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■ The Crisis in South Africa reaches the US Border

—The first ever White South African farmer and his family have asked for asylum at the US border with Mexico. After waiting in a Mexican holding facility for three weeks, they met with US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and spent three days in the custody of that agency. Over that period they had extensive interviews, including a “Credible Fear Test”, which they apparently passed. Their daughter, a minor, was questioned for two hours without the presence of her parents. They have been paroled into the custody of friends in the US without having to wear ankle bracelets for tracking. Based on what Customs & Border Patrol learnt in the process, the family has been allowed to at least APPLY for asylum. There is a long road ahead for them, but they have done it all the correct way as far as the United States authorities are concerned. They did not jump a fence. They were not handled by “Coyotes”. They did not clash with ICE in any way. They simply presented themselves properly to Customs and Border Patrol and asked for asylum from those who threaten their existence.

The attorney helping them (below) has made a video and provides some background. Listen to her for a description of what happened to this family in South Africa.

While I, Harry Booyens, have not personally heard of such cases as theirs in South Africa (yet), their claims as to the events that transpired in South Africa sound entirely credible in the current climate in that country. I am in no position to confirm their specific claims. However, I defer to a body of people better placed to assess the veracity of their story, namely, Customs and Border Patrol, who should be able to sniff out liars, cheats, and chancers by now.

I do not know the identity of the family and I would under no circumstances divulge it if I knew. The reason is simple. The moment their name is known, the Communist controlled ANC government in South Africa, along with their staunch allies, the BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post, will start to assail the character of the family and that Government will serve a demarche on the US Ambassador to South Africa demanding any possible asylum be withdrawn. Again, without me getting into the specifics of a case, the ANC Government did that in Canada and the Canadian Conservative Party, of all organizations, rolled over, suing its own Refugee Board to reverse a decision. As you well know, white people in North America only have to hear the word “racist” in a sentence somewhere on the horizon, before they will drop their guns, throw away their shoes, and run for their very lives in the four wind directions, no matter what the truth or reality or the nature of the party uttering that word. As to the formal media, always remember Lenin was a newspaperman and the first issue in December 1900 of his newspaper, Iskra (below), had an article on South Africa’s white Afrikaner people.

■ The World was Warned

When my book AmaBhulu was published in February 2014, I warned that South Africa was 5 years away from its racial crisis point. I also warned that the United States would unavoidably be dragged into it. My prediction was disturbingly accurate. The above family arrived in Mexico on 15 January 2019 and saw CBP in February 2019, almost exactly five years after publication of the book. The new South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, first made his announcements about Expropriation without Compensation (EWC) of the Property of white people (Legalized theft of the property of Whites) at roughly the four year mark in early 2018. Seven months later, in November 2018, the South African Parliament approved moving forward with EWC.

The ordinary hard-working and award-winning white commercial farmers in South Africa, such as Abraham C. van Wyk and his wife Lizelle (below), are the equivalent of the Kansas corn-farmers of the United States. Men like Abraham and his ancestors before him, working this soil since the 1850s, figured out the all-important dryland farming science in a countryside where indigenous Black people never farmed in history because they never knew how.

Ramaphosa is, of course, the protégé and “favored child” of Mandela, who has since been revealed to have been a central member of the Politburo of the South African Communist Party (SACP) all along. You can see:

(1) the media dodging around the issue HERE in 2012 when Mandela was still alive,

(2) Award winning post-apartheid author Rian Malan addressing it objectively based on the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT of Mandela’s autobiography HERE in 2014, soon after his death, and you can see

(3) the South African Communist Party admitting his membership HERE, the moment he was dead in December 2013 (See the fifth paragraph in that link).

■ One of the Oldest Communist Parties on earth

The SACP is one of the very oldest Communist Parties on earth, originally founded largely on expatriates from the Baltic States, particularly Lithuania, and on expatriate Welsh coal miners. The founding organizations of the party were, according to A. Davidson et al (South Africa and the Communist International, Vol.1, p. 69 (2003)):

• The International Socialist League of South Africa;
• the Poalei-Zion (linked to the international Marxist Jewish organization of the same name);
• the Jewish Socialist Party of the Cape;
• the Marxian Club (from Durban);
• the Communist Party of the Cape;
and individuals from the Labour Party of South Africa.

The Lithuanian influence has remained to this day (See for example Ronnie Kasrils, the white man singing “Kill the Whites” in that video, and trained to the level of brigadier in Odessa by the Soviet Army).

In 1927, James Laguma became the first Black South African Communist to visit the Comintern in the Soviet Union. On his very next visit, he took with him Josiah Gumede, the president of the African National Congress (ANC), which is now the government in South Africa. South Africa, while having a parliament, is de facto governed outside parliament by the “Tri-partite Alliance” of the ANC, the Communist Party, and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU-read “Black unions”). The Communist Party does not contest elections, it just festers in the middle of the ANC, providing its Brains Trust. Due to the massive majority of the ANC in parliament, they make all their decisions outside parliament and simply take them to parliament for rubber-stamping.

