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— I originally posted the essence of this article more than a year ago, before the last election in South Africa. There seems to be some merit in revisiting it now. The term “Heart of Darkness” is borrowed from the shocking Joseph Conrad book about the Congo.

When I started writing the text of AmaBhulu in 2007, I was approached by concerned South Africans to construct a strategic planning map on which to plot the future of the country. Immediately prior to the 2014 General Election in South Africa I published the map so it might serve as a device on which South Africans may plot the consequences of their votes in that election. That election has come and gone.

The South African Scenario Planning Map

The vertical axis in the map below represents the International Condition, which is largely beyond the control of any South African. The horizontal axis represents the Leadership of the country, which IS under the control of the voters, always assuming they think about their actions. Sadly, democracy in the 21st century has not provided much evidence that they generally do. South Africa is not alone in this.

Scatter2015The two axes produce for us a 2×2 “scattergram” map on which to plot the condition of the country. It creates four broad National Strategic Scenarios, which I name:

The Rainbow Nation (The Mandela Dream as sold to a gullible world in 1994);

Rich Man, Poor Man (A severe but colour-blind split between rich and poor);

Black is Beautiful; White is Blight (An anti-White Kleptocracy); and

Heart of Darkness (A Congo/Zimbabwe-like African Horror scenario)

The light orange arrow shows the result of Thabo Mbeki effectively taking over from  Mandela as president of the country in 1997. AmaCover2This was formalized two years later in a general election. The immediate consequence was an ANC government War on Whites. The details of this may be see in Chapters 27-30 of AmaBhulu. This shift was directly to the left on the map, as the world economic picture was positive at the time. Amazingly, the Western World absolutely refused to see what was happening.  As result, more then 10% of White South Africans now live below the breadline and more than 3,000 farmers have been murdered since 1994, often tortured to death.

The Great Recession of September 2008, brought on by out-of-control Wall Street greed, has moved the world picture downward on this map, pushing South Africa in the direction of Heart of Darkness. With it came the election of the raw Africanist Jacob Zuma. Already we have seen the 2012 Marikana Mining Massacre, massive fraud, laws restricting freedom of the press, the shutting down of the South African FBI, and violence—reputedly ANC sponsored—to make the West Cape ungovernable. That same government is now threatening “Phase Two” of its “Revolution” and “Land Expropriation” after the 2014 election. 

Since the 2014 Election:

The Election of 2014 produced another predicted victory for the ANC, which promptly turned even more racist and more brazen. The result of the election may be seen in the following map.Election 2014The map may be studied in more detail  here.

Green is used for the ANC and Blue for the Democratic Alliance opposition. Lighter coloring implies a non-majority plurality. The DA retained its hold over the Western Cape because of its Coloured People. The red represents the traditional Zulu-based Inkhata Freedom Party. The DA won some ground in the Gauteng area near Johannesburg and also around Port Elizabeth.

A: The Horizontal Axis: National Leadership

Since the election, the utterances of the ANC and the legislation it has tabled or threatened has gown ever more extreme. Interracial tensions have increased, fanned by the incessant stream of anti-white racist rhetoric from that government. XrateThe country is clearly moving in a direction of Black Nationalist Socialist Leadership and the ANC keeps using archaic Stalinist Revolutionary language.

Standard & Poor’s cut the South African credit rating to one notch above junk status and the 2014 GDP growth prediction from the World Bank was only 2% and S&P put it at 1.9%. GoldAs S&P put it, “we do not believe [the government] will manage to undertake major labor or other economic reforms that will significantly boost GDP growth,...”The country is no longer the largest economy in Africa. That honor now goes to Nigeria. The ANC has managed South Africa down from a position of being by far the biggest producer of gold in the world to being the seventh largest. The country now produces only one third of the gold it did when the ANC took over the government in 1994 and only one fifth of what it did at the depths of apartheid in 1970. Nothing comparable has replaced or buttressed that sector. While the population is increasing dramatically, the production of electricity is decreasing.

MolyneuxAll in all, it is terribly difficult to disagree with the vast majority of what Stefan Molyneux describes about South Africa in this Youtube presentation. He has a style of his own and gets some small points wrong, such as describing the Khoekhoe as “Blacks”, but in general his story is painfully correct. Molyneux quotes extensively from AmaBhulu.

