And still my people die, Mr. President


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The Formal Media

— Lenin, who founded what was likely the single most malicious and murderous institution in the history of man, the U.S.S.R., was a newspaper man. He started the Iskra (“The Spark”) newspaper in Leipzig in 1900. In fact, his first issue (below) reportedly had two references to the South African Great Boer War. Like most Russians, he supported the Afrikaners against the Brits. But his later followers funded, trained, and supported the monsters who bombed the building complex where my mother lived in Amanzimtoti, South Africa in 1985.

iskra_dec_1900My mother was a manager at a periodicals distribution company in South Africa, responsible for the distribution of Time, Life, and Newsweek, each very influential in its era. They were the “New York Times” and “Washington Post” of the news magazine genre. As a result, when I was a child, I always got unsold copies of these news magazines. The first thing that struck me was that what they reported about South Africa did not match what I could see if I stuck my head out of my own window. I always wondered why they found it necessary to lie, twist, and generally mislead. It did not occur to me that South Africa was too far away for decent Americans to realize the horribly slanted nature of the reporting.

When I eventually grew up and became a responsible manager of a group of people, I ended up as contact with the media, and discovered that they loved to “misunderstand” things, rush to print, and then misquote me in banner headlines on the front page. Any retraction would be published in fine print on page 7. The degree of trauma it caused me was extreme. It included me being dressed down by generals and embassy officials for something I had never ever said. For this I can “thank” the formal media. They are driven by “The Story” and not by “The News”, and that assessment is being kind in the extreme.

In our present Era

On to the present United States, where the Mainstream Media is no longer the much vaunted Fourth Estate and essential part of the functioning of the State, but rather an Enemy of the Country hell-bent on dragging it down in their intense hatred of whoever dares to contradict their biased perspective on the world.

At this time, their every breath is devoted to just one thing, and that is destroying Donald Trump as president, and he full well knows it. Never in my life have I seen the degree of raw unadulterated hatred in the faces of TV presenters as what one can see today on CNN. It is now a culturally lost entity that used to be a respected news channel in times gone by, such as in the First Gulf War. Now they are at best described as “Dripping Bile in High Definition”, clearly dreading the possibility of the president doing something right.

Amazingly, there was a time that I respected them, but that is long gone. In the interest of the United States, I would suggest that Americans simply delete that channel from their television menus and let the ratings kill CNN. In short, they badly deserve to be Dixie Chicked. I should go on record as saying that I truly loved the Dixie Chicks’ music; their politics not so much. They did the best rendition of the Star Spangled Banner I ever heard in my life. Similarly, CNN was superb in the First Gulf War. But all that is done and gone.

It is now up to the entertainment shows to be reasonable, and it is on one of those that a visitor commented, “There is a huge untapped market for someone who would simply report the actual news“. Now and then, though, reality intercedes, as it did with Megyn Kelly of Fox News, who made every possible effort to turn Donald Trump’s election campaign into her personal career promotion plan. The expression of controlled agony on her face on 9 November 2009 (Pacific time), when her co-host announced Trump’s victory, was telling.

It would have been ever so much better if she had stuck to the actual news in the first place. Now she’s “missing in action” and apparently dead to the world somewhere invisible at NBC. Tucker Carlson, who took over her time slot at Fox, has greater viewer figures. This after Kelly wrote a book that honestly should have been titled, “You too can be as great as I am“. What a shame. Originally I quite liked her, until she got ahead of herself and made herself bigger than the actual news.

What has all this got to do with this Blog?

Simple! When Liberal people are faced with the truth—and 95% of newspaper people are liberal—they will go into a state of denial and dredge up any argument they possibly can to maintain their self-deception. Reality is simply not allowed to intrude. And so it is that a Dutch reporter named Catherine Keyl (below), writing in 2013 for the important Dutch paper, De Telegraaf, managed to convince herself that the farm murders of white farmers in South Africa are being committed by white people trying to foist the blame on South Africa’s black people.


