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AmaBhulu – The Birth and Death of the Second America was first published in November 2013 as an e-book, and is now also available in a 630 page B&W printed softcover edition. This work is a comprehensive study of the complete history of South Africa, but with the unique differentiation that it tracks a few real bloodlines through that entire history. AmaBhulu describes how real individuals of European and North American descent experienced that epic history on the ground. The reader is placed among these real people. The author is the first to point out that his family is in this respect “dreadfully typical” and completely representative. AmaBhulu is therefore not a family history, but a History of a Nation by way of a few example bloodlines who happened to have been at the key formative events in that history.

These bloodlines systematically converge and by the 1950s they lead to the author and his wife, proving the author’s natural DNA-based authority in writing on the subject. AmaBhulu thereby also differs from the library of books by British newspapermen talking either about or to Afrikaners who are then treated as “subjects”. In AmaBhulu the world may hear an ordinary Afrikaner—not a reporter beholden to his editor, politician beholden to his party, or government-paid political history professor beholden to his pay cheque—talking about his own people based on actual experience, backed by solid evidence. The author is beholden to no one and no thing; only to his conscience, to his ethics, and to his respect for evidence.

AmaBhulu provides more than 1280 notes in evidence and a massive 270 bibliographic entries in support of any points it makes. The evidence is often from 17th-19th century texts, communications, or diaries. In more recent cases, the evidence is provided from British Hansard records and recently cleared US State Department documents. The author even provides recent documented supporting evidence from the enemy he was opposing.

Join the author in the epic and painful story of the Afrikaner nation as it evolves at the southern tip of Africa to build the country that became to Africa what America was to the world in the 20th century. In one sense, it is the story of what would have happened to the United States if it had not gained independence in the 18th century.

In 1797 the British Royal Navy was concerned that South Africa would become a “Second America” and take India from them. AmaBhulu holds stern warning for the First America if it wishes to avoid the present sad fate of the Second America.

The Black Racist Virus


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The Truth in Plain Sight

—The World can talk; the World can debate; the World can lament. But sometimes the combined might of all the Formal Media of the United States and Britain, the self-appointed “Guardians of the Morality of Man”, cannot succeed in hiding the simple truth, no matter how hard they try. And the COVID-19 virus pandemic is both the agent of Racism and the means of the exposure of that Racism, as we shall duly see below.

COVID-19 Support in the USA

In the United States, various parties with agendas are attempting to paint the measures against the pandemic in racial overtones. As always, folks in the US tend to overreact. It is the one country where regular people are very quick to call one another “Hitler” or “Nazi”. One does not find that in European countries that HAVE IN FACT suffered under Hitler and his Nazis. And so, the reaction of level-headed people OUTSIDE the US is to ignore these overreactions and just wait for sensibility to return, if possible. Basically, the world is patient with the US, and waits for Americans to go have some cold water and calm down to civil discourse. Some have tried to point out that this name-calling devalues the use of the terms. When one has inappropriately called someone “Hitler”, no one listens the next time one uses the epithet. 

So, yes, some individuals in the US, such as Dr. Kathleen Dooling above, Medical Ethics “expert” Harald Schmidt, and Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipschitz are calling for the government’s COVID-19 support to be racially unequally applied. They openly state that they are calling for this as part of a “racial levelling” process in addressing real or perceived social inequity. This has led to some rather extreme proposals that openly smack of Eugenics. Sometimes they try to back it up with data, such as the COVID Racial Data Tracker from the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research. What, in fact, is “Antiracist research”? Just asking. But, when all is said and done, these are just the opinions of race-obsessed people of liberal persuasion and suspect morality.

A Thrill up the Self-Loathing Liberal Leg

There is one place on Earth, however, where it is assumed to be simply obvious that such Racist distinctions ought “righteously” to be made. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you that Hero Country of the Left, the congenitally mismanaged and economically crashing South Africa. This is a country that is better described by the unofficial name, The Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Azania. If the reader does not know where the term “Azania” comes from, read HERE and HERE.

