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—I have been asked why I am so intently focused on the United States and Americans in my efforts at seeking a solution in South Africa. The answer is simple:

1. The United States is the only country in the world of 2018 that can and might cause the ANC government of South Africa enough political and economic pain to change its direction and to stop its low-level genocide campaign against people based on skin color.

OK, so they helped put the ANC in power, but they might well take exception at what the ANC is now. In 1994 they could perhaps have pleaded ignorance about the ANC. Now they cannot, because the cat is out of the bag about Mandela. He WAS a member of the Communist central committee in South Africa. The Communist Party of SA said so the day he died.

2. Right now, the United States has a president in Mr. Donald Trump with the guts to do the right thing and his fractious Congress is not in control of foreign policy; he is.

OK, so that Congress will scream blue murder if he tries to save the lives of white people in South Africa and the left will go shopping for a judge to stop his efforts. Either way, it will highlight the problem in South Africa. If the events in SA could get the spotlight that the “DACA kids” are getting in the USA, it would help tremendously.

3. I also believe that, given our joint bloodline, our extraordinarily similar histories, our respective dealings with the British, our similar experience with the Dutch, and our cultural histories as frontier nations on the outer edges of Western Civilization, the Afrikaner is the “Post Office Issue” American’s closest cousin, down to the guns, Bibles, John Deere tractors, and cut-the-crap attitude….. including “Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!”.

OK, so we speak English a little differently. So what? Below is a scene from Villiers in the northern Free State Prairie in South Africa, not the US Prairie. It’s the same John Deere used by the same farmers in both countries. Both are doing corn, but the ones in South Africa are being attacked and murdered because they are white. The ones in the US do not know their cousins are the subject of genocide plans. It is time to let them know.

4. I fundamentally trust in the basic value system of the ordinary American.

OK, so perhaps the comment is true that, “One can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else”, but it means that if we hang in there long enough, they will eventually settle on the proper decent humane response. They are just fundamentally more humane than any other powerful nation “out there”, no matter what the Europeans try to tell you. Fundamentally they have the appropriate combination of heart and guts.

— Harry Booyens