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— I was an invited guest on Dr. Joe Khoury’s  US TV show, The Conservative Edge, on 6 August 2018. A recording of the show may be viewed  HERE.  Alternatively, simply click on the image.

Dr. Sarkis Joseph “Joe” Khoury is a former professor of International Finance at University of California Riverside. He therefore looks at the current South Africa through a lens of Economics and Finance, rather than any other human perspective. His main concern is the rampant economic idiocy of the land expropriation plan in South Africa.

Folks in South Africa need to understand that Americans have been left wholly and utterly in the dark by their media on the subject of South Africa for about twenty years. They have been led to believe it was a great success and huge Beautiful Model for Mankind. Most in the US are still ignorantly stuck with that picture and, like their media, will not change their minds before blood runs out of their TV sets. Some, like Dr Joe, DID start to notice by the end of the previous decade that something was wrong.

— Harry Booyens