The American Conservative internet newspaper, The New Observer, picked up on this crazy story and published a rebuttal by Arthur Kemp under the title “Holland’s Largest Newspaper Caught out Lying over South African Farm Murders

According to TNO, said journalist Keyl has confessed that she had been duped.

This is exactly what has been happening with the US media which has been repeatedly caught out over the past several months brazenly lying about President Trump, all in an urge to somehow sink him. Their greatest fear is that, as President, he should get anything right. That is why they are no longer just the watchdog of democracy. They are actually the enemy. A proper Free Press laments and highlights mistakes by a duly elected president, they do not actually do everything in their power to engineer and invent mistakes to hurt their country. They are no longer a Fourth Estate, they are now more akin to a Fifth Column.

To President Trump

Dear Mr President,
— We as Afrikaners have lived with this phenomenon, including lies by missionaries (of all people) being printed as gospel truth in Northern Hemisphere books and newspapers ever since the first decade of the 1800s. But we were ignorant back then and did not realize the permanent damage being done to us. Like the Middle Americans who voted for you, we were largely ordinary farmers and workers, unaccustomed to the subterfuge and lies the media thrives on.

Featured-CoverWe never realised the Left firmly believed that news was supposed to be created from thin air. That is why we were completely surprised to be dragged in droves before circuit courts around 1814 on charges of murder constructed from thin air by self-educated “missionaries” of the London Missionary Society. They had secretly poisoned London against us. And we were mere powerless “subjects” of “His Majesty, the King of Great Britain”. In the end, not a single one of those charges stuck, and the British judges went on record criticizing the missionaries for inventing them. All this may be read in AmaBhulu.

We stupidly thought a man was supposed to be known by the firmness of his handshake, the reliability of his word, and the depth of his Christian Faith. We thought a man was supposed to earn his keep by the sweat of his brow. And so we were painted so black that, by the time we understood what had been done to us in faraway London, the die was already cast. We were the “permanent pig in the media picture”, no matter what we did or did not do.

We have never managed to shake that image in two hundred and sixteen years, and the formal media has given us not an ounce of credit for anything ever since then. That same image was used in 1899 to foment the Great Boer War against us, and even then we thought that decent men would listen to reason. It turns out they would not, and, as a result, 30,000 of our women and children died in British Concentration Camps in 1901, a massive loss for a tiny nation. The New York Times of 20 November 1901 ran an article titled,

THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS.; Boer Woman in One of Them Says She Is Well Housed, Fed, and Clothed, and Does Not Have to Work.”

According to the article the men and woman “could play tennis all day“. Somewhere, in the process, the New York Times misplaced the deaths of 30,000 camp inmates. An entire 57% of my family who entered those camps died there. Forgive me if I imagine the New York Times really believed the infamous words over the gates of the later Auschwitz (below).


In reality, what was happening in those British camps is silently described by the 1901 picture below of Elizabeth van Zijl in the Bloemfontein Concentration Camp. She and her family were placed on lesser rations, because her father had not surrendered.

Unlike the New York Times in the matter of tennis, I can produce the documentary evidence of the deaths of my family from the British Army’s own records and formal death notices in the South African Archives. The best the New York Times can offer is the hope that readers will forget their reporting and their vivid lapse in morality.

Now, yet another century or so later, that same media actively refuses to report on the incipient genocide of white farmers in South Africa. It prefers to laud the South African government that incites the killings with its deadly poisonous rhetoric. There is nothing new in what the media does, Mr. President. Afer all, Hollywood produced Mission to Moscow to make Stalin palatable to Americans in WWII.

…and still my people die, Mr. President.

So, Mr. President, please keep up the pressure on your media, because if you let them keep doing what they are doing, you will end up like us Afrikaners, facing Genocide while some in the media seek to blame us for “killing ourselves”.

You heard it here, Mr President. Please trust your instincts; they were spot-on until now. Be not misled by this serpent that weaves itself through the diseased apple tree of Washington.

That apple ain’t what it seems.”