That country would be the “Bastion of Liberal Ideology” that sent a “thrill up the leg” of the man who gave MSNBC’s Chris Matthews a “thrill up the leg”. It is the one place on earth where the entire planet seems to laud Official Institutionalized Racism for the simple reason that it is aimed at White people. And the White liberals of the Northern hemisphere are ever so happy to see white people elsewhere die for their “principles”, as long as they can keep “lapping up their lattes”. Victor Davis Hansen, a man for whom I have the greatest respect, eloquently describes this phenomenon in the context of the United States. I hereby extend his statement internationally, with the ordinary White South African being a prime international example of his “people in the middle”, assailed from all directions.

COVID-19 Support in South Africa

Back in South Africa, completely protected by the international media, it is possible to publish the following kind of racist COVID-19 support scheme. it is not just a liberal opinion; it is an actually implemented support scheme:

COVID-19 Support for Black Owners in Wine Industry

If all works correctly, the link above should produce a translation of an article originally in Afrikaans. The translation has some errors, but the reader will understand the gist of it. Note the obscene definition of “Black*”, as used by the Racist central ANC government of the country:

*Black people, as defined in B-BBEE codes, refers to Africans, Colored people and Indians who are South African citizens“. In other word, pretty much anyone, as long as they are not White, to which end the ANC maintains a database of people’s colour. Right there is your “non-Racist Nirvana”. A “thrill up the leg”, eh?

In this case it is actually the Democratic Alliance-led Government of the Western Cape Province that is perpetrating this evil. If the male reader were to read that Wikipedia summary on B-BBEE and believe its introductory lines, and were to proceed to the shaving mirror the following morning, he can enjoy the entertainment of a view of a witless monkey staring back at him. B-BBEE is nothing less that an institutionalized method of national fraud and theft that has now destroyed the country. A massive portion of the state coffer dumped into that scheme has simply disappeared into the pockets of ANC cronies, and everyone in the country knows that. There is pathetically little to show for it. In some cases up to 90% has been squirrelled away, as in the case of the program to replace asbestos roofs in the Free State Province. That one was handled by the Secretary-General of the ANC itself. Great scheme eh? Announce a big government program, take the taxpayer’s money, grant the tenders to your cronies, and take a kick-back. They’ve stolen the country into economic oblivion in this process.

And, by the way, if the point of the program is to “compensate for land that was dispossessed” (as Wikipedia claims), why is the ANC government working hard to implement a program titled “Expropriation Without Compensation”(EWC) to forcibly take land from white farmers; again, that infernal monkey in the mirror. I guess that makes B-BBEE “Expropriation by Taxation”, also without any benefit.

Social Distancing – White and Black

Why stop at merely stealing white taxpayers money? If you have total power over them and they have no say at all, you can do anything at all, particularly if the World Media applauds everything you do and George Soros is your benefactor. He has been the central figure in what happened in South Africa since the 1980s. In fact, the country’s experience may rightly be referred to as the “First Colour Revolution”, to use a Putin term. Interesting how it all comes together, eh? How ironic!

The following image shows white folks on Clifton Beach at Cape Town trying to follow the COVID-19 Social Distancing rules. They are watched over by armed security forces, complete with rifles:

Some miles to the east is Khayelitsha Beach , where the Black folks congregated. I do not actually have to write anything, as the images speak eloquently for themselves, both taken on the same day: 16 December 2020:

I’m not really sure how to comment on South Africa anymore. It is so absolutely off the scale of reality at this time. Despite this, the Western Media refuses to report. When they do, they preface any article with all manner of obscene justifications. If black people kill 4,000 farmers, they do not report. If one white man loses his cool and kills one black man, they are all over it. When a Black party leader sings “Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer“, they call him a “firebrand” and refuse to criticize him. But, if a white lady loses her cool and uses the South African equivalent of the “N-word” on the Police after they failed to help her properly after a “smash-and-grab”, then she is sentenced to three years in jail. She was the victim, for crying out loud. Her words did not kill anyone; but thousands are dead because of “Kill the Boer”.

Clearly, the COVID-19 problem is being used as just another tool to scam the suffering people of South Africa. And, as with everything else in that country, the treatment is racially unequal in favour of Blacks due purely to the colour of their skin.

— Harry Booyens

Trailer for AmaBhulu YouTube Channel


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I have now added a trailer for the AmaBhulu YouTube channel.

