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I must be honest; I am truly glad to see the back of Barack Hussein Obama, and I mean that literally (below). I think he was a serious disaster as leader, not just for the United States, but for the world as a whole. I leave it to Americans to debate Obamacare, but I care about the greater issues of the Western World and its civilization which I deeply value. His term in office was nothing but a massive reversal of the West. I shall take it to my grave as “The Great Obama Reversal“.


The disaster is all the much worse given the fact that almost everyone gave him every possible chance. I had huge reservations about him, but also some hope, as explained below. He was even given the Nobel Peace Prize for having done absolutely nothing yet at the time. However, when he left office he had a record of having bombed seven nations—Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.  In the sweeping Droning Arc from Pakistan to Somalia he missed out only Iran and Saudi Arabia. Given he said he was elected to get America out of wars in the Middle East, he remained embroiled in several of those and the Guantanamo Base Detention Camp is still open.

From Day One

From his first day in office to his very last I experienced this man as someone who had no great care for the basic interests of the civilization that had placed him in that role. It seemed as though every action he took was directed towards harming those interests in some way or another.

It pretty much started with his “Apology Tour” through the Middle East (Cairo 2009 below) in the first months of his rule.


He spoke as though he knew better than anyone else what was good for the USA. Yet he came from the outer margins of that country, exhibited zero awareness of the entire middle of the country outside Chicago, and had spent formative years in Muslim Indonesia, completely outside of Western Civilization. Every action he took diminished the standing of that Civilization. He seemed to consider himself the Emperor of the United States and appeared incapable of formulating a sentence without the word “I”.

Those from Africa recognize that behavior only too well. It is the basis of the Big Man Theory of African leadership and its reliance on unquestioning adulation and ululating females. And unquestioning adulation is most certainly what he had from the Left in the USA, including the vast bulk of the media. In fact, it was embarrassing to watch. We were spared the ululating females, but they did scream a lot.

A real African-American

Americans, unfortunately, use the term “African-American” to describe those Americans who have some degree of African descent far back in their family histories, but who share the American experience and culture. America, as a whole, has a Northern European Judeo-Christian value set and culture, not an African one. It would be much more appropriate to refer to Black Americans as exactly that, namely “Black Americans”. They are merely Americans who happen to be black. They do not share the values, convictions, or culture of Africa.

Obama, by contrast, REALLY IS African-American. That is, his one parent was really from Africa. He said it himself to applause in Kenya. Significantly, I never heard him say it in the USA. His father (below) was from Mau-Mau era Kenya, and not from, for example, Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi. His white mother was from Kansas. However, when he eventually wrote a book, it was titled Dreams from my Father (a story of Race and Inheritance). I leave the reader to consider which this would suggest was the greater influence on his psyche and thinking, his mother or his father. His formative experience as a young man in college/university was his effort in implementing sanctions against South Africa in the 1980s, and he confesses that he found the 1980 events in South Africa inspirational in this regard.  South Africa was in flames and Winnie Mandela was promoting the use of “matches” and “Necklaces”, a euphemistic reference to burning people alive in gasoline soaked tires. So, his view was an African Nationalist perspective.


This means his inspiration came not from Martin Luther King, the religious leader who defines the majority of Black Americans, but from a jailed African terrorist leader with a legal background and training in bomb-making in Ethiopia, known to innocent North Americans as Nelson Mandela.  This information was out there before Americans voted in Barack Obama as President.  Perhaps this clarifies to Americans why it is that he associated with urban bombers like Bill Ayers. It remains a mystery to this author how Americans could have failed to anticipate this typically Africanist behaviour.

Like Mandela, he had a penchant—and a suitable voice—for soaring rhetoric in public speaking and a zero track record of delivery. Mandela promised “Never again!” and a handful of years later his own party minions implemented racially discriminating legislation. This is “known territory” to those from Africa. All that was missing was the ululating women. However, the ecstatic awestruck adulation in the faces of American women in November 2008 did not escape my notice. I’d seen it before with Mandela and it scared me to my core. At least one white American woman expressed that adulation in my own Canadian lounge. Reason and logic had departed them, but they knew they supported this man. They caused me to question female suffrage for the first time in my life. As an American lady said to my own mother on Frankfurt Airport in Germany, “We’re all in love with him“.


