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— On 26 February 2019 Alex Newman (left), freelance writer for, among others, the New American Magazine, joined me (right) on the “Connecting the Dots” show of Dan Happel (centre). The full two hour session may be heard HERE. Dan’s title for the show was “What Next? Now that the lunatics are running the asylum“, referring to the United States House of Representatives after last year’s Mid-term election and the advent in US Congress of a slew of Extreme Left Wing people. I refuse to call them “Liberals” anymore – they are simply not worthy of the term. Some are more reminiscent of Stalin than any form of Liberalism. And even the Russians moved his statue to the Fallen Monuments Park. Some of these new folks are so young that Obama was president when they got their brains. They’ve already taken to speaking utter drivel and demonstrating their inability at maths and resentment of truth and reality, which seems to come with being a Leftist these days. The old Communists could do Maths; I suspect they just refused to believe the answer. It would seem the American version of the same has serious trouble with calculators.

Bet you if one asks them who the Cold War was against, they’d say “Donald Trump”.

Forgive my sense of humour, but I’m going to hold onto it.

— Harry Booyens