This channel is devoted to the history and challenges of the AmaBhulu, the White Tribe of Africa. The channel is an adjunct to the book, AmaBhulu and the blog of the same name. Most AmaBhulu have a family history in Africa that is longer than that of most Americans in the United States. They are now brazenly threatened with extinction as Communist Black political party leaders dance on stage, calling for their killing more than 30 years after the end of any apartheid policies. This video is just a quick glimpse into the world of the AmaBhulu, a world that North Americans and Europeans find difficult to contemplate, yet seem to feel comfortable to judge. It is a world at present built on a mountain of anti-White discriminatory laws and regulations. And the International Media that fell over its own feet to condemn the AmaBhulu in the previous century is now only too happy to look away and even stoop to justifying what they previously called an abomination.

To the extent that the ruling ANC in the country is now openly targeting ALL those who are not indigenous Black Ba’Ntu, the interests of such groups will also be covered here. The so-called “Coloured” people of the country were discriminated against during the apartheid era, and now again discriminated against by the Racist Black ANC government. Many dream of an independent Cape of Good Hope, free of the oppressive and exploitive racist shackles of the ANC, an organisation that has willfully maintained the racial groupings of people that characterised the apartheid policies of the previous century.

I have given up all hope for the country that has been known to date as South Africa. It was a British Imperial Colonial Construct that included within the confines of South Africa people who already had their own countries, such as the Ba’Sotho, Ba’Tswana and amaSwazi, yet gave no serious consideration to the dreams of others. The ANC has exacerbated this situation by actively ensuring that the AmaBhulu, in particular, had no own territory in which to have an effective say in their own destiny.

I’d like to see an Independent Non-Racial Secular Democratic State west of a negotiable line wherein the majority demographic is a people with a Western European language, a Free Enterprise Philosophy, a Respect for Property, and a Western Judeo-Christian Value system that respects all Religions. I am convinced that this is the only way forward that has a chance of avoiding bloodshed. I believe it also will provide greater protection for those of Western Convictions who wish to remain east of any such line.

— Harry Booyens

The Farm Murder of Bredin Horner


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— The torture murder of Brendin Horner outside Paul Roux in South Africa has focused the attention on what is happening in South Africa. It is clear that the “Rainbow Nation” is a callous joke perpetrated by the ANC government, a government that openly allows the radical Julius Malema to incite such murders. I created this video to make it clear what is happening on ground level in South Africa while and ignorant Liberal West still congratulates itself on getting rid of Apartheid. While the world is well rid of that policy, these people have no idea what profound evil has taken its place. It is time they understood what they have forced on the ordinary people of South Africa.

Harry Booyens

Harry Booyens Livestream with Scott Balson


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— Scott Balson is the owner of the popular South African-oriented Loving Life Youtube Channel. Today I was a guest on his Livestream and poured out my heart and brain on the subject of the country and the recent events and challenges there. He asked me about my early years, about the Cold War, about supposed Land Theft, on Western Secession, Boerestate, Politicians, and the way forward.

The 2.5 hour show may be seen HERE.

I believe the following points hold going forward:

    • Give no quarter to the EFF – just do not kill or burn them;
    • Keep the ANC governing party on its hind legs and disoriented;
    • Corral the DA and FF+ to the secession goal; offer them no escape;
    • Stay within the International Law as regards secession;
    • Get International Support à la Kosovo;
    • Keep the momentum going.

For this, unity is needed; stop the “kleindorpse verskille” (parochial differences). Basically, cut the crap and the egos! People are dying here! Some unity has now been found after 26 years via Senekal and Brackenfell.

Momentum! Momentum! Momentum! … Remember Senekal!

Harry Booyens


Senekal! o’ Senekal!


