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The Effect of South Africa on the United States

— Americans are constantly amazed when I clarify for them the impact that South Africa has had on their country and the role it is playing in the demise of the institutions and views that made America great in the first place. Examples include the obsession of Former President Obama with South Africa. He made that quite clear on record. His admiration for the Communist leader of the ANC, Nelson Mandela, is well-known. Obama even appointed Mandela’s ghost writer to his administration. More recently, the removal of statues was imported from South Africa. The US Democratic Party now sounds very much like South Africa’s ANC, which is 100% focused on stealing from citizens with white skins all that they possibly can. Its equivalent in the United States at this point is the combination of Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, the Far Left of the Democratic Party and the overall drive to denigrate the white male and bar him from anything they possibly can. I keep telling Americans that, if they wanted to see their future, all they need to do is pay about $1500 for a flight to South Africa. A more affordable alternative may be to just follow this Blog.

But How Deep is the penetration?

If one had to summarise President Trump’s single most important action in the first two years of his presidency, it would be around the Supreme Court (above). His key long-term achievement is not the drastically improved economy; it is in fact the appointment of Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. He may even get further shots at appointing more Supreme Court Justices. This is likely the greatest fear of the grey-beards in the Democratic Party, because it would affect important challenges to the Constitution for decades to come and could swing some other very important cases. Who knows, it might even affect the fate of Roe v. Wade, which would drive Democrats into a frenzy. It could effectively negate the stranglehold the Democratic Party has on the exceedingly liberal Ninth Circuit Court that keeps stopping President Trump at every possible turn.

It therefore behooves us to ask what the ranking Liberal Supreme Court Justice thinks. She mans the “Liberal wall” against president Trump in the Supreme Court. And, it is not as though we have to speculate. The lady in question, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (below), has made her views entirely clear on two counts:

  • But we also know a second thing: She prefers the South African Constitution over the American one, which she regards as “old”. See more below.

What was that again about the influence of South Africa in the United States?– no influence, eh? Yeah right!

Folks have already seen how sickeningly the South African government’s disregard for proper process in Law has found its way into the Democratic Party’s effort at undoing president Trump. If it is unclear, then wake up and read THIS article.

With the “New South Africa” influence embedded even in the US Supreme Court it is time for Americans to SIT UP AND LISTEN. It should also make it entirely clear to Americans why they need a president capable of saving America from the insanity that has become embedded into their national woodwork.

Ginsburg on the South African Constitution

While on a visit to Egypt, Ginsburg— never shy with her prejudices—offered the following jewel of wisdom to the Egyptians seeking to formulate a new post-Muslim Brotherhood constitution. She was addressing the matter of which constitution the Egyptians should model theirs on. In the process she stated that she would not base it on the US Constitution. Instead she actually suggested that the South African Constitution is the one the Egyptians should consider; this when more than a million white South Africans have left the country because the government of the country makes fulltime war on them under that constitution. Literally thousands of white farmers have now been killed under that constitution and a woman sentenced to three years in jail for using the South African equivalent of the N-word. I, and many tens of thousands of White South Africans, have moved to Canada because she is 100% wrong. She calls the South African Constitution a “Great Piece of Work”. If this is the level of insight and analytrical ability she has, then she has overstayed her free parking on the US Constitution.

However, much worse: If these are her convictions, and the result in South Africa is anything to go by, then millions of Americans are in desperate danger and are likely completely unaware of it. The Laws enacted under that South African Constitution have chased around one fifth of the White population, the author included, out of that country in despair of any future for their children.

The CIA World Factbook states that 72.4% of the US population is white and that the total population is 329,256,465. Let’s round that to 330 million. That makes the white population around 238 million. One fifth of the White American population is around 48 million people. Where exactly would they flee to? Are folks going to ask white Americans the same infantile question as white South Africans face all the time, namely, “Why don’t you go back?“. Like the White South Africans, where exactly would 48 million Americans “go back” to? Both nations have been in their respective countries since the 1600s with no right of return to anywhere.

My position

If Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is correct about the South African Constitution, then she needs to explain the result to me. If she indeed is as intelligent as I assume her to innately be, then, as a person of some moral rectitude, she ought to take a stand against the South African government.  That government is busy urging racial attacks under that constitution and is attempting to steal the titled property of people based on skin colour.

If she thinks I’m a little vexed on this subject, then I suggest she reads THIS article by the Hoover Institution.

— Harry Booyens