The country has  removed itself further from the Western Family of Nations and is now pitching itself openly as an opponent of the USA. BRICSIt has clearly allied itself with China. South Africa is a member of the BRICS countries, but its foreign reserves constitute about 1% of the total of the member nations. To the extent that the group is a Sino-Russian construction  to economically and financially compete with the West and dethrone the US Dollar, South Africa has shifted from being a staunch but lamented member of the Western Family of Nations, to being something akin to a Sino-Russian Chihuahua lapdog. The President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff in the red top, is a half-Bulgarian Marxist-Leninist who was jailed for her subversive activities and now claims latter-day conversion to Capitalism. She is in “good company” in this picture. Narendra Modi of India must be feeling distinctly uncomfortable by now, flanked by four present and has been Communists styling themselves the Collective Nemesis of the West.

All this means that the position of the country on the Scenario Map has moved yet further to the left along the horizontal axis of the Scenario Planning Map under Zuma.

B: The Vertical Axis : The International Condition

Since the election, both the Russian and Chinese economic boats have hit the Doldrums, while the US economy is leading the world in recovering. The US dollar has grown markedly in value. South Africa might easily find itself out in the cold “wearing the wrong dog collar” if it annoys the US enough.


Obama and his White House, so in awe of Mandela and indulgent of the ANC, will be out of office by February 2017. More specifically Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett, the “queen bee” behind the Obama throne, will have no more influence. She has been something akin to his career manager for years and may be seen as the lady with the glasses standing behind Obama in the picture below. Mandela’s ghostwriter, Richard Stengel, who willfully blotted out the Communist connections of the latter to sell him to Americans, will likewise be out of the government. He is Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs and is married to a South African.

Obama entourage at Mandela FuneralThere is no love lost between the Obama and Clinton worlds. Americans will likely turn with a vengeance on Obama’s disastrous international legacy and any group or country associated with it. None of this spells any good politically for South Africa as regards the ANC’s positioning of the country with any new US Administration, including specifically that of Clinton.

Meanwhile tensions between Russia and the US have flared dangerously. We have Russian Su-30s and US F-14s dodging one another over Syria, passenger planes full of innocents being shot down over Ukraine, and refugees by their millions headed for Europe. In the Middle East, both Shia and Sunni Fanatical Extremism are on the ascendant, one now with a clear path to nuclear weapons, the other practicing the most shocking horrors imaginable. The United States has been reduced to protesting ineffectually from the sidelines while Putin is having his way with absolutely everything he does. Even Israel appears to be spending more time talking Realpolitik to Putin than to Obama. The West is suffering an acute Deficit of Leadership and is quietly but frantically treading water until Obama’s reign is over.

This means the international situation is directed distinctly downward on that map. Essentially, the only counter trend is from the USA, where the economy is painfully slowly improving despite Obama’s best efforts at destroying the business initiative of the populace.

The light red arrow under Zuma shows the resultant shift in South Africa’s overall position on the Scenario Map.


The situation is worse and more urgent, and is now distinctly headed for the Heart of Darkness scenario. I can also tell it personally by the particular individuals who are giving up and leaving the country where they have bloodlines of 360 years. It needs to be understood that this is the equivalent of American descendants of the Mayflower passengers quitting the United States in disgust and despair.

As before, I would state that there is hope for South Africa, and the slight gains of the DA hint at that. Clearly more Black people have started thinking about their vote. The Rainbow Nation scenario may indeed one day be achieved, but the present ANC government and its New Apartheid will have to have been as completely destroyed and discredited socially and politically among Blacks as its predecessor, the Old Apartheid National Party, has been among Whites.

Rationally, the Rainbow Nation Scenario is not achievable by either of the two main antagonists to the so-called “Struggle”. As long as the ANC views itself as some sort of “victor over Whites” and struts around in its political hubris like a Mandelared-shinned male ostrich in heat, sounding like a cabal of Cold War Soviet throwbacks, this beautiful country and its people will suffer. After all, even the Russians, the inventors and champions of Soviet Socialism, abandoned it for the rank idiocy and disastrous economic failure that it was. The most dyed in the wool communists outside North Korea now seem to be in South Africa.

South Africa’s Whites did away with the National Party in the 1990s. It’s Blacks need to do away with the ANC, because a leopard cannot change its spots. The tool for that is called “an election”. In this last election, the Black Electorate chose not to use that opportunity intelligently. And, if they do not want to hear, they must unfortunately suffer the consequences.  The only issue is how much damage the country as a whole can take and how many innocents must die before the obvious and the necessary happens. And, it must be said, how long can the ANC blame Whites for their own vivid incompetence and get away with it in the eyes of their voters.