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— Scott Balson is the owner of the popular South African-oriented Loving Life Youtube Channel. Today I was a guest on his Livestream and poured out my heart and brain on the subject of the country and the recent events and challenges there. He asked me about my early years, about the Cold War, about supposed Land Theft, on Western Secession, Boerestate, Politicians, and the way forward.

The 2.5 hour show may be seen HERE.

I believe the following points hold going forward:

    • Give no quarter to the EFF – just do not kill or burn them;
    • Keep the ANC governing party on its hind legs and disoriented;
    • Corral the DA and FF+ to the secession goal; offer them no escape;
    • Stay within the International Law as regards secession;
    • Get International Support à la Kosovo;
    • Keep the momentum going.

For this, unity is needed; stop the “kleindorpse verskille” (parochial differences). Basically, cut the crap and the egos! People are dying here! Some unity has now been found after 26 years via Senekal and Brackenfell.

Momentum! Momentum! Momentum! … Remember Senekal!

Harry Booyens