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—The word “Senekal” will live on in South African culture and history. It is here that the history of Post-Apartheid South Africa finally turned. And the word “Senekal” shall become a Rallying Cry

Senekal is a peaceful little town on the Free State Prairie of South Africa. Nothing is supposed to ever happen in Senekal. One is supposed to hear the corn grow. The montage above captures the feel of the general district; it is a world of of wide vistas, fields of wheat, corn, or sunflower, tractors, combine harvesters, grain silos, and church steeples. This is the Midwest and Prairie of South Africa, a world of John Deere and Massey Ferguson. The local farmers are no-nonsense folks with big hearts, a firm handshake, and a word that counts for something. They are devout Calvinist Christians, typically belonging to the Dutch Reformed Church. Midwestern American Presbyterians would feel quite comfortable with these folks and in that church.

The events of the first two weeks of October 2020 in Senekal would rattle the ANC government of the country, parade its incompetence for the world to see, expose the far left EFF party as the cowardly fraud it is, and lead to an amalgamation of the civilized Western-oriented forces against the Communist-controlled Kleptocracy called “government”. On 6 October 2020 in Senekal, the White people of South Africa would find their collective Voice after 26 years of “staggering wordlessly through the Sinai” from outrage to misery to outrage. And they would be supported by people of all other races.

Read the full length article HERE. It lays out the events and sketches the players and the map on which the events played out, supported by copious video materials.

—Harry Booyens

“America Must Fall”-2


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—In 2017, I published “America must Fall”, a blogpost showing how race & statue-related events in the USA at the time were born from the “Rhodes must Fall” effort in South Africa. On 5 July 2020, in the midst of major upheaval in the United States, I was asked to relate the background to that post as a guest on Erin Ryan and Bill Cundiff’s program on WeThePeopleRadio. The full recording of the program may be heard HERE. The images referred to may be seen HERE, and are best kept ready by the listener as the show proceeds. In the interview, I drew the line through to July of this year, but also added more detail about, for example UC Berkeley and their heroes, and about some of the Rhodes Must Fall leaders.

Much of the historic background may be read in AmaBhulu.

We had some trouble getting Skype to cooperate, and had to use a rather bad telephone line. Later in the show we got it running correctly, but with a less than perfect microphone.

—Harry Booyens

The Great Trek – Part 2: 1837-1841


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— The Great Trek is an epic saga in all of Western History. I have now published Chapter 9 in the series Who Stole the Land? The detailed story of what happened in Natal when the Trekkers got there may be read HERE. In this chapter the reader discovers that there were Brits, ex-slaves, and gun-armed amaCele warriors led by an Englishman INSIDE the laager (wagon circle) at the seminal Battle of Blood River. The reader will also learn about the interesting multi-national force, composed of not just the Trekkers, but at least three and possibly four Black nations, including Mpande’s amaZulu (the majority of the force), who worked together to ultimately defeat Dingane.

There was just not enough space to still include the complaint of the (Mpande) Zulu general, Nonkalaza, about the fact that the Trekkers were not killing all their enemy. The mercy shown by the devoutly Christian Trekkers and their refusal to kill women and children did not sit well in the least with the tough Zulu general.

This is the chapter that explains how my birthday became a permanent Sunday in South Africa. The blow-by-blow account of the Battle of Blood River on 16 December 1838 may be read in AmaBhulu.

Harry Booyens

“America must Fall” – Part 2


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— On 29 April 2017 I wrote the following words on this Blog:

Today they will tear down Robert E. Lee
– perhaps tomorrow Thomas Jefferson,
– next week Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington,
– and then every statue of anyone who looks Caucasian,
… just as in South Africa.
Welcome to “America must Fall”.

Some American folks remembered this, and in the last few weeks I have twice been interviewed on the subject.

This past Tuesday, 18 August 2020, Alex Newman of The New American interviewed me on the subject of the parallels between South Africa and the United States and how the present unrest in the United States was imported from South Africa.

Alex actually lived in South Africa for a while and is a wonderful supporter of the efforts of South Africans to find justice and hope in this world. The interview was planned to be just fifteen minutes, but somehow got a life of its own and grew to about fifty.

The full interview is now available online HERE.

I shall be posting another that took place five weeks ago.

— Harry Booyens

Hope in Eastern Europe?


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— Is there hope for White South Africans in Eastern Europe?

In a brand new interview with Katie Hopkins, John and Brendi Wells in the United States discuss the matter of sanctuary being offered by undisclosed Eastern European countries to the persecuted white farmers of South Africa. They are joined by a third guest under a pseudonym.