Harry Booyens

[This article was originally written on 2 March 2017, in the midst of a series of  disproven reports in the US media, but I held it back. It still holds as it stands, but the situation in South Africa has only got worse].


The Early Booyens Family Revisited


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A few weeks ago I presented a Blogpost about the Booyens progenitor possibly spending six months on the infamous Robben Island. Since then I have had help from Corney Keller, an experienced Dutch genealogist with serious skill in deciphering the often bewildering Old Dutch East India Company documents from the 1600s and 1700s.

Two things became clear in the process of investigating the Booyens Stamvader in South Africa, Pieter Boijens and his father, Joen Pieter Boijens:

Firstly, the man who spent six months on Robben Island (above) was indeed Pieter Boijs van ‘t stigt Bremen, the bishopric of Bremen, but he was not Pieter Boijs/Boijens/Boeijens, the son of Joen Pieter Boijens. Pieter van Bremen was  employed as a woodcutter at the Cape by the Dutch East India Company and appears on the muster roll of that company at the same time as “our” Pieter Boijens appears on the Freemen muster roll. The Company eventually records Pieter van Bremen as “deserted” and they suggest he absconded with a passing French fleet. The two Pieters are not the same person.

Even more outrageously, there is a third Pieter “Boijens” at the Cape over the same period, and he stays for several years longer, also as an employee of the company. He is Pieter Booij van Holsteijn, with the same basic origin as our Pieter’s father. He serves as wagon driver for the company. It is rather ironic, given how rare the surname Booyens is in South Africa, that there would not just be four men named variations of “Boijens” at the Cape in early 1714, but that three of the four would be named Pieter, all mutually unrelated.

Such is genealogy. It pulls these oddities out of old records and produces intriguing conundrums that somehow always seem more outrageous than fiction. And they will mislead one.

So, the end result around “our” Pieter is that we still do not know how it comes about that he appears on the 1712 Muster roll of Free Men at the same time that his father is at the Cape. It is still quite likely that he came to the Cape on the same fleet that the Huis te Hemert, Pieter van Bremen’s ship, sailed in. This would mean that two men named Pieter Boij(en)s arrived in the same fleet.

Secondly, the life of Pieter’s father, Joen Pieter Boijens turns out to be vastly more interesting than we ever thought. Not only does he marry twice more when Pieter’s mother dies, but he loses both those wives while away on Dutch East India Company journeys or duties. Over his lifetime he sails from the Netherlands to Batavia at least three times, and once from Batavia to the Cape and back, and then dies in Batavia, shown below. In the process, he spends first 3½ and then, much later, five years at the Cape. He eventually dies in Batavia, leaving his estate to his son Pieter at the Cape of Good Hope, who apears to be his only surviving child.

While stationed at Batavia, he serves on at least two more ships, and we have no idea where they sail, because those logs have disappeared. One should remember that, for a long time, the Dutch had sole rights to trading with Japan. They were allowed to use the tiny island of Deshima in the bay of Nagasaki. It would be interesting to trace the movements of the three “missing” ships in books other than the missing logs, for example the Daghregisters. Who knows, perhaps Joen sails to Nagasaki Bay on one of the seasonal trips. The Dutch would dominate the trade with Japan for 218 years.

The whole story of Joen Pieter Boijens may now be read on the Genealogy web for the Family Booyens of South Africa.

— Harry Booyens

Apartheid, or Bloodlust of the Racist “Savage”?


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— On 24 February 2017 I posted an article under the title The Real Face of South Africa. In it, I referred to the Howarth family of Dullstroom who were tortured and shot by their attackers. Sue Howarth, a British citizen, died as a result. As one might imagine, this raised some interest in Britain, where they are slowly coming out of their liberal coma; at least enough to have voted for Brexit. Perhaps that is an indication that they are getting their general socio-political brains back, which had certainly deserted them for some decades. Perhaps these events make it clear to Britons what “foreigners” are capable of.