■ This will become your problem, Dear America.

There is no real Democracy in South Africa, but its utterly irrelevant parliament (see above) makes excellent YouTube entertainment. Of course a few deluded whites cling to its benches in the rather naive belief that they are doing something useful beyond filling YouTube channels with the joke of the day. It is time they walked out of that place to discredit it. Their presence makes them complicit in its excesses. I do not understand why they feel welcome in Parliament if the people they represent no longer feel welcome in South Africa. This scene should tell the reader everything.

When one adds to the above the claim that none of the land obtained by the government from white farmers has been transferred by title to black farmers since 2009, then it becomes quite clear that what the world is looking at is straight-out nationalization of property. That government already owns a massive portion of the country. In this respect, a black South African farmer recently sued the ANC government for the title to his land. Furthermore, Black non-profit organizations are admitting that 90% of land given to Black people is going to wrack and ruin. How is this place going to feed 50 million people given the marginal nature of its major grain-growing areas? What will happen when Abraham van Wyk above gives up and leaves or is driven off his farm?

This will become YOUR PROBLEM, dear America. You are warned.

■ The truth cannot be hidden anymore

When a locally focused US news medium, such as Tri-State Livestock News , based out of Belle Fourche in South Dakota, reports with specifics on the horror in South Africa, then we have all moved past the point where folks can claim ignorance because they did not see it on CNN or CBS. And matters have already moved far beyond the point of the report in this link. I’ve never been to Belle Fourche, but I have been through nearby Spearfish. I can tell you the South Dakota folks can tell right from wrong and have a handshake that means something.

■ a window on the future of the United States

South Africa has been the Canary in the Coal Mine of the West for a long time. In the 20th century, it was to Africa what the USA was to the wider world. Just as people tried to get into the USA by any means, just so Black people braved man-eating lions to get into apartheid South Africa while their own governments attacked South Africa night and day. You were told the whites were racist pigs and that South African Black people could fundamentally do no wrong, even when Mandela’s men bombed the apartment complex where my mother lived in the early 1980s killing white women and children (below).

This was done to the “sound of violins played” by the formal US media, then the only source of news. In the 1980s, while South Africa was run by Western people, Robert Mugabe to the North remained well-behaved. The moment those Civilized men lost control of their country under Western pressure, Mugabe showed his true colors. But the West lost interest, and ran at the first mention of the word “racist”. The “Biblical Pontius Pilate”, in the form of Britain, looked on in silence, having washed its hands, frozen in terror at the possibility of being called “racist”.

Mugabe’s world has now arrived in South Africa. The world can now see what happens under such an onslaught to those who know how to efficiently and effectively run advanced economies, sophisticated industries, advanced financial institutions, high-tech establishments, and complex networked infrastructure, such as water and electricity supplies and communications, not to mention sewage systems. The country’s water infrastructure is collapsing, electricity blackouts (below) roll like Biblical Egyptian Plagues over the country, Crime is completely out of hand, raw sewage is spilling into the Vaal River, and white people live all day in fear of their lives. And all this happens to the never-ending violin music from the Mainstream Media, still patting themselves on the back for having lied apartheid out of existence some 29 years ago. They can’t get suitably over themselves to see the truth right now. Perhaps a CNN reporter has to have the dead and broken body of a tortured white farmer draped over his shoulders to notice…and then I still doubt that they would report. They’ll say he “fell”. As the Communist professor once told me to my face,

You should just die.

■ Can a Black skin save one from this Blight?

A few weeks ago a Black landowner in South Africa discovered that his farm had been invaded by what he took to be squatters. When he went to investigate, someone had put up a corrugated iron shack from which that person was selling portions of the man’s land at around $45 a piece. They chased away the owner, but on another approach he was offered a 20 by 20 yard piece of his own land for free. A friend of his, in a stroke of ironic genius, suggested he seek the help of Afriforum, the White Afrikaner Civil Rights organization. Afriforum took the case, got a court order, and then, to physically remove the invading squatters, they secured the help of a private security operation called the Red Ants. The Police had refused to do anything. The Black landowner, Dr. Motodi Maserumule (below), was lucky. The father in the family of white asylum seekers claims he was assaulted by the Police when he went to ask their help. I am inclined to believe him, based on several other documented events of that nature.

■ A Race to the Bottom

What we are witnessing, is a country, once civilized, where the basic Rule of Law is breaking down, because the basic Civilization underpinning it is collapsing. The Police are themselves the source of a considerable portion of the crime in the country. This is the culture created by Mandela’s Party, the ANC. I confidently predict that these ANC creatures will eventually die at the hand of their own. This is a race to the bottom. The question is, which will happen first, (1) destruction of the country and Southern Africa with it, or (2) destruction of the support base of the ANC? And who will survive it all? It is purely a matter of time before someone “loses it”, and resorts to violence. The fuse is lit and burning…and if that “bomb”goes off, it is going to take at least six independent countries, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mocambique, with it and severely affect a whole lot more.