We’ve heard this before

Between 2011 and 2016 there was much discussion about South African farmers moving to ex-Soviet Georgia. I’m not sure much came of that. Much more recently, Australia seemed to be offering the hunted white people of South Africa a haven. It seems that Australians come a tad short when the chips are down, because they soon backed off that. So much for my family fighting shoulder to shoulder with Australians in WWII.

“You should just die”

By way of contrast to any supposed friends, the Socialist Danish professor who attacked me in New York in 1980 was much more clear and emphatic. In response to a question from me as to what it was they would have us do, given our predicament, he jumped up and spat into my face the words that will go to my grave with me,

You are a sick anachronism and a blot on the name of Europe! You should just die!

I have yet to meet anyone on the Right with the guts to defend us with that much vehemence, no matter what facts are on our side.

So, (1) liberals in the Northern Hemisphere want White South Africans dead, because of their own guilt about their own European or North American history, and (2) conservatives don’t want White South Africans…. period! The ANC (3) wants them out of Africa, after having stolen all they have.

Emigrate or Move West

I hate to tell you all this, but the only people who do not know what they want on this subject, are the white South Africans themselves. They’re basically just sitting there like bunch of boiled frogs, and they know I’m speaking the truth.

I have said repeatedly, Emigrate or Move West. Already in August 2018 I said it was time to talk. In 2005 I drew the map. In 2013 I published it.

I favour an internationally supported legal peaceful secession of the Cape roughly west of a line through the historic Fish River, Kimberley, Kuruman, and VanZylsrus, including a portion of the Free State and the historic Burgersdorp district. No Black people ever had a defensible claim to that territory. I don’t think any black people have a defensible claim to most of the Free State or the Highveld either, but I think dreams of anything east of this line are demographically unsustainable. Folks can have their theoretical enclaves there, but they won’t last in the world we face today. What is needed, is a strategic consolidation to the West.

Is there substance to the Eastern Europe idea?

I do not know whether there is substance behind this Emigration article by Katie. Brendi is a very dedicated lady. I have “shared  a microphone with her. John has been around the block and knows his stuff. I do not know the third guest. So, I provide the link HERE with no guarantees. I have no more background on the subject they discuss, but it is interesting.

I DO know THIS, however: It will never be possible for everyone to emigrate. So, those who cannot, should move west if they consider themselves Western Christians. And they should do so as absolutely soon as possible and take the financial pain. What is left behind east of that line is destined to become The Democratic People’s Republic of Azania. Ramaphosa cannot stop that….. and he knows that. The only question left, is whether the West of the country has to be part of The Democratic People’s Republic of Azania.

And if people just keep on sitting there, then that is exactly what will happen.

— Harry Booyens

Ricky Grenell and the Satchel of Doom


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—This is a picture known to anyone who grew up in the ’60’s within Western Civilisation. It shows the four Beatles crossing the road in front of the Abbey Road recording studios in a “four man walk”. The image was used as the cover picture for the album “Abbey Road”, released September of 1969. It foreshadowed momentous things. In that particular case it presaged the demise of the group.

Now consider the “four man walk” image below and please indulge my Harry Potter-style title of this post…. I simply could not help it [Click on the image for the video]. Those men are walking with intent.

It was taken as a video on 7 May 2020 at a pedestrian crossing in front of the John F. Kennedy building of the US Justice Department in Washington, DC. I know the spot, because I was there last year.

This “four man walk” also presages a dramatic event. It shows Acting Director of National Intelligence for the Trump Administration, Richard Grenell (“Ricky” in the light blue shirt), personally taking a satchel (in his right hand, partly obscured) to Professor Dumbledore.

( )…What’s that? Oh..err… …oops….sorry…. correction… “to Attorney General Bill Barr” (below). My bad. Apologies to all!

Now, back to Ricky Grenell and the Satchel of Doom:

That satchel in Grenell’s right hand will go down in history as The Satchel of Doom for the Conspirators to the Coup to topple the duly elected President of the United States of America. When this whole story is finally revealed, decent Americans will ask whether they are living in South Africa or in the United States. In fact, the picture that is emerging is more like the Central African Republic.

