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AmaBhulu – The Birth and Death of the Second America was first published in November 2013 as an e-book, and is now also available in a 630 page B&W printed softcover edition. This work is a comprehensive study of the complete history of South Africa, but with the unique differentiation that it tracks a few real bloodlines through that entire history. AmaBhulu describes how real individuals of European and North American descent experienced that epic history on the ground. The reader is placed among these real people. The author is the first to point out that his family is in this respect “dreadfully typical” and completely representative. AmaBhulu is therefore not a family history, but a History of a Nation by way of a few example bloodlines who happened to have been at the key formative events in that history.

These bloodlines systematically converge and by the 1950s they lead to the author and his wife, proving the author’s natural DNA-based authority in writing on the subject. AmaBhulu thereby also differs from the library of books by British newspapermen talking either about or to Afrikaners who are then treated as “subjects”. In AmaBhulu the world may hear an ordinary Afrikaner—not a reporter beholden to his editor, politician beholden to his party, or government-paid political history professor beholden to his pay cheque—talking about his own people based on actual experience, backed by solid evidence. The author is beholden to no one and no thing; only to his conscience, to his ethics, and to his respect for evidence.

AmaBhulu provides more than 1280 notes in evidence and a massive 270 bibliographic entries in support of any points it makes. The evidence is often from 17th-19th century texts, communications, or diaries. In more recent cases, the evidence is provided from British Hansard records and recently cleared US State Department documents. The author even provides recent documented supporting evidence from the enemy he was opposing.

Join the author in the epic and painful story of the Afrikaner nation as it evolves at the southern tip of Africa to build the country that became to Africa what America was to the world in the 20th century. In one sense, it is the story of what would have happened to the United States if it had not gained independence in the 18th century.

In 1797 the British Royal Navy was concerned that South Africa would become a “Second America” and take India from them. AmaBhulu holds stern warning for the First America if it wishes to avoid the present sad fate of the Second America.


South Africa – The Drop Dead Important Historical Facts


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The History Factsheet

— In my dealings with well-meaning folks all across North America, I find that many simply do not know even the most basic historical facts about South Africa. In fact, I find that many South Africans don’t. Actually, I doubt whether a single Black South African knows these basics anymore, given the intense brainwashing they have been subjected to by the ANC government for a quarter of a century. In fact, an entire generation has now been raised on lies and racist propaganda. The most extreme of anti-white racism is not coming from elderly Black folks who had to live with apartheid. It is coming from clueless young Black people raised on this ANC diet of racist lies.

The attitudes in North America are built strongly on the History of Race in the United States. And this is exactly where the greatest of mistakes are made. Pretty much every single North American I have met simply assumed that the Dutch went to the Cape of Good Hope to catch slaves. They’re not too sure when it happened, but it was “for slaves”. When they find out the Dutch settled the Cape of Good Hope within one generation of New York, they are generally dumbstruck. And there are many facts similar to this that completely take the ground out from under their “outrage”. When they find out that no Black people in South Africa were ever enslaved by any white men from anywhere, they start getting annoyed at whoever told them that junk. When they hear it is the Whites who have slave ancestors, not the Blacks, then their jaws hit the ground. Yet it is true.

Those who care about what is now happening in South Africa need a simple factsheet that they can give to interested people. So, I am sharing today with readers of this Blog that factsheet. I did a presentation at a conference in the United States in the past three weeks and the need for this Factsheet became very clear, and it may be found BELOW and elsewhere in DOWNLOADABLE FORM. These are the facts I presented at that conference, and the response was overwhelming. May I suggest that folks distribute this to those who have a sense of humanity, for matters are coming to a head rapidly in South Africa:

South Africa

The Drop Dead Important Historical Facts

■ When the Dutch settled the Cape of Good Hope in 1652, the nearest Black people were 700 miles away behind the 350 mm summer rainfall line with its higher rainfall and tall grass for cattle grazing. Their civilization was based on milk, and they invaded from the Northeast, supplanting the indigenous Khoi and San.

■ It took TWO generations (1702) before White met Black in South Africa, 500-600 miles east of Cape Town. It took FIVE generations (1780) before the first major armed clash at roughly the same spot: The Great Fish River.

■ No indigenous Black South African person was ever enslaved by any white man from anywhere. But, Nelson Mandela’s amaXhosa did enslave the amaFengu. Mozambique and Angola were the nearest places the Portuguese traded in slaves. The Portuguese slave routes bypassed the coast of South Africa.

■ It is the White South Africans, not the Black, whose ancestors were slaves of the Dutch. They were often Indian or Indonesian and sometimes Black East- or West African. This White author has a Black West African slave ancestor.