Given the above, it should come as no surprise that he unified excited Kenyans (above – Nairobi, Kenya) and divided Americans by race (below – Ferguson, Missouri). I do not believe Americans realized how much Ferguson looked like 1980s South Africa, complete with V-hulled armored vehicles based on licensed South African technology. For South Africans watching it was clear déjà vu.ferguson1

Refusal to respect the Will of the People

When the nation voted and the Republicans won majorities in both Houses of Congress in 2014, he did not compromise like President Clinton and presidents before him. Instead, he simply resorted to Executive Orders (below) to do what he wanted to do, thereby sidelining and wilfully diminishing the entire democratically elected Congress. That is, he went brazenly against the Will of the Nation. He even issued Executive Orders (effectively edicts) instructing government officials and security agencies to not enforce some existing laws of the country. That characteristic disregard for duly formalized law is typical of African dictators from Idi Amin to Robert Mugabe.

executive_orderAs always, dictatorial characters have undying support from unquestioning supporters. In Equatorial Guinea, the state-operated radio declared President Obiang the country’s “god” with “all power over men and things,” and thereby he “can decide to kill without anyone calling him to account and without going to hell.” I am truly hard put to tell the difference between that view of the particular African radio station and CNN’s (Cable News Network) sycophantic attitude towards Barack Obama. That American media outlet eventually lost the ability to make any rational assessment of anything Obama did. It completely subverted its own role as a leading member of the Fourth Estate. It can now at best be described as “Dripping Poison in High Definition”.

Guilty Conscience about Slavery

Obama’s relationship with his effectively disenfranchised white subjects in the USA was in the nature of a symbiotic psychosis. Liberal White Americans nurse a semi-psychotic guilty conscience about slavery. So they voted him in with zero background in management or leadership of anything so as to atone for America’s “original sin”. To my mind, they seemed to experience it as a form of delusional self-designed absolution. If they thought that was going to work, they were sadly mistaken. By the end of his second term, racial animus in the USA was greater than at any time since Kennedy.

Obama, in his turn, absolutely milked that guilt for all it was worth, reveling in its associated paralyzing Political Correctness; this despite the fact that his bloodline had zero exposure to slavery by white men. The insanity of this guilt is actually best exemplified by Britain’s Gordon Brown handing him a piece of wood (below) from a British anti-slaving ship, the HMS Gannet. Brown must have been desperate to find a suitable black man to give that to. A guilty conscience will make rational men do truly stupid things. And someone will always exploit it.


A War on Law and Order


On more than one occasion Obama elected to opine about shootings by police and was proven wrong. Nevertheless, his Justice Department made a point of persecuting the Police in the USA to the point where the latter were no longer prepared to fully do their jobs. In Chicago they have in recent times essentially been working to rule. The result is a staggering increase in shooting deaths in Chicago in 2016. In effect, he was leading a war on Law and Order and demoralizing police forces all over the country. The same was true of border patrol officers. Even when his disgraceful policy on Sanctuary Cities led to the killing of an innocent young white girl by an illegal immigrant this ideological man did not relent. Kate Steinle (left) died in her distraught father’s arms and Obama maintained a stony silence. This stands in stark contrast to his reactions when Police shot black men in the course of law enforcement.

In this respect, it is to be noted that he appointed as Attorney General first a man of color and then a lady of color. To be specific, he ensured that the internal security controls in the country were specifically not in the hands of white men. This reeked of what happened in South Africa in 1994. This was a clear message to a certain section of the Black American population who wanted “to stick it to white men” at a time when “one of their own” was in charge.  When he invited into the White House organizations that had brazenly chanted “Pigs in a blanket; fry ’em like bacon“, referring to policemen, it turned into something akin to open season on the Police.