Unmasking a three-star General

Within a handful of days of the satchel delivery, the names were released of the parties who had demanded in 2016, during election season, to know the name of the American on a “wire-tapped” phone call to Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. One of them, or someone associated with one of them, released the name of the person to the Washington Post. That is a punishable crime that may land someone in jail for up to ten years.

The Mainstream Media will have the world believe that it should panic about the coronavirus, which is no longer news by any stretch of the imagination. They would have you believe the Satchel of Doom is a distraction. They will have you believe that there never was an effort to take down the US President. They will have you believe that there is nothing interesting about various Obama Administration individuals being listed among the many individuals demanding the unmasking of the relevant American’s name, including Joe Biden, the current Democratic Party presidential candidate.

That American on the phone call was none other than General Michael Flynn (below), then President Elect Trump’s National Security Advisor-to-be. He had previously been fired by Obama from his job as Defense Intelligence Agency director, and he knew “where all the ‘Obama bodies’ were buried”. He was the single most dangerous man to the conspirators and they had to find a way to “take him out”. So they put the spying system of the State onto him, failed to find anything incriminating, and then proceeded to hound him into a corner by abusing the powers of the FBI before Trump could properly assume office.

The thing to realise here, is that  US presidents nominate secretaries for all regular offices in the Cabinet, and those then have to be ratified by the Senate. The National Security Adviser, however, is a president-only appointee. The president does NOT have to have that person confirmed by the Senate. So, General Flynn was good to go, he could hit the ground running,…. and the conspirators had to stop that. The point is that, the day Flynn would get into office, he would be able to see what these creatures had done because he would have access to all information of an intelligence nature…. and all the records.

They never thought Trump would win the election, so their sins were on record, because they likely thought Hillary Clinton would appreciate them for their “helpful” skullduggery. But all hell had broken loose when Trump had “unexpectedly” won, and they had to cover their tracks and keep him off-balance. There were two elements to the plan: (1) take down Flynn, who is a registered Democrat; and (2) infiltrate President Elect Trump’s offices to “get dirt” on the president. If that turned out to be not enough, they had the “Steele Dossier” of wholly contrived XXX-rated filth to fall back on, courtesy of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Slytherin…..err, sorry, the Democratic Party, which has been anything but democratic of late.

Fortunately for the United States and the rest of Civilisation, Hillary lost the election and the “Steele Dossier” has been wholly discredited. And, very importantly, one man with actual integrity went to warn President Elect Trump that he was being “wire-tapped”. That man was Admiral Rogers, head of the NSA, who found out that unauthorised people were digging around in his data system. The very next day Trump moved his team out of the Trump Tower and told the media he “was being wire-tapped”. The Media called him “crazy”. It turns out, he was actually correct.

Of course, Republican Senator John McCain is no longer with us. In life, he had been only too happy to convey the “dirty dossier”. Of course, he had earlier lost the nomination for Republican candidate for the Presidency against Trump.

The boss of the FBI at the time, James Comey, had been only too happy to go to Trump’s office to rub Trump’s face in the XXX-dossier, but mysteriously did not inform him that they “were concerned about” his pick for National Security Adviser to the extent that they were targeting him for removal. Somehow Comey DID think it was important to advise Democratic Party Senator Feinstein that SHE had an infiltrator in her office.

So, the FBI clearly worked FOR the Democratic Party and AGAINST the Republican Party. More particularly, it worked against the President Elect. This was the kind of corrupt behaviour that we are used to hearing about in African Banana Republics, not the leading country of the Free World. How utterly disgraceful. Why is anyone surprised that Trump fired Comey? The problem is, it would appear Rosenstein, who took over from Comey, was part of the scheme. It was he who launched a special investigation into Trump’s election win, exactly in line with the needs of the rogue FBI cabal. Surprise, surprise!

There was nothing wrong to start with

There was nothing wrong with what General Flynn was doing. It was his job as incoming National Security Adviser to make contact with senior diplomats of other countries. He did nothing wrong in the process. In the end, the conspirators are on record under oath, confirming that “there was nothing there”. Nonetheless, they carried on hounding him until they backed him into a corner where he had to confess to something so they would stop threatening his family. And then they testified differently under oath to what they were telling the Media. Where I come from, that is called “lying to the public”. They also lied to Congress. Had they been put under oath in public, this stuff would not have been possible. These people are now proven liars, and they lied with some considerable dedication and focus.

