament, the ex-leader of the ANC Youth League/“Hitler Jugend” – Julius Malema, singsKill the Boer; kill the Farmer” and works up his party faithful against white people.

Expropriation of property Without Compensation

Tuesday this week the ruling Soviet-trained ANC government-controlled National Assembly (above) approved a final report by a Select Committee proposing the Expropriation of property Without Compensation (EWC : outright Theft via Democracy). “When the blood flows it will be on your hands,” Member of Parliament Anton Alberts said in the direction of the ANC benches.

That Committee was chaired by Jeremy Cronin, the leading and most visible Communist in the country, and its hearings were a complete farce. It is important to note that the change to the constitution refers to PROPERTY and not to just LAND. Even former President Thabo Mbeki has called the plan RACIST.

• To implement this EWC, the original constitution agreed by Nelson Mandela would have to be changed.

• In particular, Section 25 of that Constitution dealing with property rights would need to be changed, as it protects property rights of individuals as is the case in the USA.

• That Constitution and that section in particular formed the basis of the end of White rule in South Africa. It was a key element of the 1994 deal.

• 27 April 2019 will be exactly 25 years after the election that brought Mandela to power.

• About a year ago the ANC announced that it was ready to implement THE SECOND PHASE Of its REVOLUTION. This here now is it.

The Reasoning of the ANC Government

The reason the ANC gives for implementing EWC, is that

• white people are supposedly not selling their farms fast enough to the government; and that

• white farmers supposedly own a disproportionate fraction of the land. 80-90% is often quoted; also by BBC and CNN.


• the government is also not giving the farms that HAVE been acquired to aspirant Black farmers.

• Last Friday, a rare Black commercial farmer sued the government for NOT transferring title to him for a farm he acquired via the EXISTING “willing buyer-willing seller” scheme16 YEARS AGO.

• I have it on the authority of a senior Agricultural Union Manager that the government has not transferred title to any Black farmers on expropriated land since 2009.

The government promotes, or at the very least condones and supports, the concept that

• white people are supposed “Invaders” and that they supposedly “Stole” the land;

• they “Should give it back” to its “rightful owners” who are in their view “Black South Africans”; and that

• “LAND” is the overwhelmingly big issue of the Nation

The Reality

There are four thruths involved here:

                    1. The truth about Land Ownership:

• White farmers own exactly 21.8% of the land in South Africa, calculated using THE GOVERNMENT’s OWN REPORT and the CIA’s stated surface area of South Africa.

• The vast majority of the white owned land is in the low yield semi-desert west of the country (below) – much like Southern Nevada or Southern Arizona.

• The Government owns all the well-watered old Black Homelands except Kwa-Zulu, which was put in trust for the Zulu people by the old White Gvt. in 1994 to get them into the election. Ironic, eh?

• Whites may not own farms in those Apartheid Era Black Homelands.

• One cannot raise a mortgage from a Bank against land owned by the government; keeping title from Black people therefore condemns them to failure in developing that land.

                   2. The truth about Arable Land:

• It is the white farmers who have developed the dry land farming country in the east since at least 1852 and turned it into the greatest cornfields of Africa.

• The Black peoples, in those areas where they did control land, never developed it. They just practiced subsistence farming.

• In evidence: there is not a single grain silo in any of the old Black Homelands where black farmers did not hold title. That pretty much says it all.

                   3.  The truth about expropriation:

• The estates that WERE transferred mostly decayed to nothing and lie useless and unproductive (e.g. the Lipton Tea case, etc);

• The ANC itself confessed 6 years ago that nine tenths of formerly white farms given to black communities had gone dormant; moreover

• Repeated surveys show that when Black communities are given the option of financial reward or the land as part of existing expropriation deals, they prefer the money.

                  4.  The truthful reasons behind EWC:

• The expropriation case judges themselves complain that Black lawyers are getting rich off the state by hanging up expropriation cases.

• EWC will get the Black Government Racist Black votes and will save them having to pay for the land they want to take from Whites.

• It has nothing to do with giving Black people land; it has everything to do with visibly “sticking it to” White people.

• The farm attacks are used to scare the farmers off their land and to reduce the price they will charge for their farms.

• The threat of EWC destroys land value (who wants to buy what can be simply taken by a government) and therefore crashes the financial estates of the farmers.

• As the treasurer of the Limpopo Black Farmers Union stated several years ago already, the government is “concerned to put people on the land instead of putting farmers in agriculture” (see page 9 of that report).