■ The indigenous Cape population were the Khoi and San. As a culture, they were almost completely destroyed by the great Smallpox Epidemic of 1713. Some groups far from Cape Town survived. The author also has Khoi ancestry.

■ Since 1814, the White Afrikaner has had no “right of return” to Europe, unlike the colonial Portuguese, British, or French. Today’s young Afrikaner’s great-great-great-great-great-grandfather was the last man with any right to a life elsewhere.

■ In 1836, wholly deserted by their British overlords, they packed their belongings on their ox-wagons and set off north at 15-20 miles a day on the Great Trek to escape British control. They settled mostly on the higher central Prairie, which was for the greatest part not occupied by any Black People. There they created two corn and ranching republics until diamonds and gold were discovered.

■ The Afrikaner was NOT part of Europe’s Late 1800s “Scramble for Africa”; they gave their lives fighting Imperial Britain’s Colonialist Expansion in two wars.

■ The Germans did NOT invent concentration camps. The British created concentration camps for Afrikaners during the Great Boer War of 1899-1902. Of the author’s Booyens family who entered those camps, 57% died there in 1901.


I shall report on the actual conference in a later post. All I wish to  say at this time, is that I feel vindicated in my belief in the basic decency and humanity of Americans and in my faith that Black Americans in particular, once they know what is really going on, will rise to the occasion and do the right thing with respect to South Africa.

I have lived the evidence. I wish readers could have seen the faces of a crowd of Americans when they realised that I, the white man from Africa, was the only African-American in the room and that their Black countrymen were really Black Americans; Americans who just so happen to be Black.

Furthermore, I shall go to my grave believing that the key to the future of South Africa is actually its truthful past; its very real and epic history. South Africa is where Mel Gibson should have gone to get his Braveheart movie story. There never was a need to invent history and add fictional trimmings. He could simply have based the movie on the factual history of South Africa in the 1830s and the real men who made that history.

Harry Booyens


Oops! He accidentally spoke the truth!


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— Julius Malema (below), the brazenly Anti-White Racist leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters Party in South Africa accidentally spoke the truth recently. He does not usually make that mistake. He can generally be relied on to lie like a rat about  pretty much anything he tries to address. The golden thread is always his weird idea that White people could only have been successful because they stole something from him. The matter usually centres rapidly on land, because he would like to drive white people out of South Africa to get the grass-roots black racist vote.

Folks not from South Africa should understand that he is a Pedi. That is a nation that lives in the far northern part of South Africa, many miles north of Pretoria near Pietersburg and Potgietersrust.

In reality, the White Afrikaners were living, farming and dying north of the Orange River in 1834, before anyone in Civilization even knew of the existence of Malema’s people far to the north. even today, their Sepedi language is the major language only in that particular patch of the country, as may be seen in the map below.

In view of this, it might be better if Malema just simply shut up until he did his homework. But, he is a classic rabble-rouser and is successful at rousing idiots who do not have the intellect to check anything or reason about anything. He simply gathers people who want what they see, and they are not always even sure WHY they want it, but if a White person has it, they somehow have to have it…. even if they have no clue what to do with it. So this is textbook brazen unadulterated Black Racism.

“We are all Makwere-kwere”

It is with some considerable glee that I’d like to thank him in this post for speaking the truth for once in his life. I’m pretty sure he did not mean to do it. I’m pretty sure he was just trying to rustle up a few more idiot followers from among the millions of Black immigrants to South Africa by setting them on White people. Nevertheless, he spoke the truth…. at least in part. And then lied about the Khoi and San people “welcoming” the Black invaders who actually murdered them like flies.

HERE is his profound mistake… the accidental truth.

Be assured, the Black people have always hunted the San Bushmen like wild animals. In Angola they did so even in 1974-5 when the Portuguese packed up and left. That is why the San sought shelter with the South African Army. You don’t have to believe me. Go ask the few scattered remnants of the Alpha group who used to be at Omega Base in the Caprivi strip in Namibia. That was where I originally personally met them.

Welcome Julius! Now hand over your property and leave

So, now that he has confessed that he has no more right in South Africa than any white person, I just want to say, “Welcome, Julius……. what does it feel like?

Please DO NOTE that I’d like to have your property expropriated without compensation because you have just confessed that you stole it from the people who originally lived in South Africa. Like you* I’m also “not calling for the slaughter of you and the other Makwere-kwere… least not yet.

How does THAT sit on your soul, Julius, ……. my friend? What does it feel like having your own hated words quoted at yourself?

Harry Booyens

* Malema infamously stated to a crowd that he was “not calling for the slaughter of Whites…. at least not yet.”