Three of five men arrested in connection with the attack, torture and murder of the Howarths appeared in Court earlier this week. Given that this is but one of 30 farm attacks in February 2017, the police have some way to go. Of course, this would be the same government body that refuses to make public the statistics of farms attacks in South Africa. The lack of faith on the part of the farmers will therefore be understood. After all, this is the same goverment that disarmed them so that they could more easly be tortured and killed; all because they are white. Perhaps Americans who view their Second Amendment as a problem should take note.

Blaming Apartheid

The question this author has, is why it is that Black South Africans immediately try to haul out apartheid policies of more than a quarter century ago to try and defend these torture murders? Let me make this clear: The average age at which a woman first gives birth in South Africa is 22.5. If that woman was an innocent ten-year-old when Mandela walked out of his cozy Victor Verster “jail” with its personal pool and its dedicated personal White Afrikaner cook—read it in his own hand in his book—, then she had her first child in 2002 when his ANC government passed the racist discriminatory Black Economic Empowerment laws. That child is now 15 years old  and, having lived with 5 years of indoctrination by that post-apartheid and entitlement-addled mother, he is now ready to take to the streets and burn the country down. It is therefore actually that child’s GRANDparents who managed living with apartheid. I am pretty sure they would not approve of what is now happening in that country. I’m also sure they would not blame apartheid; they would blame the quarter-century old government that has all the power to do something about this nightmare, but has instead elected to disarm these farmers.

And the young accused?

Now return to that image above and estimate the age of the accused on the left. He looks as though he is in his early twenties. He was likely not even born yet when apartheid was written out of the statute books in 1990. How on Earth can his actions be attributed to apartheid? One might as well attribute Global Warming to that policy, and given its predeliction for blaming its own mistakes on apartheid, I am sure the African National Congress in fact does think that changes in climate are due to the policy from a quarter century ago.

It is ironic indeed that left-leaning Americans would attribute this kind of incitement to Donald Trump, when they have but to read these posts to see what it actually looks like when Western Christians are tortured and murdered due to a Government that targets and threatens them, and a president who actually REALLY DOES sing about killing white people. How can folks be surprised when ANC supporters then DO go out and torture and kill farmers?

So, is it Apartheid, or is it just the savage bloodlust?

Amnesty International

It is reported that a British friend of the Howarth family plans to plead the case of South African farmers with Amnesty International, an organization that is habitually quiet when Caucasian South African Christians are the suffering party.

AmaCover2Amnesty International is part of the Western Liberal Hegemon that has decided to pay for its own guilty conscience with the lives of the white South African farmers. These Liberals are merely impatient for all white South Africans to die out so they don’t get sidetracked from their myopic view of the world in which we live; a world in which they believe only white people do evil. In South Africa we have lived under the yoke of that collective warped  Liberal Guilt Psychosis ever since the London Missionary Society arrived in 1800. It is the reason for the country having the borders it has; it is the reason for the country having the problems it has; it is one of the embodiments of the evil that stalks the West as a whole. These are people who believed in the warped concept of “The Noble Savage”. Most never met a “savage”. If found guilty—I still believe in “innocent until proven guilty”— that would be the “Savage Nobility” in the picture above.

As a nation, the Caucasian Christian Afrikaner has suffered this warped philosophy and the role of Whipping Boy for the sins of the West ever since the end of the first decade of the 1800s. It is ever so useful to liberal people in the West to have such a whipping boy available, suitably far enough away from their own backyards.

For those too liberal and “enlightened” to know the meaning of the term, Google “Whipping Boy“. Remember to put it in quotes. Unlike the real whipping boys, we have never experienced an upside to the role.

Read it all in AmaBhulu.

Harry Booyens

My Blood on Robben Island


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—Given the seven years of hard work that went into the subject of genealogy in order to write the book AmaBhulu, I felt as author that I owed it to readers to share the Booyens genealogy in more detail. After all, they had spent good money to purchase the book and it relies on that genealogy. That genealogy now exists on its own website, as reported by an earlier post on this blog.