Despite these four major points, the international formal media fawns on the SA government, perpetuates the lie about the land and the history, and strengthens the hand of the farm attackers, who, as a result, feel they have the tacit support of the government and the nodding consent of the world in killing white farmers.

The Deeper Plan:

• On 16 December 1971, the leader of the ANC (Oliver Tambo) stated, “The White enemy in South Africa can and must be defeated” (Sechaba, Vol.6, No.2 ( Feb. 1972). They meant it. Why would BBC and CNN be denying it now? These people, who called me as an 18 year old school kid an “enemy” because of my skin color, are now the government.

• They targeted farmers before: Page 19 of the 1986 CIA Special National Intelligence Estimate with the above cover states: “Most ANC bombings since late last year have been directed against civilian rather than government targets. A recent ANC statement specifically noted that white farmers and urban white males were considered by the ANC as part of the government’s “Security forces” and were valid targets for ANC operations”. My suggestion to any American reader is READ THAT HEAVILY REDACTED DOCUMENT.

Why exactly is anyone surprised at what is now happening?

Pres. Trump SHOULD be concerned

Nevertheless, the simple truth IS getting out, and it is starting to worry CNN. See Minute 1.39 in THIS interview of CNN with president Ramaphosa (above) where David McKenzie mentions it. Ramaphosa talks about a “tiny minority view”. He is correct: that tiny minority is the 10% that all white people together make up of the population. And those are the people whose property he aims to take. Remember, this is the man who negotiated the old government out of power. I put it to you:

• Ramaphosa is a very competent and very dangerous man.

• He would run rings around most American politicians.

• As leader of a Party listed as a Terrorist Organization by Pres. Ronald Reagan, he commands an economy of $767 Billion USD per annum with revenues of $92 Billion per annum

• His biggest trading partner is China

• South Africa is the world’s largest producer of chrome, manganese, platinum, and vanadium and the second largest producer of palladium and zirconium.

Every American’s automobile has some South Africa inside it.

President Trump has every reason to be concerned about South Africa. It is time for him to fire up the key Western Countries to put a stop to this outrage.

It is also time that the Canadian Government developed a conscience on the subject. For a country that prides itself on its occupation of moral high ground, it is disgracefully quiet… It backed the ANC to the hilt. Now what?…… eh?

— Harry Booyens

George Herbert Walker Bush


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—There have been lots of eulogies dedicated to President George Herbert Walker Bush. I also believe the United States and the world lost a very good man this week. For me there are three things that stand out, and they are probably a bit different from the typical American view:

  1. He was the last American President to have fought in the Second World War and, like my father-in-law, he was an Allied fighter pilot. This means he was a man who actually knew what war was and did not take it lightly. It also means he had a set of values that I could relate to. It is mentioned that president Jimmy Carter was in the military in WWII, but he was in the Naval Academy. Unlike George HW Bush, he did not serve on active duty in the war, but did so soon after.
  2. He headed the CIA from 30 January 1976 to the end of President Ford’s term, replacing Bill Colby in that role. This means he knew what was going on in Angola at that time, because the CIA was involved. He would have known about South Africa’s joint effort with the USA, as solicited by the United States; more particularly, by Henry Kissinger. I am sure it influenced his views regarding the third point.
  3. As Reagan’s Vice-President, it was he who placed the Communist-trained ANC party of Nelson Mandela on the United States List of Terrorist Organizations. Of course, he had the benefit of the intelligence assessments from the CIA, and his own history with the organization to rely on. Ironically, his own son would remove them from that list in 2008, and now the world can see the folly of that act.

I always hoped that I might get the opportunity to speak to him, but it was not meant to be. He was the last American leader to do the right thing with respect to South Africa, until the arrival of President Trump. It was also George Herbert Walker Bush who issued an executive order lifting all Federal Sanctions against South Africa in July 1991.

We have just witnessed the loss of a good leader of the West. He could innately tell right from wrong, and did what was right. What more can one really ask in the end?

— Harry Booyens

Lana, Malema, and the Little Red Handbag


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— It would appear that President Trump, the most powerful leader in the world, is planning on appointing South African-born Lana Marks as Ambassador to South Africa. The post has been vacant since he took office and has been filled on a temporary basis by Jessye Lapenn. (As to that video: errr..Ja, well, no, fine : For American readers that is more or less somewhere between “yeah, right” and “you’re kidding me, right?”)