How odd is it that there was not a single whistleblower from the FBI that warned the President, either before or after he took office. One appreciates that a fish rots from the head down, but just how deep down from the top has the FBI been rotted that not a single person stood up and cried foul? In the end, it was the NSA that warned Trump, fer cryin’ out loud! Covered by the Media who desperately wanted to believe the lies, the crooked heap in the FBI coerced General Flynn into pleading guilty to “Lying to a federal agent”. This while Comey himself was considering “wearing a wire” into the White House for a meeting with Trump.

Fast forward to the present. On the same day as that satchel delivery (7 May 2020), the Department of Justice (DOJ) said it would move to drop all charges against General Flynn. The DOJ fully realised the alarming extent to which the FBI had transgressed in forcing such a plea out of Flynn, a three-star general who had loyally served his country for three decades.

There’s a big thing coming, but “nothing to see”

The plans of the conspirators are being revealed, one move at a time, by Attorney-General Bill Barr, and we are all waiting to see what his bloodhound, Special Investigator John Durham (left), will charge the conniving parties with. The Conservative and Constitution-protecting people of the US are angry as all hell at what has been done to President Trump and the people around him, and they want blood. If I did not know them better, I would tell you they want the heads of some people posted on pikes up and down Pennsylvania Avenue.

There is a classic Afrikaans saying that has been turned into an acronym that only South Africans know : HKGK. I’m sure other interested parties can get it decoded if they really want to. I’ll leave that as a fun challenge. That acronym now applies here.

Of course CNN is telling you, “Move along now! Nothing to see here! Nothing to see here! Worry about the virus and don’t ask questions! Be afraid! Be afraid! Be good little mental midgets now and move along!” I personally believe this is because they were a key part of the conspiracy from day one, but cannot yet prove it.

Why do I care?

The United States is the only country with the power to do anything about the mess in South Africa, and President Trump (below) is the only US president in my lifetime with the basic guts to do what it takes. South Africa as an entity is now past the point of recovery in its present form. We need President Trump in his job for another four years in order to apply the required pressure on the ANC government in South Africa. The place is a candidate for “Regime Change”.

I first wrote about this whole saga very early in 2018. I have been waiting for some years now for the guilty to pay. But until Pres. Trump appointed Bill Barr, there was no hope that the FBI would be investigated. Just watch how desperate the Democrats are to get Barr removed from his post. That should tell you something right there. I sincerely hope the fact that the details are being revealed so bitterly slowly, is because they are being timed for greatest negative effect on Slytherin at election time in November. They would deserve that after fooling with the Steele XXX-Dossier and—so it would appear—digging illegally into data at the NSA.

As to the other aspects of what Durham is looking at, please read my other two posts on this general subject:

1. Is the US now South Africa?

2. Born in a Crossfire Hurricane

Meanwhile, I’d like to know whether anything is going to happen to Draco Malfoy….. sorry, Adam Schiff. He has been playing a disgraceful game in the House of Representatives by alternately lying to the House and wilfully withholding evidence.

But this story also has heroes, like Hedwig.. err.. Admiral Rogers, head of the NSA under Obama, who “flew” to Trump to warn him he was being spied on. And then there are Ron and Hermione…. I mean, Joe Di Genova and his wife Victoria Toensing, who dug open so much of this stuff to back up the president. And, yes, there are several more good people who have fought the good fight, such as John Solomon and Sara Carter and Devin Nunes, all of whom played key roles and took serious abuse in this process. And do not forget General Flynn’s excellent new attorney, Sidney Powell, who forced the release of some key information.

But the monsters are many, and Voldemort’s agents—you know who I mean—are now dangerous because they are cornered. They have already once shown that they will stop at nothing. In considering them, Mark Twain comes to mind. He once wrote about Cecil John Rhodes, another evil schemer who destroyed the lives of tens of thousands:

…and when his time comes, I shall buy a piece of the rope for a keepsake.

— Harry Booyens