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— Is there hope for White South Africans in Eastern Europe?

In a brand new interview with Katie Hopkins, John and Brendi Wells in the United States discuss the matter of sanctuary being offered by undisclosed Eastern European countries to the persecuted white farmers of South Africa. They are joined by a third guest under a pseudonym.

We’ve heard this before

Between 2011 and 2016 there was much discussion about South African farmers moving to ex-Soviet Georgia. I’m not sure much came of that. Much more recently, Australia seemed to be offering the hunted white people of South Africa a haven. It seems that Australians come a tad short when the chips are down, because they soon backed off that. So much for my family fighting shoulder to shoulder with Australians in WWII.

“You should just die”

By way of contrast to any supposed friends, the Socialist Danish professor who attacked me in New York in 1980 was much more clear and emphatic. In response to a question from me as to what it was they would have us do, given our predicament, he jumped up and spat into my face the words that will go to my grave with me,

You are a sick anachronism and a blot on the name of Europe! You should just die!

I have yet to meet anyone on the Right with the guts to defend us with that much vehemence, no matter what facts are on our side.

So, (1) liberals in the Northern Hemisphere want White South Africans dead, because of their own guilt about their own European or North American history, and (2) conservatives don’t want White South Africans…. period! The ANC (3) wants them out of Africa, after having stolen all they have.

Emigrate or Move West

I hate to tell you all this, but the only people who do not know what they want on this subject, are the white South Africans themselves. They’re basically just sitting there like bunch of boiled frogs, and they know I’m speaking the truth.

I have said repeatedly, Emigrate or Move West. Already in August 2018 I said it was time to talk. In 2005 I drew the map. In 2013 I published it.

I favour an internationally supported legal peaceful secession of the Cape roughly west of a line through the historic Fish River, Kimberley, Kuruman, and VanZylsrus, including a portion of the Free State and the historic Burgersdorp district. No Black people ever had a defensible claim to that territory. I don’t think any black people have a defensible claim to most of the Free State or the Highveld either, but I think dreams of anything east of this line are demographically unsustainable. Folks can have their theoretical enclaves there, but they won’t last in the world we face today. What is needed, is a strategic consolidation to the West.

Is there substance to the Eastern Europe idea?

I do not know whether there is substance behind this Emigration article by Katie. Brendi is a very dedicated lady. I have “shared  a microphone with her. John has been around the block and knows his stuff. I do not know the third guest. So, I provide the link HERE with no guarantees. I have no more background on the subject they discuss, but it is interesting.

I DO know THIS, however: It will never be possible for everyone to emigrate. So, those who cannot, should move west if they consider themselves Western Christians. And they should do so as absolutely soon as possible and take the financial pain. What is left behind east of that line is destined to become The Democratic People’s Republic of Azania. Ramaphosa cannot stop that….. and he knows that. The only question left, is whether the West of the country has to be part of The Democratic People’s Republic of Azania.

And if people just keep on sitting there, then that is exactly what will happen.

— Harry Booyens