■ Obama’s America on Steroids – Petri Dish of all Woes

South Africa is essentially Barack Obama’s America on steroids. After all, he, Obama (below), was very open about how inspired he was by South Africa. He even appointed Mandela’s ghostwriter to his administration. The country is like a giant Petri dish in which the woes afflicting the Western World are nurtured and can grow and metastasize rapidly. Those woes may therefore be studied in detail, like a bug under a microscope. It will show you what happens when civilized men lose control of their country. Rather than wait for a Socialist government in the United States, which will steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from you and kill your culture and future, and defraud you of your heritage, you can spend $1500 now and go and see NON-Tourist South Africa.

Spend a week on a farm with a family there, or with someone in a small town in the east of the country. It is bound to cure you of all your delusions. It will, in particular, cure you of any Liberal White Guilt psychosis that seems to afflict the USA to such a degree that it sometimes cannot think straight enough to save its own life.

I was recently told by an American host that I was originally perceived as possibly alarmist, but that I am now seen as a sage. My predictions were correct, not because I am clairvoyant or brilliantly intelligent, but because I come from South Africa, where vicious reality is IN YOUR FACE, morning, noon and night. One does not need much intelligence or clairvoyance to know what’s going to happen.

■ My Basic Faith in Americans

All my life I have had unshakable faith in the basic good judgment of Americans and the pre-amble to the Declaration of Independence. I have been criticized for that, but where else can one find 330 million people devoted to hard work and progress with a fundamental ability to tell wrong from right? All they need, is a good dose of reality to shake the delusions out of their woodwork, and that costs around $1500. Go take a look at the Second America, being South Africa, and then change the direction of your country. The alternative is that you just sit there and do nothing until what happened to us happens to you. Your future is yours to grab with both hands. And in the process, I beg you spare a thought for and stretch out a hand to your nearest cousins on Earth, the South Africans, who share your history. To quote from the introductory paragraph of an address on 6 June 1966 in Cape Town, South Africa, by none other than the late Bobby Kennedy (below):

“I come here this evening because of my deep interest and affection for

a land settled by the Dutch in the mid-seventeenth century,

then taken over by the British,

and at last independent; […]

a land which defined itself on a hostile frontier;

a land which has tamed rich natural resources through the energetic application of modern technology […]

I refer, of course, to the United States of America.”

He used those words knowing they applied verbatim to both countries. After all, the boss of the famous Admiral Nelson called South Africa “The Second America”, and my own 100% South African wife’s ancestor was the first American immigrant to South Africa in 1666. Unfortunately, Kennedy went on to draw other utterly misplaced and incriminating parallels that did not apply; someone had got the homework wrong on the rest.

■ The Hour of Our Need is arrived

Ever since 1914 we have reported for duty in the Hour of Need of the West. We were There. In WWI, when the Allies needed help, my South African family was there. We flew the airplanes and did the dying. My wife’s family lost members during  the Battle of the Somme in the Battle of Delville Wood. Jan Smuts, an Afrikaner kid like myself helped Britain and insisted on the creation of the world’s first independent Air Force, the Royal Air Force.

In WWII, when the Allies needed help, we were there. My father-in-law (left) flew his Spitfire to protect the US Ground Troops in Italy. He was shot down twice for his pains. My youngest great-uncle was a dispatch rider in Italy, after helping to defeat Rommel. An Afrikaner kid like myself, by the name of Sailor Malan, was one of Britain’s most famous air aces in the Battle of Britain. Scale models of Malan are still on the market today! It was even formally suggested that the Afrikaner Jan Smuts should take the place of Winston Churchill as British Prime Minister if the latter were to die during WWII.

When the call went out for help with the terrible Warsaw Airlift, we were there. We did the dying, flying US-built B-24 Liberator heavy bombers (below) out of Italy. Two South African squadrons served on those missions, but a number of the British Royal Air Force squadrons were also manned by South Africans who ended up simply being called “British”. They were “kids” with my background. And they flew into hell at 500 feet off the ground. 248 of them did not return. More can be read HERE. The Poles erected a memorial to them.

When the US asked for help in Korea, our veteran WWII pilots were there and flew as part of the US Air Force contingent, first in P-51 Mustangs and later in F-86 Sabres (below). Policy Order No.13 of the 18th USAF Fighter-Bomber Wing required that the first few bars of the South African anthem be played before the US anthem was played; this “In Memory of our Gallant South African Comrades”.

Thirty-four South African Flying Cheetahs gave their lives alongside their American buddies, mostly in P51 Mustangs. These were men just like my father-in-law above. With this background, I make the following appeal to all decent and honourable Americans, and those in the Rest of the West who have a sense of honour:

Now the Hour of Our Need is arrived and we beg you hear the Cry of our People.

― Harry Booyens