Last night I discovered, to my horror, that the Dutch Nationaal Archief has changed the website of the “VOCopvarenden” database so that all the Cape arrival links I have so carefully provided on the Booyens Genealogy website for the Stamvader are now defunct. I shall have to redo them all. However, I also discovered that the good folks of the archive have scanned the original documents so that we can see what the Dutch East India Company wrote about these men back in 1710-1715. And it is interesting indeed.


Ever since realizing in 2013 that Joen Peter Booyens did not remain at the Cape of Good Hope, and that he was almost certainly the father of Pieter Booyens who was born in the Netherlands and DID remain, I have wondered why it is that both men stayed with the Erasmus family of Drakenstein, but that Pieter was absent in December 1713. See the table below, in which the information comes with the courtesy of Richard Ball.  Since the muster rolls pretty studiously recorded all the non-company folks at the Cape, this was a bit of a conundrum. Why would the son, if he were really the son, appear and disappear?

I may have found out, and it is intriguing.

Date Parish Person Where listed and/or with whom



Joen Pieter Booijns




Pieter Boeijens

NOTE: Both men listed as Freemen at the Cape in December of 1712



Joan Booijen

p.266 Pieter Erasmus & Maria Lijsebeth



Pieter Booijs

p.297 Pieter Erasmus & Maria Elisabeth



Pieter Boijens

p.333 Pieter Erasmus & Maria Elisabeth Jooste



Pieter Booijens

p.361 Pieter Erasmus & Maria Elisabeth Joosten



Pieter Booijens &Geertruij Blom

pp.387 Pieter Erasmus &Maria Elisabeth

Taken from 30 April to 2 May 1718


The newly scanned documents at the Dutch Nationaal Archief show an entry in 1714 stating that Pieter Boijs, the putative son, is sentenced to six months on Robben Island (below), future home of Nelson Mandela, somewhere between August 1713 and August 1714. There is also an earlier 1713 entry recording him as being present at the Cape. This checks with an arrival of 29 November 1712 on the Huis te Hemert.


In 1717 Pieter Boeiens marries Geertruijd Blom, and the church book reads:

“den 30ste Maij -Pieter Boeiens van Blokzeijl jonghman met Geetruijdt Blom jonge Doghter van Cabo”

That just so happens to be the daughter of Pieter Erasmus’ neighbour. Given that Pieter’s putative father, Joen Peter Booyens, is a Dane, it is also significant that Pieter Erasmus is also known as Pieter den Deen, “Pieter the Dane”. Other research has shown that Pieter den Deen’s wife is related directly to Pieter Booyens’ mother-in-law, and both ladies are of mixed descent. So, we have here a little ex-Dutch East India Company Danish community at the Cape of Good Hope.

When his fourth child is baptised in 1723, the entry in the church book reads,

Den 21ste Maart – Catharina, doghter van Pieter Bois en Geertruijda Blom. Getuijgen Lucas Mijer en Agata Blom.”

The surname in this case is written almost identically (minus the “j”)to the Pieter Boijs that is used on the Dutch East India company documents for the man arriving on the Huis te Hemert. It is exactly the same as the surname used for Joen Pieter’s son baptised in Blokzijl in 1695. On those company documents, however, they say he joined the Company from the Bishopric of Bremen. But, that may merely have been the first place he went to look for work, given that the major harbour of Bremen is close to his father’s origins in Nord Friesland.

Dutch experts have confirmed the fact that whoever Pieter Boijs was who arrived on the Huis te Hemert, he definitely served his sentence on Robben Island between August 1713 and August 1714. They are not yet convinced he was the same man as the Pieter Boeijens/Boijens/Bois/Booijs/Booijens (Booyens) who is the confirmed progenitor of the Booyens family and son of Joen. However, there were awfully few men of that name who served the Dutch East India Company, and only three men of that surname show up at the Cape in VOC shipping registers. The third is Jan Boijens of Blokzijl, who was most likely Pieter’s younger brother. He shows up after 1716. There was no other Boijens family in Blokzijl…. pretty much ever.