The previous ambassador, Patrick Gaspard, was a pal of Obama’s, born in the Congo to Haitian parents. That neatly represented the Obama School of Thought: Pick a guy that’s Black — all about skin colour. So it was clear that all one had to do was be Black, be a worker in Obama’s election campaign, and be a community organizer. One did not actually need to know anything about South Africa. As to being from the Congo, that would be the equivalent of Russia appointing a Paraguayan as Ambassador to the United States. I mean, he’d be from the continent of America, would he not…oh, yes….and he’d be white…right?

Julius and the Little Red Handbag

So, the appointment of Lana Marks, who runs a line of exotic animal skin handbags, seems pretty sensible against that background. She’s a born South African, she’s  experienced in business, and, most importantly, she knows how to turn nasty animals into handbags. She started her line of handbags in response to the fact that the British Queen could not find a suitable red alligator skin bag to go with a suit she had. Marks has been hugely successful in running this empire.

So now, it strikes me that she’s exactly relevant to this particular job. The way I’m thinking, she could turn Julius Malema (below- click on image) into that little red alligator skin job behind her head in the picture above. Sure, I don’t know if it is really alligator skin, but work with me here. It would go with Malema’s party colours and with his character. It is most appropriate that it should be a SMALL red handbag, because once all that fat has been melted off Malema, there is not much of substance left.  Those two side pockets could be used to carry muti (witchdoctor potions), and it is most relevant that there should be…errr…. two, if you see what I mean. One caution though: as with most ladies’ handbags—bear with me here ladies— if it’s mouth opens, the most ridiculous combination of things comes out. So, Marks might want to consider a solid zipper on the top of the Little Red Handbag, to make sure the mouth STAYS shut.

It  kind of goes with the British colours also. I thought they once tried to paint Africa red from the Cape to Cairo.

Forgive my sense of humour; it keeps me from screaming. We South Africans don’t have much to smile about, and every bit helps. Clicking on his image below shows what Malema is actually all about.

— Harry Booyens

The World of the Black People: 1816


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—Today I publish the next chapter in my Who stole the Land? series. Chapter 6: The World of the Black People before the Mfecane:1816 provides the lay of the land and the distribution of the Black peoplpes of South Africa in the 1816-1822 period. The Mfecane, the Great Crushing, started in the Natal region in 1816 at the hand of the amaZulu and spilled over the Drakensberg Mountain range onto the Plains of the interior in 1822. The Mfecane itself will be the next chapter. It is after that Mfecane that the White Christian Trekkers moved into the interior. So this picture is important to understand when anyone wants to debate the matter of LAND in South Africa.

This new Chapter 6 tells the reader exactly who is who during the ensuing mayhem. The ba’Tlokwa of Chapter 6 become the dreaded Mantatee Host of Chapter 7. The amaHlubi of Northern Natal in Chapter 6 become the amaFengu (the Beggar People) of Chapter 7. Peoples who lived in a part of the country that looks like Florida in the USA, end up in places that look like Wyomng. The well laid out peoples of Chapter 6 are scrambled, in some cases to near the equator, in chapter 7. It is therefore important for the reader to understand the layout of the map in Chapter 6 before the future history of South Africa can be understood and appreciated.  Chapter 7 will introduce the reader to a period of wanton murderous bloodletting, the likes of which the world had never seen before, nor since. It will be a reduction of the state of Mankind as at no other time in human history. All this is built into the psyche of South Africans of all colours, and the rest of the innocent world apparently has no clue.

It is high time they did.

It is this kind of thing that advisors to President Trump should understand. It is this kind of thing that the Western Media needs to understand before baying for the blood of Christian farmers just because they are white. It is this kind of thing that people like the moPedi* Julius Malema needs to understand before they sing, “Kill the farmer”. It is this kind of thing his audience needs to understand when he tells them to kill farmers as in the video below (click on the image).

*: moPedi -a single person of Pedi descent.

I need to ask my Black friends from South Africa to forgive me if I have left out their specific people in this chapter. There are so very many, and they all suffered, but I had to make a choice as to who I focus on in order to tell the general history. Many isiZulu speaking peoples and Tswana peoples will be scattered to the wind  in Chapter 7, but in Chapter 6 I could put only a limited number of them on the map, otherwise it would have obscured the map and utterly confused non-South Africans. The bloodsoaked scope of the utter hell and misery unleashed in Chapter 7 is so great that it is difficult to capture it on paper. It is a travesty that there is not a single movie anywhere that addresses it.

—Harry Booyens