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Black And White South African Allies  – A Series

Fig.1-1—The impression has been created by the Media and various Governments of South Africa that White and Black have always been enemies unto death. In reality, Black and White have allied on numerous occasions in South African history. While this may surprise people outside the country, I venture to say it will also be a revelation to many South Africans. It is a truth that is as uncomfortable for the present government as it was for the previous.

The pre-1994 government of the country corralled its political base by convincing it of the Swart Gevaar (The Black Danger). It formed the basis of the Old Apartheid Laws. The present Black ANC government has ratcheted up this approach by orders of magnitude, inciting murder with its singing of “Kill the Whites”. This gets it votes from millions of the Uneducated, the Ignorant, and from racist Africanist Blacks. It forms the basis of the New Apartheid Laws. It appears not to realize that it is vindicating the old government. If it does, then it simply does not care, because the West has given it a free pass to do exactly what it pleases to the utterly powerless Whites.

I hope and trust that the examples provided here will show there was Black and White cooperation and alliance at many seminal events, and that the country does not have to be the divided nightmare that its government has made of it.

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Part 1 – The Black King seeks White Help

In 1780 King Rharhabe of a powerful Black amaXhosa group offered a treaty to the White Afrikaner Frontiersmen on the Eastern Frontier of what was then the Dutch Colony of the Cape of Good Hope. He sought their alliance in bringing to heel several other amaXhosa groups that he saw as his rebellious underlings. Cover imageThese were exactly the same people who were raiding the Frontiersmen.  The resulting First Frontier War created an alliance between the Frontier Afrikaners and the amaRharhabe Xhosa that would last at least 20 years. It would play the strangest role in 1800 in an episode that the British Empire would simply write out of its own history. The unique relationship between the Frontiersmen and Rharhabe’s descendants would again surface 35 years later in 1815 in a seminal event that would create 150 years of bitterness between Boer and Brit.

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