Before he left office, white police officers were being targeted for execution by black men just as white farmers in South Africa are still being targeted for murder by black men. Obama was turning the United States into South Africa, a place he apparently admired. Black people have all the political power there and a Black Nationalist  Socialist government is busy openly subjugating white people. This would be in keeping with Obama’s father’s 1950s Mau-Mau Kenya. This is where his focus was. He did not much care about Foreign Policy, and it shows. The fact that he appointed a non-American-born Black man as US Ambassador to South Africa is similarly instructive as regards his view on the world.

When a young Indian lady here in Vancouver told me that her family was from East Africa, I asked her what her father thought of President Obama.  Her response under her breath was “He says Obama is ‘bloody Mau-Mau’ “. There must be a reason why an expatriate Caucasian from South Africa and an expatriate Indian from Kenya who had never met each other would have similar impressions of a world leader.


The worst moment was the disgraceful 2012 debacle in Benghazi. As though the deaths of four brave Americans was not bad enough, he and Hillary Clinton proceeded to openly lie to the parents of the fallen about what had happened. I listened very carefully to the infamous “Rose Garden Statement” he made the morning after the event, and his later description of what he had said in the earlier statement was plainly wrong. And that lie, protected by the now conveniently missing Candy Crowley of CNN, completely derailed Mitt Romney’s electoral effort.

benghaziObama demonstrated in that event that he had the lawyer’s knack for manipulating words to completely twist a point. Romney could not bring himself to correctly call the President a liar to his face and just folded in full view of the whole world. His campaign died right there. I got up and walked out of my house, knowing Obama had lied and Romney had folded. CNN thereby inflicted Obama on the USA for a second completely disastrous term during which his overreach exceeded anything the US had yet seen. And the disasters were even greater, including ISIS and Syria.

As I had predicted, he eventually made sure he did not leave office without selling out Israel. Mere hours before leaving office, he also sent $221 million to the Palestinian authority, disregarding a House of Representatives hold placed on that money.

No Scandals….. Really!? Seriously!?

Now his sycophants want to tell us that “There was no scandal during his two terms“. I think they should try to explain that to the parents of the men who died at Benghazi. Their sons were left to die and they as parents were brazenly lied to about the circumstances. Obama’s supporters should try to say that to the conservative organizations that were scandalously targeted by the Obama IRS. How is it that there was supposedly no scandal, but the perpetrators, including Lois Lerner below, “took the Fifth”.


And then there were the flights in the night of box loads of cash to Iran and the associated release of hostages. Am I truly expected to not compare that to Reagan’s Iran-Contra scandal? I have not yet begun on the matters that I consider to be Criminal Negligence of Leadership, as in Syria.

Killing Bin Laden

His supporters point to the killing of Bin Laden, but it would have taken a lack of character to NOT give the order. It was Seal Team Six that killed that monster under the high level command of Vice Admiral William H. McRaven; not Barack Obama. The President watched Osama die by remote observation (below). Brigadier General “Brad” Webb, in uniform, was running the link to the observation drone. Tom Donilon, standing behind Webb, did not want Obama to watch. One imagines that, if Obama was going to claim the honors repeatedly, as he subsequently did, then he had to at least be able to prove that he had watched. obama_watching_osama

Everything turns into Libya

I never thought a US president would drive me to agree with Vladimir Putin. Yet, when Putin commented that “everything the USA touches turns into Libya or Iraq“, he was 100% correct. And the hand on the tiller was that of Obama, whether via Hillary Clinton or not. Whether it be Libya, or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, or the rise of Isis, or the human disaster in Syria (below), or the loss of one third of Iraq to ISIS, or the unfettered expansion of Russia, these matters are all directly attributable to him.


In that respect, he is  to blame for the influx of millions of refugees into Europe and the deaths of innocents along the way (below)


I lay the annexation of Crimea at his door, and so too the “rebel” invasion of Eastern Ukraine, which gave us the shooting down of Flight MH17 (below) and the loss of all those innocent lives. Weakness will do that every time.


By the refugee disaster he also assured the positive Brexit Vote in the UK, and the likely near future demise of Angela Merkel.