“South Africa” on WeThePeopleRadio


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—Erin Ryan and Bill Cundiff are a superb Northern Californian couple who present WethePeopleRadio every Sunday; a two hour slot on Radio in the United States.  They transmit from Redding, California. They address topical issues of concern to those who care about the future of the United States and who prefer their news to actually be news, as opposed to the endless bile and retracted statements from CNN and the like. Even my Democrat friends have had quite enough of the incessant hate being spewed by CNN. Erin is also a District Representative for a US Congressman.

Given that President Trump has already correctly described South africa as a very dangerous mess, it seemed appropriate to share the truth of the present South African hell for white folks with Americans on Radio.

And so it is that the couple interviewed the present author three Sundays in a row. The three interviews may be heard at the following three links:(click on the headings)

1. Sunday 27 May, 2018 (one hour)

— The emphasis was on the history of South Africa and the misconceptions that Americans in particular have on the subject of South Africa. Americans in general do not realise that (1) White folks have been in South Africa since 1652; that (2) the Black people at that point were 700 miles away; that (3) no White people from anywhere ever enslaved indigenous Black people in South Africa; and that (4) it is in fact the White people who have slave ancestors. These simple basic points are invariably a subject of amazement to Americans. The related misconceptions lie at the root of their attitude toward White people in South Africa. The uncanny parallels between the United States and South Africa were explored, as were some of the wrong parallels that have cuased much trouble.

2. Sunday 3 June, 2018 (two hours)

— The emphasis was on the the scourge of farm murders and associated torture and terror in South Africa. This author got the hosts to log onto various independent sites on the internet to see the facts for themselves. The listeners could do so as well. This served as backdrop to a discussion of State President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Land Expropriation without Compensation policy. The patent lies dished up to an indulgent West by the ANC government were discussed.

3. Sunday 10 June, 2018 (one hour)

— The emphasis was the infamous Black Economic Empowerment Act, which should more properly be named the White Economic Destruction Act. The author turns to articles in the Economist and open letters to Ministers by senior players in the South African business environment. The four phases of South Africa’s post-apartheid quarter century are discussed in terms Americans will relate to.

— Harry Booyens

Harry Booyens on WeThePeopleRadio: 2


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As promised in the previous blogpost, this author was interviewed by Erin Ryan and Bill Cundiff of WeThePeopleRadio today. This was the second part of a three-hour show, the previous post covering the first of the three hours.  Today’s show focused on the situation in present day South Africa where the ANC Government is attempting to expropriate the land of white farmers without compensation. Along with this, these farmers are under all out attack by gangs who murder them, often torturing them to death. The farmers are convinced to that the government is siccing the attackers on them. When that same government seeks to take their land, it is obvious that any reasonable human will connect the two issues.

Meanwhile, the government is openly misleading the Western Media about the land ownership to try and build a case against the farmers. In this show, we address these issues and use the South African government’s and the CIA’s numbers to show up the manipulation of facts by the South African ANC Government. The ANC  was originally trained by the Soviet Union and are in alliance with the South African Communist Party.

Listen to the whole 2-hour show HERE.

The First hour ( from last Sunday) is HERE.


Harry Booyens interview on WeThePeopleRadio


Erin Ryan and Bill Cundiff are a superb Northern Californian couple who present WethePeopleRadio every Sunday; a two hour slot on Radio in the United States.  They transmit from Redding, California. They address topical issues of concern to those who care about the future of the United States and who prefer their news to actually be news, as opposed to the endless bile and retracted statements from CNN and the like. Even my Democrat friends have had quite enough of the incessant hate being spewed by CNN. Erin is also a District Representative for Republican Congressman Doug LaMalfa.

And so it is that they interviewed the present author for one hour on Sunday May 27, and will do so again for two hours this coming Sunday, 3 June 2018. The complete interview of May 27, 2018 may be heard HERE. This first hour was devoted to some of the basics about South Africa including (1) the fact that white folks have been there since 1652; (2) the fact that the Black people at that point were 700 miles away; (3) the fact that no white people from anywhere ever enslaved indigenous Black people in South Africa; and that (4) it is in fact the White people who have slave ancestors. Americans in general have no clue of any of this and see White South Africans as latter day “colonists” who went to Africa to “enslave” Black people.

The next show will focus on what is now happening in South Africa with an emphasis on the farm murders and attempts to expropriate the farmers’ land without remuneration. It airs Sunday 3 June 2018 at noon Pacific Time, which is 9pm Sunday South African time. Those interested, should be able to hear it HERE. The webpage devoted to the subject is HERE.

— Harry Booyens