Having struggled several years to figure out the comings and goings of the first Booyens in South Africa, I go to sleep tonight realising the route likely runs through Robben Island. And what was a problem, has become in part an apparent vindication of a set of conclusions I made several years ago.  That is, the Pieter Boijs who arrived on the Huis te Hemert in 1712 was likely the son born to Joen Peter Boijens in Blokzijl, The Netherlands,  in 1695. And they ended up together in the home of Pieter the Dane at the Cape, where young Pieter remained until after his marriage. His father left the Cape in 1714 and his trips on VOC ships are well-recorded.

The above, if correct, would make him the second of my family to be consigned to the island. The first was Autshumao, better known as Harry the Strandloper, Khoekhoe clan chief at the Cape. He escaped. He was the uncle of Krotoa, my Hottentot forebear who turned interpreter for the first Dutch commander at the Cape, and who married another Dane, the doctor/explorer Pieter van Meerhof. She also spent time on that island, but as wife of Meerhof, who was the head there.

Is it not ironic that I apparently got my family name from a man condemned to Robben Island and my natural licence to be in South Africa from another party who was a forced resident on that island, only to be denied that licence by the followers of a  third person who was also forced to spend time on that barren piece of rock: Nelson Mandela.

My blood seems to be on that island.

Tell me that bit again about genealogy being boring.

— Harry Booyens

The Suidlanders aim at the USA


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—The Suidlander civil defence organization of South Africa is quite wisely preparing for a nightmare in South Africa. I do not share their deep belief in the prophecies of Siener van Rensburg, their parochial use of the word “Boer”, or their idea that the “Boerevolk” was born at Blood River in the few days leading up to 16 December 1838. Given that I am in fact a Geloftebaba (Child of the Vow, born on 16 December), I take some interest in such matters. However, I have considered their anticipated nightmare inevitable ever since Thabo Mbeki took over the reins of the country from Nelson Mandela around 1997, three years before his actual inauguration as president. In the environment in which I found myself in South Africa the threats were rather vivid. One had to be deaf, dumb and blind not to be able to predict what would happen.


A mere three years later, overt threats were made to me face to face in the workplace by ANC Political Officers. These creatures clearly held sway over the top management of the organization, although they “moved in the shadows”. For clarity on this, read AmaBhulu. If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, you are sadly in need of education on the subject of Communist practice and doctrine.

I would like to make it clear that I believe these folks are correct to prepare for the worst, because much of urban White South Africa appears to living in some sort of state of denial. I do not think focusing on rugby and braaivleis (barbecue) is going to make the problems go away. I believe some of them to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

So, SOMEONE, has to be planning for the worst, and, beyond Solidariteit (a trade union body) and Afriforum (a farmers’ union), the Suidlanders are the onlyorganized group at all that I see out there actually doing something. Most seem to just curse at the ANC and then have a beer or go have a break from the stress in the Kruger National Park. Others just descend into the oblivion of the white squatter camps. Looking at all of this from faraway Canada, is like watching a flock of lamb walk itself to the slaughter.

In 2015, Alex Newman, a freelance reporter for the New American, wrote a glowing review of my book AmaBhulu. He has now addressed the efforts of the Suidlanders quite sympathetically. In the process, he has also contacted this author for comment and to introduce the Suidlanders to me and vice versa. His latest article, published today, is all about the Suidlander effort and their proposed visit to the United States to seek support. It also covers the views of this present author on the subject.

I shall summarize my standard advice here for South Africans:

  1. Move west or emigrate;
  2. Those who move west should join forces politically with the Coloured population of the West Cape who share their language and basic values; and
  3. Understand that indigenous Black people have no historic, political, or cultural claim to the West of South Africa. Their history lies north and east of the border that Governor van Plettenberg drew in 1778, and they never had a presence in the south or west of the Free State, nor west of the Korannaberg outside Kruruman. Even the Ba’Rolong of Thaba’nchu are 1800s Ba’Tswana immigrants from the old West Transvaal.

Harry Booyens