In a beautiful irony, he presided over the Final Failure of Western Liberalism and hastened it by his disgraceful ineptitude. Perhaps one should thank him for that.

 Memories of another failed president

The man was a comprehensive disaster as president and anyone in the USA that cannot comprehend that is devoid of any useful concept of the planet he or she is living on. Never in the history of the USA has one president so miserably weakened the country and the West internationally. His only close competition was the highly lamentable Jimmy Carter, of whom it was once said, “why could he not have gone directly to Ex-President“.


At least one Democrat told me Obama was “the best thing that ever happened to Jimmy Carter“. It was Jimmy Carter who gave the world Robert Mugabe and received him in the White House (right). It seems age has brought wisdom, because Carter now acknowledges that things have gone wrong. That wisdom comes too late for Zimbabwe and some 40,000 Ndbele who were killed by Mugabe. Those of us who had lived in that part of the world for 330 years at the time, knew exactly what would happen, but were not heard. The man from the peanut fields of Georgia reckoned he knew better at the time.

In fact, Obama was closer to Carter’s UN Ambassador Andrew Young, who infamously considered the Cubans a “stabilizing” influence in Africa and was dismissed for secretly meeting with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Obama went one step further and “normalized” relations with Castro’s Cuba and gave $221 million to the PLO on his way out the door.

A Nice Guy

All Obama’s supporters are left with is that “He was a nice guy“, the silly race-driven observation that “he was the first Black US President“, and “Look how nicely he handled the transition to Trump” (below – Obama’s ‘stuff’ being moved).

featured_obama_leaves3None of these impresses me. There are many competent Black Americans who would have done a vastly superior job and there are even more nice guys that would have done well. Furthermore, he undermined Trump during the transition. The fact that he finally did something useful and constructive over the last two days of his term does not make up for the preceding 2920 days.

My own hopes dashed

I had hoped that Obama would put pressure on the South African government to stop its low-level war on white people. It would have been wonderful if that direction had come from the most powerful black man on earth. However, he did the opposite. He allowed a convicted common black criminal from South Africa, Winnie Mandela, to be invited by Black American churches. Ronald Reagan understood exactly what she was, but he was ignored on the subject in the 1980s. These churches fawned on that woman and actually threatened some of my American friends if they dared to protest anywhere near her visit. Liberal Canada refused her entry as properly convicted felon.

In reality, none other than Desmond Tutu’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (See page 555 of the formal report in this link) associated her home in Soweto with the murders of twelve people and deemed her involved in some torture cases. Given that Obama actually appointed the ghostwriter of Nelson Mandela’s “auto”-biography to his Administration, all hope was lost. Clearly, Obama was at heart part of the International African Nationalist movement. Americans just could not see it because they were  blinded by their sense of guilt and generally have no idea what Uhuru is or what the Mau-Mau were. They can read all about it in Chapter 20 of the book AmaBhulu.

Perhaps now ordinary American folks are ready to try and understand Africa, because they just had a close scrape with it. It could have been worse. Meanwhile, it would be most helpful if concerned Americans could now start getting over themselves as regards Slavery. The disabling nursing of guilt is actually hurting the planet.

A Weight off the Soul

As the helicopter taking him away from the White House receded from view (below) and the cameras lost focus, I felt  an enormous weight lift off my soul. There was hope again. Dear Lord, Hope! And that was when I started crying from sheer relief.

featured_obama_leaves1 I leave it to Americans to write irrelevant praises of an embarrassingly failed president who did more harm to the world than he could ever imagine. May he be a great ex-president and enjoy his presidential museum, suitably stuck in Chicago. History will deal very harshly with him, unless it is written by another civilization.

I have considerable doubts about Donald Trump, but I know his heart is in the right place, even if he misplaces his mouth with some regularity. His family is still based within 5 miles of where some of my 17th Century Judeo-Christian family ancestors came from.

And it is not in far distant Hawaii, or Indonesia in the Far East around Krakatoa, …. or, for that matter, Kenya in Darkest Africa.

Harry Booyens